Comedy [Drama]
Slice of Life


Children's television series

Created By

Edgar Zabaleta

Theme Song

"Toapy's Awesome"

Voices of

Edgar Zabaleta

Original Running

November 25, 2013 - November 25, 2014

Running Time

1-7 minutes

# of seasons


# of episodes

(208 planned) (+ 1 movie)

Related Shows

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Not to be confused with Hey Arnold!
Toapy is a miniseries that started November 25, 2013. The series got in a indefinite hiatus on Jan. 6 and got cancelled, too, eventually.

On April 2014, the series was announced to air back again in May, with new episodes. 7 seasons are planned.[citation needed]


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Toapy is a hard bar who lives in the underwater town of Toapysburg. He has slapstick adventures with his good heart and character.

Season SummaryEdit

Season 1

Toapy lives in the underwater town of Toapysburg. He has slapstick adventures with his good heart and character. He also plays with his best friend, Sharpy.


Toapy - The main character, and it is a hard bar.

Sharpy - Toapy's best friend, and it is a shaver.

Family Toapy - Toapy's family. The members are the following:

  • Toapy's Mom
  • Toapy's Dad
  • Goapy, Toapy's Brother

Family Sharpy - Sharpy's family. The members are the following:

  • Sharpy's Mom
  • Sharpy's Dad

Evelyn - Toapy's friend who really loves Toapy, and a friend of Gabriela. Toapy doesn't know that Evelyn loves her, but in (Water Tale), it was announced that Evelyn would confess her feelings to Toapy. They could also kiss. She is a green bar of soap.

Gabriela - Toapy's girlfriend, even though she only likes Toapy, NOT like, like him. She is a big, pink bar of soap.

Marilyn - Toapy's soapy friend. First appears in Toapymeo and Juliet. She is an awkward, orange bar of soap. She is smart.

New Girl - First appears in "New Girl at Water School". She loves Sharpy secretly, but hates Marylin.

Mrs. and Mr. Shampoo - Toapy's new neighbors in the episode Mrs. and Mr. Shampoo. As you might know, they're shampoos. Mr. Shampoo revealed that he fought Adolf Hitlertoapy. His family members consist of

  • Grandma Shampoo
  • Sr. Deodorant, Mr. Shampoo's Mexican brotner

Toothbrush Friend - Toothbrush that only appears in "Toothbrush Friend". He doesn't appear in the series of Toapy, but he does appear in Toapy: The Movie, when he saves them.

Mayor Fishy - The main villain, and also mayor of Toapysburg. He doesn't like his job as a mayor. He hates Toapy, but is seen to like him sometimes. He is NOT a fish, but simply a weird soapy bush. He is good from now on.

Series OverviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 26*** November 25, 2013 June 2014
2 26*** Summer 2014 Summer 2014
3 26*** August 2014[3] N/A
4 26*** 2015[citation needed] N/A
5 26*** 2015 TBD
6 26*** 2015 TBD 2015
7 52** 2015 TBD 2016
Limited series 10* March 7, 2015 May 8, 2015

Feature seasonsEdit

Season Movies Original airdate Will un-air
Movie 2 May 31, 2014 TBA 2015

Season 1 (2013-2014)Edit

No. in
Title Original airdate
1 Visiting the Shave-tist May 14, 2014
Toapy visits the shave-tist.
2 Sailing on a Cruise Ship May 28, 2014
While Toapy and his family's on a cruise trip, it goes wrong and Toapy must save the day
3 Toothbrush Friend May 14, 2014
A toothbrush gives a chase to Toapy!

Note: Due to unknown reasons, this episode will air again. This episode originally aired back in Dec. of 2014.

