The Yoda Adventures is a TV series by Edgar Zabaleta that will premiere December 29, 2013.

Plot, characters and productionEdit

Yoda goes to Earth after hiring Luke to direct the rebels. He goes to Earth and works incognito as a human in order to fit human society. He meets friends, who will usually mess him up with adventures.

The series' animation will be origami. The series will be comedy, and it will use the 16:9 screen. The series will air 40 episodes for the mid-season premiere.

  • Yoda (Edgar Zabaleta)- The wise one that helps the rebels in Star Wars. However, he makes Luke replace him while he goes to Earth.
  • John (Edgar Zabaleta)- A geek who knows Yoda's secret and is his best friend.
  • Skylar (Edgar Zabaleta)- A woman who falls in love with Yoda.


Season Episodes Originally airing
Season premiere Season finale
1 40[1] December 29, 2013 2014
No. in
Title Original airdate
1 "Yoda Arrives" November 2014
2 "Mr. Yoda" November 2014
3 "Mall Yoda" November 2014
4 "Christmas Yoda" November 2014
5 "Slender Yoda" TBA
6 "Halloween Yoda" TBA
7 "Thanksgiving Yoda" TBA
8 "Black Belt Yoda" TBA
9 "Yodadocchio" TBA
10 "Hypno Yoda" TBA
11 "Reality Show Yoda" TBA
12 "Detective Yoda" TBA
13 "Movie Yoda" TBA
14 "Valentine Yoda" TBA
15 "Fast Food Yoda" TBA
16 "Yodatanic" TBA
17 "Pool Yoda" TBA
18 "Vending Machine Yoda" TBA
19 "Parapsychology Yoda" TBA

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