Wonderful Wizard of Pop Culture is a satirical miniseries and a parody of The Wizard of Oz, with the exception of its original tale and more of pop culture.


Lila, from the known series, Hey Arnold!, wanders off one day during a tornado in her town. She arrives and finds Jake the Dog, and arrives in a beautiful land...with Liliputians as citizens, instead of munchkins. She finds about an evil Witch, Witch of '71, who wants to rule Oz, and along the way she meets weird friends and sees pop culture.


  • Lila
  • Jake the Dog
  • ScareChaplin
  • The Ben 10 Thin Man
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog-Lion
  • Liliputians[1]
  • Trollface[1]
  • Spanish With of '71[2]
  • Ariana Grande[2]
  • Sorcerer[2]

Season overviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
Pilot 1 June 19, 2013
Series 10 November 26, 2014 December 5, 2014

Pilot (2013)Edit

No. Title Written and directed by Release date
Pilot "Ragin' Comics" Edgar Zabaleta N/A
Taking place after the first episode, the gang learn about rage comics, and examples of them. However, using a Makey-Alivey laser gun, Lila turns rage comics into real life.

Season 1: 2014Edit

  • 10 episodes aired from the week of Nov. 26 to Dec. 5.
No. Title Written and storyboarded by Story by Original air date U.S. viewers
1 "Jake the Dog / Journey Begins!" Edgar Zabaleta, Edben Zabaleta and Ferdinand Zabaleta Edgar Zabaleta November 26, 2014 1.9[3]
While playing with her friends, Lila of Hey Arnold wanders off and finds a dog, Jake the Dog! She and him find his owner. / While still wandering off, Lila and Jake are attacked by a centaur, but Jake fights back to protect Lila. The centaur eventually wins the fight, and Lila and Jake pass out. A tornado comes and carries them into the wonderful land of Liliputian-Land.
2 "The Liliputians / A Spanish Evil Witch?" Edgar Zabaleta, Edben Zabaleta and Ferdinand Zabaleta Edgar Zabaleta November 27, 2014 1.9[4]
When Lila and Jake wake up and find themselves in Liliputian-Land, where Liliputians of Gulliver's Travels live in. They are glad to see her, as they never seen anything like her. Then they sing a song to introduce themselves. / After finishing their introduction song, a witch comes and scares the Liliputians. She teases them in Spanish. After she is gone, they explain to Lila and Jake that she is the Spanish Witch of '71 from the Mexican sitcom, El Chavo del Ocho. Lila wishes she could go back home, so they tell her to follow the yellow path to Poptropiville, where she'll encounter the Sorcerer, the ruler of Poptropiville who may help her get back to Hillwood.
3 "ScareChaplin / Why the Fuck Is Ariana Grande Here?" Edgar Zabaleta and Edben Zabaleta Edgar Zabaleta November 28, 2014 1.8[5]
In the wheat fields, Lila and Jake meet a scarecrow version of Charlie Chaplin, who wishes to pantomime one day. Lila offers him to see the Sorcerer along with her so he can get that talent. / While crossing the gold brick road, the gang meet an unlikely celebrity.
4 "Casanegra / The Ben 10 Thin Man" Edgar Zabaleta, Edben Zabaleta and Ferdinand Zabaleta Edgar Zabaleta November 29, 2014 1.8[6]
The gang find themselves in a strangely black-colored house. It turns out to be a black version of the house in Casablanca. / After helping Timothy, the gang wanders off and meet a Thin Woodman version of Ben 10. He wants to be all forms of alien, so he joins the gang, while the Witch of '71 pleasantly stalks on them.
5 "Courage the Cowardly Dog-Lion / The Sorcerer" Edgar Zabaleta, Edben Zabaleta and Ferdinand Zabaleta Edgar Zabaleta November 30, 2014 1.128[7]
The gang meet a mixed breed of Courage the Cowardly Dog...and just a lion. He wants...well, courage. The gang make him join them. / The gang arrive to Poptropiville, where the Sorcerer lives. They arrive to his throne, only to be disappointed, as the Sorcerer won't grant their wishes, unless they kill the Witch of '71. They go off, while cursing murmured. The witch stalks them and sends out flying evil Wilbur pigs.
6 "Kill the Witch of '71! / A Hard Battle" Edgar Zabaleta, Edben Zabaleta, Ferdinand Zabaleta and A.H. Edgar Zabaleta December 1, 2014 2.0[8]
While the gang head off to the Witch of '71's castle , the flying evil Wilbur pigs snatch Lila and Jake! Ben 10 Thin Man and Courage set off to rescue them. The pigs give the girl and dog to the Witch of '71, who is pleased. / Ben and Courage crash in and battle the flying pigs. They rescue the girl and the dog, but not long before the Witch comes in and grabs both of them. Lila then gets a bucket of MarmiteTM, which apparently kills the Witch. The gang go to Poptropiville to tell the Sorcerer the good news.
7 "Star Wars Kid!?!... / Wish-a-Wish" Edgar Zabaleta and Ferdinand Zabaleta Edgar Zabaleta December 2, 2014 1.9[9]
The gang meet Star Wars Kid, and learn of him and his fame in a viral video. / The gang go to Poptropiville where they tell the sorcerer the good news. He choses who will get their wish first. It is ScareChaplin. ScareChaplin wished he had the talent of pantomime, which he gets. He is then offered a role in City Lights.
8 "Rickrollin' & Trololo / True Wishes" Edgar Zabaleta and Edben Zabaleta Edgar Zabaleta December 3, 2014 1.8[9]
The gang learn of Rickroll based on the song "Never Gonna Give You Up". They also learn of Trololo, also based on the Russian song "I'm Glad to Be Home". / The next one to get their wish is Ben 10 Thin Man. He wishes to be all kind of aliens.
9 "Planking Me a Plank / Hairy Potty" Edgar Zabaleta, Edben Zabaleta and Ferdinand Zabaleta Edgar Zabaleta December 4, 2014 1.3[10]
The gang learn about planking, and do planking, make the whole Poptropiville population plank. / Is it Harry Potter of Hairy Potty?. The gang want to find out.
10 "Freaking Sorcerer, Son of a Gun! / Back Home" Edgar Zabaleta, Edben Zabaleta, Ferdinand Zabaleta and A.H. Edgar Zabaleta and Edben Zabaleta December 5, 2014 2.5[10]
Lila finally gets her wish: to go back to Hillwood. The Sorcerer gets a hot-air balloon to ride Lila back to Hillwood. Turns out, the Sorcerer is a fraud, and is not really a sorcerer. He goes to the hot air balloon back to his native home, in Kansas. Lila is angry and says, "You're ever oh, so mean! You're ever so a son of a GUN!!!". She then bursts into tears, but suddenly the Fairy Godmother helps her by making a pumpkin-plane, which flies back Dorothy to home. / Dorothy, flying for 2 days, arrives at Hillwood. Everyone is glad to see her back. She expects Jake on the pumpkin, but is not there. She is confused, but also glad. A montage shows the characters' lives of now.

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