4 Clean Your Toapy Body May 28, 2014
Toapy goes to wash his body.
5 Waterpark June 4, 2014[3]
Toapy goes to the waterpark.
6 Mrs. Shampoo and Mr. Shampoo June 4, 2014[3]
Toapy meets his new neighbors.
 7 Lifeguard Toapy to the Rescue! June 18, 2014[3]
Toapy gets to be a lifeguard
8 Reaching Mt. Toapy June 18, 2014[3]
Toapy wants to beat the record of reaching Mt. Toapy for the Toapysburg World Records.
9 Soapy Toapy June 25, 2014
Toapy goes to Sharpy's father's spa and tries the soap bed, which relaxes him.
10 Discovering a Sewer-I Think? June 25, 2014
Toapy and Sharpy claim they discover a sewer.
 11 Talent Show July 15, 2014
It's the Toapysburg Talent Show, and Toapy needs a talent.
12 Soapy Bushes July 15, 2014
Toapy and Sharpy play "Hide-and-Swim" in the soapy bushes.
13 Toapymeo and Juliet August 2014[citation needed]
When Evelyn hears that Toapy is Toapymeo for the play of "Toapymeo and Juliet", she wants to get the part of Juliet so she can kiss Toapymeo.
 14 Water Recess 2014
Toapy and Sharpy play in the swimming playground at school.
 15 Sharpy's Apartment 2014
Toapy visits Sharpy in his apartment
16 Water School 2014
It's the 1st day of water school for Toapy and Sharpy.
 17 The Fort 2014
Toapy and Sharpy make a fort while in a slumbwater party.
18 Necklace 2014
Mrs. Toothbrush (Toothbrush's mother) gives Toapy a necklace at her new necklace shop.
 19 Toapy In Love 2014
Toapy is enamored with a soap girl named Gabriela, but Toapy is shocked that Sharpy's dating her!
20 Bath Time 2014
Toapy has a wild imagination while bathing.
21 Sharpy's Mom 2014
While at Sharpy's house, Toapy meets Sharpy's mom.
22 Cloudy With A Chance of Splashing 2014
Water splashes all Toapysburg. Pun to "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs".
23 My Science Water Project Partner's Evelyn 2014
Toapy's science water project partner for winter water break is...Evelyn!
24 Fighting Schools 2014
Toapy's school Soapy I.S.D competes against Guppy I.S.D, the rival school.
25 El Sprayador! 2014
Toapy and Sharpy go to find the elusive and legendary and mythically outlaw, El Sprayador!
26 Water Ball 2014
Toapy and Sharpy make a bet with the toughest soaps at school by playing a game of "Waterball".

Season 2Edit

No. in
Title Original airdate
27 Toilet Papering Around 2014
Toapy and Sharpy play in the toilet paper merry-go-round.
28 Gabriela's Parents 2014
Toapy goes to Gabriela's house for her 9th birthday and meets her disapproving parents.
29 A Trip to Toapy Falls 2014
Toapy and the family visit Toapy Falls.
30 The Valentoapy's Dance 2014
It's almost the Valentoapy's Day Dance, and Toapy choses Gabriela as his date, much to Evelyn's dismay.
31 New Girl at Water School 2014
Toapy befriends the new girl at Water School, who's in his water homeroom.
32 Water Camp 2014
Toapy and his family go camping, along with Sharpy and his family.
33 Grandma Shampoo 2014
Mrs. Shampoo's mother comes to visit.
34 Mistletoe Kiss 2014
When Water School hangs mistletoe, Evelyn hopes to kiss Toapy under one.
35 Raking the Garden 2014
Toapy agrees to rake the leaves out of Mrs. and Mr. Shampoo's backyard.
36 Sleepswimmin' 2014
Toapy agrees to help Sharpy when he claims he sleepswims.
37 The Little Merman 2014
Toapy is mistaken to be a merman. Pun to "The Little Mermaid".
38 Hypno Toapy 2014
Toapy goes to a hypnotist.
39 Everybody Loves Toothbrush, Jr. 2014
When a new strange toothbrush moves to town, he's loved by everyone, much to Toapy. But Toapy learns a dark secret about him.
40 The Spelling Toapy 2014
Toapy signs in to join the spelling Toapy.
41 Toapy'd 2014
When Evelyn gets amnesia, Toapy has to take care of her, which makes everyone think he's in love.
42 Ricky Water 2014
While at the mall, Ricky Water, the most famous singer, needs Toapy to disguise as him, only for Toapy to end up singing.
43 Toapy 4 Mayor 2014
When everyone is angry at Mayor Fishy's antics to make Toapysburg better, Toapy runs for mayor against him.
44 The Flood 2014
A flood causes the gang and their soapy classmates to stay in Water School. Long episode.
45 Evelyn's Love Potion 2014
When Toapy's not noticing, Evelyn sneaks to give him a love potion that will make him fall in love with her.
46 Criminal Shaver 2014
Toapy befriends a shaver who's actually a criminal.
47 Gabriela's Secret 2014
Gabriela reveals her secret: she doesn't know how to swim, so Toapy teaches her how to swim.
48 Chez Toapy 2014
Toapy invites everyone to a fancy restaurant.
49 Toapy Goes Hollywood (aka Lights, Camera, Toapy!) 2014
Toapy and the has a chance to be in a movie in Toapysburg, only for them to discover that they're being used.
50 Coach Mrs. Sharpy 2014
When Toapy and the gang's swimming coach quits, Mrs. Sharpy fills in to be the new coach.
51 Marilyn Stays In 2014
When Marilyn's house is wrecked by a wrecking ball, she and her family stay at the Toapys' house.
52 Toapy Loves Gabriela 2014
When Evelyn writes "Toapy Loves Gabriela", Gabriela spends more time with Toapy.

