Wizard of Oz is a fantasy-drama TV miniseries to be upcoming in early 2015 on The Teddy Channel. It is about Frank L. Baum's same story of the same title, except that it will be divided in 10-or 13 parts.


Production for the miniseries will start July 2014.

Producers, writers and directors aren't announced yet until Fall 2014. Creators "Zabaleta Bros." are still thinking of it.

Characters were announced May 3, 2014. They will be the same characters from the original series.

The miniseries was first announced May 3, 2014.

On the same day, it was announced that the miniseries will consist of 10-or probably 13 episodes.


The series will air in USA.[citation needed]


  • Dorothy Gale[1]
  • Toto[1]
  • Scarecrow[1]
  • Thin Woodman[1]
  • Cowardly Lion[1]
  • Munchkins[1]
  • The Wicked Witch of the West[1]
  • Oz[1]
  • Glinda[1]


Series overviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 10 or 13[1] Early 2015's TBA

Season 1 (2015)Edit

No. in
Title Original airdate
01 "The Cyclone" 2015's
02 "The Meeting With The Munchkins" 2015's
03 "The Scarecrow and Tin Woodman" 2015's

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