Season 3Edit

No. in
Title Original airdate
53 Love or Sink 2014
Evelyn tries to ruin Gabriela's date with Toapy at the Annual Toapysburg Water Festival.
54 Watercoaster 2014
Toapy and Sharpy go to the newest rollercoaster at a fair.
55 Dinner With Mayor Fishy 2014
Toapy and the family have a chance to dine with Mayor Fishy, much to his dismay.
56 Mrs. and Mr. Shampoo Go Broke 2014
Mrs. and Mr. Shampoo go broke with their house because of not paying their taxes, so Toapy tries to help.
57 The Daily Toapy Gazette 2014
Toapy and Sharpy help edit the newspaper at their school, just to find that they're being tampered.
58 The Toapylimpics 2014
Toapy joins the Toapylimpics at Water School.
59 Does Toapy Makes Me Look Fat? 2014
Toapy and Sharpy exchange bodies and find how both of them live like.
60 A Trip To Toapytanic 2014
Toapy's Water Classroom go on a field trip to the Toapytanic, but it goes like the original "Titanic".
61 I, Toapybot 2014
Toapy builds a robotic version of himself. Pun to "I, Robot".
62 Run, Toapy, Run! 2014
Toapy is in a hurry when he's late for school.
63 Shertoapy Holmes 2014
Toapy's on the case when Mrs. Shampoo's necklace is gone.
64 School, Locked and Just Great 2014
Evelyn and Sharpy get locked in school on the last day and must find a way to escape.
65 The Bad Toapy 2014
Sharpy tells Toapy run in a bad-guy eatery and Sharpy tells Toapy that he has to be bad to enter in, but Toapy goes overboard with being bad.
66 I <3 Toapy 2014
Evelyn has to stop Gabriela from telling everybody that she (Gabriela) does loves Toapy.
67 Totally Bleachy! 2014
Toapy and Sharpy meet a bleach sprayer who dislikes kids.
68 Got Toapy? 2014
Sharpy, Gabriela and Evelyn want Toapy as their science fair project partner. Sequel to "My Science Project Partner's Evelyn".
69 Save the Soapy Bushes 2014
Toapy and the gang must stop Mayor Fishy from cutting down some soapy bushes.
70 Joke's on Toapy 2014
Toapy's jokes on his friends go in a feud.
71 Toapy 101 2014
Toapy befriends a secret agent who needs his help.
72 Pizzazz Parlor 2014
In order to buy a gift for Gabriela's birthday party, Toapy must work in a pizza parlor that's about to close down.
73 Best Ex-Friends Forever 2014
Toapy and Sharpy have a quarrel which threatens their friendship.
74 Hey Toapy! 2014
Evelyn finally confesses her love for Toapy, which shocks an unexpected Toapy. Pun to "Hey Arnold!"
75 The Waterbowl 2014
Toapy and Sharpy go to the 2014 Waterbowl cause their favorite player will only play that game and then retire. Pun to "The Superbowl".
76 And the Last Guppy Graduate Is... 2014
Toapy is nervous that he wouldn't graduate after he gets a low grade in his math Water CBM.
77 Camp Toapy 2014
Toapy, Sharpy, Evelyn, Gabriela and Marilyn are sent to camp for the water summer.
78 The Lake Toapysburg Monster 2014
Toapy and the gang must let everyone let the legendary monster of Lake Toapysburg to leave it alone.

Season 4Edit

No. in
Title Original airdate
79 Toapytitis 2015
Toapy has a weird disease and his friends must find an antidote for it.
80 The Toapytles 2015
Toapy makes a band with the gang to compete in "The Battle of the Bands". Reference to "The Beatles".
81 The Toapy Express 2015
Toapy and the gang learn about Toapysburg's oldest train and want to ride on it.
82 Journey to the Center of Toapysburg 2015
Mayor Fishy is tired of Toapysburg and thinks of destroying it by putting a bomb in the center of Toabysgurg; in order to eliminate this, Toapy and the gang go to the center and retrieve the bomb.
83 Gabriela's Glasses 2015
Gabriela gets glasses and finds out what is it to be a "Nerd".
84 Night of the Living Soap Bushes 2015
The living soaps come back from the grave and haunt Toapysburg.
85 Freeze, Dirt Soap! 2015
A soap is mysteriously caught on film and this "soap" could have plans to kill Mr. Shampoo!
86 Toapy Tutor 2015
Toapy must tutor a not-smart Sharpy for an upcoming math water test.
87 New Girl In Love 2015
The New Girl from "New Girl at Water School" falls in love with Toapy.
88 Class Water President 2015
Toapy wins to be the class president at Water School, much to the dismay of a too-smart Marilyn.
89 Evelyn and Gabriela's Friendship Is Threaten 2015
After always fighting over Toapy, the both soap girls' friendship is put to the test.
90 Soap Boys vs. Girls 2015
The soap boys and girls start to fight, pitting in Toapy and Evelyn.
91 The Bionic Toapy 2015
Mayor Fishy builds a bionic bot (similar to the Toapydroid of "I, Toapybot) to fool everyone.
92 The Great Soap Robbery 2015
Someone steals soap from Soapy's Soap Store, and Toapy must solve the case.
93 Public Toapy Enemy No. 1 2015
Toapy is sent to jail after thinking he robbed.
94 The Day Toapysburg Rans Out of Water 2015
When Toapysburg rans out of water, Toapy and the gang help fill in more water.
95 Possessed Soap 2015
Thinks take a turn when Toapy is possessed.
96 Jurassic Toapy 2015
An old legend about the Toapysaurus comes true.
97 The Soap With a Scary Face 2015
Toapy tells the gang about a legend about a soap with a scary face, which could totally be Gabriela after a series of strange occurrences happen.
98 Captain Toapybeard 2015
The gang of soapy soaps play pirates, but it goes out of control when a real pirate appears.
99 Monster Soap 2015
An old legend about a mutated soap comes true when the soapy gang are threatened by it.
100 Toapy Glee Club 2015
Toapy makes a glee club so everyone can be happy, but Evelyn is 'NOT happy when Toapy teaches more with Gabriela than with her. So she tries to ruin the club.
101 Toapy Dates Marilyn 2015
Toapy tries to send chocolates to Gabriela, but a mishap causes the chocolates to go to Marilyn, who believes Toapy loves her.
102 Toapy Quantity Time 2015
After seeing that Mayor Fishy doesn't get along with Toapy, Mrs. Toapy lets the mayor and Toapy bond. Pun to "Quantity Time".
103 Evelyn In Disguise 2015
Evelyn tries to be like Gabriela so Toapy can notice her.
104 Toapy's Birthday 2015
Toapy's birthday is upcoming! Everybody prepares his birthday while Evelyn and Gabriela find gifs for Toapy.

Season 5Edit

No. in
Title Original airdate
105 Toapyman! 2015
Toapy tries to help a legendary superhero of Toapysburg, who tells Toapy that he is poor.
106 Toapy Bullies 2015
Bullies threaten to keep Toapy alive for 24 hours until they punch him to death.
107 Lost in the Watermarket 2015
Toapy gets lost in the watermarket and finds adventures on it.
108 Toapying Out 2015
Toapy says bye-bye to his friends after eavesdropping that they are moving.
109 Toapy's Hostage 2015
Marilyn holds hostage the school after not being choose for school president, and Toapy must stop the hostage.
110 Toapyious Rich Man 2015
A rich man befriends Toapy and wants him to be his son, but Toapy's parents and himself disagree in this.
111 A Day in the Life of an Ocean 2015
After winning Kids' Best Classroom Award, a TV producer does a documentary about the classroom of Toapy.
112 Married...with Evelyn 2015
A "Love-Matching" machine matches Toapy and Evelyn, and they dream about them if they were married.
113 Task and Ye Shall Receive 2015
The gang must do a task to help Gabriela get money for a Ricky Water T-shirt .
114 Sharpy's Game 2015
Sharpy plays a game, which in return Toapy dislikes it.
115 Ahh, Toapyness! 2015
The gang have a trip to camp, but they start to hate it and get tired of it because of the chili making them fart.
116 Evelyn In a Cup 2015
Evelyn wants to be more fun so she can impress Toapy, so Gabriela gives her a piece of her own fun.
117 Live at the Watery Stadium 2015
Toapy finally accepts a date with Evelyn, but things may not go good in the date.
118 Two and a Half Soaps 2015
Toapy and Evelyn must take care of a little piece of baby soap, but they realize babysitting may make them fight.
119 Water Prom 2015
It's the Water Prom! The soaps try to make the most of it with their dates. Toapy plans to go out with Gabriela, while Evelyn with Sharpy. But when Sharpy instead goes out with Gabriela, will Evelyn ever tell Toapy to dance with her?
120 Principal Toapy 2015
Toapy is principal of the day, turning the school upside down.
121 Toapysburg Lives 2015
Toapy meets the founder of Toapysburg, who is 99 years old! He couldn't be more excited!
122 Bad Watering (Part 1) 2015
The students ask why the teacher, Mr. Water, has no wife. After hearing this, Mr. Water gets upset, at remembering that in high school, he has a girlfriend named Mila, but she let him down. So Mr. Water uses time travel, drama and jealousy to find Mila.
123 Fourth Grade Vs. Fifth Grade Soaps 2015
Toapy and the gang must face the fifth graders soaps in a tag game. The only problem is, Toapy gets hurt!
124 Toapysburg School Closed? 2015
After the Toapysburg School is going to close due to low budgets, Toapy and the gang make a fundraiser to get it open.
125 Funeral of Elmore Toapysburg 2015
The town founder Elmore Toapysburg dies at 100 years on his birthday, and the town makes a sad funeral.
126 Wedding (Part 2) 2015
Part 2 of "Bad Watering". When Mr. Water and Mila are going to get married, Toapy and Evelyn are Water and Mila's best man and woman.
127 New Girl's Date 2015
New Girl is set a date with Sharpy by Toapy, but it goes wrong.
128 Aptitude Test 2015
Toapy's not happy when his aptitude test says he's going to be a meteorologist.
129 Elmore a Fraud?! 2015
While playing on water cemetery, the gang uncover a conspiracy that says Elmore might not have been founder of Toapysburg.
130 Mayor Fishy, U R Fired! 2015
Mayor Fishy is fired after mistreating Toapy so bad, so he must be nice in order to get back his job.

Season 6Edit

No. in
Title Original airdate
131 The Water-inator 2015
Marylin invents an idea: the Water-inator, which refreshes people. Of course, New Girl steals her idea.
132 Mrs. and Mr. Shampoo Break Up 2015
After a fight over taxes, the Shampoos break up, and a sad Toapy tries to reconcile them both.
133 The Fake Diploma 2015
Toapy and the gang find out Mayor Fishy's mayor diploma is a fake and the real mayor may be kidnapped.
134 Gabriela and Evelyn Come Over 2015
The two soap girls come over to Toapy's house for a study date with him.
135 Mr. Soapy 2015
A new teacher replaces Mr. Water, much to his dismay. The gang feel the dismay, too, and attempt to get Mr. Water's job back.
136 The Tell-Tale Water 2015
Marilyn cheats out of pity on her Water CBM, and gets a good grade. A soapy boy (witness) sees her and threatens to make her confess.
137 Career Day 2015
Toapy is paired up with Mayor Fishy as part of Career Day at Water School.
138 The Drama Department 2015
Mayor Fishy decides to close the Drama Department just before a play, The Sounds of Water, and the gang try to make him change his mind.
139 The Toapy Show 2015
A mishap causes Evelyn to disappear on a magic show hosted by Toapy, and she is in a world that no one cares about her.
140 Waterspended 2015
Toapy and the gang are suspended from school and will do anything to come back, but they are to return in-3 months!?
141 Road Trip to Toapyland 2015
Evelyn and her family go on a road trip to Toapyland, where Evelyn finds someone who attracts her more than Toapy. But finds that he doesn't lover her.
142 The Haunted Ship 2015
The gang upon explore a ship that is haunted by its captain and passengers who died when the boat sink. Now, they want Toapy and the gang to join them.
143 The Watersitter and the Soap Upstairs 2015
An old legend comes true when Toapy has to take care of his brother and gets a threatening call.
144 Marilyn Skips to the 6th Grade 2015
After passing a test, Marilyn is promoted to the 6th grade, but finds out she misses the gang...and that 6th grade is "creepy".
145 Cheerleader 2015
Evelyn tries to be a cheerleader, but everybody laughs when she's too clumsy at it. Toapy says to try your best.
146 Gabriela's Diet 2015
Gabriela goes on a weight-losing cruise, but is getting more obese.
147 Ricky Water's Bucket List 2015
When Ricky Water dies of pneumonia, Toapy goes to his house and finds a bucket list full of things he was going to do before he died, and he wants to complete the list, as a tribute toward the fallen celebrity.
148 Hooky 2015
Toapy and the gang play truancy (commonly known as "hooky" for the kids), but are in fear of finding out when they see one of the teachers in the mall, where they are.
149 Sharpy the Winner 2015
Toapy finds out Sharpy is not a winner and wants to be one, so he helps him.
150 Break a Leg, Evelyn! 2015
Evelyn breaks a leg (literally, not the idiom) after a "baseball breakdown", and she must recover. The gang help her feel better.
151 All You Can Eat 2015
Toapy has to enter a eating competition (according to his family tradition), when at the same time, he promised the water-school nurse to eat healthier.
152 Re-Evelyn-bious (aka Evelyn Goes Bad) 2015
Evelyn sees Toapy being impress by a rebel girl, and she goes bad in order to impress him, only to find out otherwise.
153 The Soapy Bar Mitzvah 2015
Sharpy loves being a kid, but when his bar mitzvah is upcoming, he tries to run from it.

Note: Sharpy reveals to be a Jew

154 My Little Soapy Brother, the Babysitter and Me 2015
When Toapy's parents are going to a 2-month honeymoon, they leave him and his little brother with a babysitter, but Toapy finds it boring with the babysitter.
155 That Smarts! 2015
Marylin claims that she has lost her smartiness before the end-of-the-year test and the gang must help her get smart. It turns out that she went at a friend's house and saw videos on WeTube,making her forget her smartiness.
156 The Unpopular Soap 2015
Toapy helps a unpopular soap be popular.

Season 7Edit

No. in
Title Original airdate
157 Marylin Helps Out (aka Marylin's Dog Tale) 2015
Marylin volunteers for the Toapysburg Animal Shelter and is attached to a homeless dog.
158 Gabriela and the Hottie 2015
Gabriela falls in love with the school jock, much to Toapy's dismay. He enters in a football game against the jock
159 Sharpy's Family Reunion 2015
When Sharpy's family is having a family reunion, Sharpy feels uncomfortable.
160 Stage Fright 2015
Sharpy has stage fright during production for the school play, Happy Land. Toapy helps him get rid of this fear.
161 Procrastinating the Mayor 2015
Toapy and the gang help Mayor Fishy with his house duties. He agrees all of them except Toapy to help him.
162 Geography Toap-E 2015
Toapy enters the Geography Bee, although he is worried he will get disqualified.
163 Mall Isn't Well 2015
Toapy must stop the mayor from destroying the Toapysburg Museum of History and turning it into a mall.
164 Toa-Puberty 2015
Sharpy feels grossed out by puberty, after seeing a video on how they grow and things related to puberty. Toapy tries to tell Sharpy that it's part of life.
165 The Legend of the Skinned Soap 2015
A legend about a skinned soap scares everyone at a slumber party.
166 Toapy Appreciation Day 2015
The gang create a holiday in honor of Toapy. Mayor Fishy wants to eliminate this "fake holiday".
167 Toapy's Butler 2015
After Toapy saves Sharpy from being tugged, Sharpy is Toapy's butler.
168 Matchmaker 2015
Evelyn is obsessed with matchmaking and matchmakes Sharpy and Gabriela, and also matchmakes her and Toapy (secretly). However, Toapy finds out about it, and demands Evelyn to stop matchmaking. Evelyn then sadly agrees and stops it.
169 On the Lam 2015
Gabriela and Evelyn think they have commit a crime, so they run away from home, and meet homeless, criminal man, who tell them a tale about honesty, Turns out, the girls didn't commit a crime.
170 Gone Fishin' 2015
The gang go fishing.
171 The Shakespearian Evelyn 2015
Evelyn uses Shakespeare-like poetry to think about Toapy. However, one of her poems accidentally arrives at Toapy's backpack, so she must go to his house to get her poem back!
172 Baby Shampoo 2015
Mrs. Shampoo gets pregnant and gets a baby, whose name is Gerald. Mr. Shampoo finds difficulty in taking care of a child.
173 Marylin, Mathelete 2015
Marylin must compete in a Mathlete against other smart kids from different schools. The gang help her by confiding in her.
174 Toapy's Brother 2015
Toapy has to take care of his little brother, Goapy. However, he behaves awful and Toapy calls Sharpy to help him. However, Goapy makes a war against Toapy and Sharpy.
175 Community Service 2015
Toapy and the gang do community service.
176 Flowers and Chocolates 2015
Evelyn gives flowers and chocolates to Toapy. Toapy finds out that Evelyn might love him.
177 Soap Spirit 2015
Marylin finds her college dreams will be affected if she doesn't participate in contests, so she enters some
178 Charity 2015
Trying to raise money for poor people, the gang find out their school will be destroyed for charity, by Mayor Fishy. The gang fight about this.
179 Teachers' Strike 2015
The teachers go on strike due to their salary, so the best thing Principal Soap can do is fire all teachers and replace them.
180 Toa-Profanity 2015
Toapy is accused of saying profane words, so Toapy sets out to clear his name.
181 Sharpy Gets an F 2015
Sharpy gets an F in the social studies test. Not wanting to tell his parents, he keeps it a secret, until Toapy finds out about this, and convinces Sharpy to tell them. He finally musts all the courage to tell them, but instead of getting angry at him, his parents are calm and just tell Sharpy to try next time.
182 Water Sidewalk 2015
The sidewalk that Toapy and Sharpy play in gets wet.
183 The Phone Call 2015
Evelyn accidentally voicemails Toapy confessing her love for him. When she realizes her mistake, she must break in his house and delete the voicemail.
184 Gettin' Closer 2015
Toapy and Evelyn begin to get closer, but only Sharpy can notice this.
185 Love is the Best Medicine 2015
Toapy gets hurt during water recess, and hurts all of his bones, sending him to the hospital. Evelyn is heartbroken, so her mother, Lynn, lets her see Toapy. Toapy is glad to see Evelyn. Evelyn is blushing, and Toapy asks why, so Evelyn responds nothing. Then they tell jokes and laugh with each other, but then Evelyn touches Toapy and Toapy blushes. Then Evelyn pretends that her mother is calling her, so she goes away, but it's really an excuse to get out of there. The next day, Toapy gets better, and talks Evelyn about the touching incident. Evelyn said it was just an accident.
186 From Goth to Normal 2015
Toapy tries to befriend a goth kid, Ned. However, Ned would rather murmur about how life is horrible, but Toapy changes his mind, making Ned a carefree and happy kid at the end.
187 Perfect Attendance 2015
Marylin wants a perfect attendance reward, but ends up in a series of ridiculous situations, involving a bank robber.
188 Toapy + Miss Lambchamp 2015
Toapy is attracted to the drama teacher. He ends up at her house to have dinner with her, which surprises her. However, this causes the teacher's fiancée, Archibald, to break up with the drama teacher. She ends up being a mean, cold-hearted teacher, so Toapy must fix this.
189 Growth Spurt 2015
Sharpy begins to have a growth spurt, which makes him have advantages.
190 Sr. Deodorant 2015
Mr. Shampoo's Mexican brother, Sr. Deodorant, comes to visit, much to the dismay of Mr. Shampoo, as they have a long-time feud between if shampoos or deodorants are better.
191 Mayor Fishy's Depart 2015
After getting irritated at Toapy, the government sends him a letter saying he must be nice to Toapy, or he will be replaced by a very nice fishy mayor. Hearing this, Mayor Fishy goes to be nice to Toapy, but one day, when Toapy actually wets his lucky suit, he furiously angrily yells at Toapy, followed by him getting fired and replaced by a nicer mayor, Mayor Soapy. Toapy, being sad at how everything is his fault, tries to console Mayor Fishy, and he eventually knows what to do ASAP. Mayor Fishy comes back, but the government gives him one more chance. He finally is nice to Toapy, and gets his job as mayor back!
192 Killer Soap 2015
Toapy tells a story about a murderous soap named Dark de Macabre, who killed everyone he saw. However, his story may be true when a murderer is announced on the news.

Note: This episode was controversially given a "TV-14-V", to which the creator harshly denied to, so it was given a "TV-PG-V" rating.

193 I'll Love You as Long as I Can 2015
Evelyn makes a love song for Toapy, but is accidentally taken away by her new pet parrot, Lorra, and she must get it back from the parrot.
194 New Girl Teased 2015
Some girls tease New Girl on her appearance, and New Girl is depressed. So Toapy and the gang make a son about how she's perfect just the way she is.
195 Madam Marylin 2015
Marylin must act sophisticated when her fancy English uncles and aunts are coming for dinner.
196 The Super-Duper Secret Club 2015
Toapy is a member of "The Super-Duper Secret" club, but since only cool kids are allowed, Toapy thinks it's unfair.
197 Pool Party! 2015
Toapy and the gang have a pool party because school almost ends.
198 Internet Troll 2015
Toapy and the gang must find who is hacking on their e-mail accounts, and Sharpy thinks it's an internet troll. However, all fingers point to Toapy, who tries to clear his name. In the end, it turns out to be really an internet troll, and it is Timmy Hikings, a cool soap.
199 Grounded for Life 2015
Evelyn is grounded for not going outside while the parents are going away for the weekend. Evelyn furiously then makes a party, but Toapy think it's wrong to party while grounded. Evelyn, however, doesn't care. Monday, the parents come and see a mess, and ground her for a whole month. She learns her lesson.
200 Happy Birthday, Evelyn and Gabriela! 2015
Evelyn and Gabriela find out they were born on the same day, so the gang make them a party to celebrate the two on their birthday. However, having their feud between Toapy, they make separate parties. Toapy is sad, and reluctantly kisses Gabriela AND EVELYN. Both of them then have a single birthday party celebrating the two. While reaching her jouse, Evelyn wonders if that kiss was intentionally, and falls more for Toapy.

Note: This is a special episode for the 200-episode milestone.

201 Are You Afraid of the Fart? 2015
Toapy learns about public embarrassment when he accidentally farts. Everyone laughs at him, with the exception of the gang. He finds out everyone farts and makes an assembly to prove farting is just part of life, and it's jus letting gas out.
202 Catfished!!! 2015
Toapy falls in love with a girl on the Facebook-esque account EncyClopedia. However, she is lying about her appearance.
203 Racism Diversity 2015
When a Indian exchange student named Muhammad comes to Toapy's school, everyone treats him different. Toapy, feeling sad, makes him feel better and tells everyone that they should befriend anyone, even if they are a different race.
204 What a Laugh! 2015
New Girl reveals to have no humor, so Toapy tries to make her laugh. A series of predicaments happen to Toapy while trying to make New Girl laugh, which makes her laugh.
205 Toapysburg Annual Festival 2015
Toapy and the gang help on Toapysburg's Annual Festival, but a storm may delay the festival.
206 How I Met Your Money Problem 2015
Toapy and his watermates fight over how to waste the money of the end of the school year.
207 Oh My Graduation! 2015
The graduation for Toapy's school ends up in catastrophic ways, so Toapy must control everything by making the graduation go on, even if it's ruined. In the end, everyone gets their diplomas and school is officially over.
208 Water Tale 2015
Toapy, Sharpy, Evelyn, Gabriela, Toapy's family, Marylin and Mrs. and Mr. Shampoo go to the beach for the summer. A girl falls in love with Toapy, and they spend all the time together. Mrs. and Mr. Shampoo work in a near ice cream shop to earn money. Marilyn tans too much. Gabriela and Sharpy go to swim together, which implies that they fall in love with each other. After seeing this, Evelyn asks Gabriela if to tell Toapy her true feelings, but Gabriela says no, because it will ruin the friendship. But Evelyn doesn't care and goes to tell Toapy. Also, Evelyn tries to explain to Toapy that the girl in love with him is just faking love, but Toapy doesn't listen to her. Evelyn is sad at this, and thinks of telling Toapy her true feelings. After Toapy finds out she is telling the truth, Evelyn admits her feelings for him, and he says he doesn't feel the same, leaving a sad Evelyn heartbroken, so she just tells Toapy to feel the woo-love feelings. But after he tries it, he doesn't feel nothing. Then, when going to the car to go back home, Toapy remembers romantic moments of him and Evelyn (which those are: Evelyn In a Cup, Water Prom, Toapymeo and Juliet, Mistletoe Kiss, Lifeguard Toapy to the Rescue! and Two and a Half Soaps), which he finds out he does love Evelyn. Afterwards, before leaving, Toapy tells Evelyn that he does, indeed, love her, repairing a heartbroken Evelyn and shocking her. The series ends with them sharing a blocked, loving kiss, in the sunset.

On a leaked scene, Sharpy and Gabriela hold hands, and look at each other with goo-goo eyes and also share a loving kiss, implying that they too are a couple.

Marilyn is a couple with a kid, who is revealed to be Toapy's brother. They share a kiss on a ship, similar to that of the scene of Titanic.

Mr. Water and Mila have 6 kids, and Mr. Water promises Mila he will be a good father. This is true.

A scene shows Toapy and Evelyn when they grow, and they marry, and have 2 children.

Gabriela and Sharpy are a couple from now on.

Limited seriesEdit

A limited series will air on 2015. The series will follow the gang in 5th grade, and Toapy x Evelyn plus Sharpy x Gabriela, and a new villain will come to break Toapy and Evelyn apart. However, the series will air on Teddy Flix, a new channel,

No. in
Title Original airdate
209 Toapy and Evelyn's First Date March 6, 2015[1]
Toapy and Evelyn go to their first date, but a series of mishaps happen. Sharpy and Gabriela also have their first date, but they go to the wrong restaurant.
210 Detention March 13, 2015[2]
Toapy gets detention, a surprising shock to everyone. New Girl's day is revealed.
211 When Water Bells Ring March 20, 2015[3]
The Shampoo couple marry, but an old love from Mrs. Shampoo's past may ruin the wedding.
212 Anthem in the USA[citation needed] March 27, 2015[4]
When the USA anthem gets criticized for being used a lot, Marylin is assigned to write a new one, with the help of the gang.
213 Evelyn's Mother Dies (aka Five Stages of Evelyn) April 3, 2015[5]
Evelyn's mother sadly dies, and Evelyn is coped with grief, eventually making her go through the "5 stages of grief".
214 School Destroyed April 10, 2015
The school is destroyed by a raging Mayor Fishy, for revenge. The gang remember their times at the school while they are about to transfer to a different school.
215 Advanced Toapy April 17, 2015
Toapy is in Advanced Math.
216 Marylin's Bye Bye April 24, 2015
When Marylin has to move to New York, the gang wave bye bye
217 The New Soap (Part 1) May 1, 2015[6]
A new soap comes to the new school and attracts Evelyn, much to Toapy's dismay.
218 Operation: Win Back Evelyn's Heart! (Part 2) May 8, 2015[7]
The gang help Toapy get Evelyn back. The new soap is actually a criminal.


  • Toapy is similar to Hey Arnold!;as Evelyn will be similar to Helga, and Toapy to Arnold.
  • Evelyn will finally confess her feelings to Toapy in Water Tale.
  • 208 episodes in total (+ 1 movies)

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