The Power of F.A.N.T.A.S.Y. is an upcoming fantasy, supernatural, comedy-drama, post-apocalyptic TV series premiering in the The Teddy Channel.


The plot centers on Larry (voiced by Edben Zabaleta), a normal person who works in a donut shop. He is shocked to find someone named Cole (voiced by Edgar Zabaleta) that appears from a portal to come to him to the Land of Aaa, which is a reference to that of Adventure Time's Land of Ooo. Larry finds himself the only human in the Land of Aaa, he befriends Cole, who is a creature ninja. Together, they battle creatures and have adventures on the Land of Aaa. Along the way, they interact with other characters, too*.


  • Larry (voiced by Edben Zabaleta)
  • Cole (voiced by Edgar Zabaleta)
  • Teddy Bear Ogre (voiced by Edgar Zabaleta)
  • Princess Kitty (voiced by Edgar Zabaleta)

Other characters are still unknown. It is going to be announced later on the minor characters.

Series OverviewEdit

The Power of F.A.N.T.A.S.Y. seasons
Season Episodes Originally aired (USA)
Season premiere Season finale
Pilot January 20, 2014
1 26 January 20, 2014 April 2014
2 26 April 2014 July 2014
3 26 July 2014 October 2014
4 26 October 2014 January 2015


The Power of F.A.N.T.A.S.Y. pilot
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date
Pilot "F.A.N.T.A.S.Y." Edben Zabaleta Edgar Zabaleta January 20, 2014
Larry* (later renamed Gary) encounters Cole, a mutant ninja who takes him to the Land of Aaa, where they must fight the evil teddy bear ogre and save Princess Kitty.

Season 1 (2014)Edit

The Power of F.A.N.T.A.S.Y. season 1 episodes
No. in
No. in
Title Original air date
1 1 "Frankengary" January 27, 2014
Gary and Cole make a monster while at a slumber party and it wrecks havoc in Aaa.
2 2 "Dungeon of Doom" January 27, 2014
Gary and Cole explore a dungeon. They eventually get trapped in it.
3 3 "Bibi the Koala" January 27, 2014
Gary and Cole try to save Princess Kitty from falling during her tower collapse. Then a koala named Bibi saves her instead and they fall in love, much to Gary's dismay and jealousy. When he thinks Bibi's evil, he tries to prove this.
4 4 "The Legendary Enchanted Plane" February 3, 2014
Gary and Cole hear about a legendary "plane that's enchanted" and go on a quest to find it.
5 5 "On the Dark Side" February 10, 2014
Gary is turned by a villain by a stuff witch named Mariah and the witch realizes what she made. But it is too late to turn him back when the evil Gary befriends the Teddy Bear Ogre.
6 6 "The Dragon Who Harrased" February 17, 2014
A dragon harasses Aaa, and Gary and Cole must turn him good.
7 7 "Lego Time" February 17, 2014
Gary and Cole must let some Legos interact with each other.
8 8 "Garynapped" February 24, 2014
Gary and Cole are kidnapped by Teddy Bear Ogre, and must escape by playing a series of survival games.
9 9 "The Telltale Murder" February 24, 2014
In this reference to "The Telltale Heart", Gray and Cole murder Princess Kitty's statue of an outlaw and pretend it's not them. Then they claim the soul of the statue is whispering Murder...Murder....
10 10 "Wizards Birds" March 8, 2014
When Gary and Cole get interested in wizardy and sorcery, they get rained by magical wizard birds.
11 11 "Summoning" March 8, 2014
Gary and Cole summon the demon Oalee that possesses Gary. Cole tries to help him get the demon out of him.
12 12 "Parallel Aaa" March 15, 2014
The Land of Ooo collides with The Land of Aaa.
13 13 "Frank Cap the Rap Moose" March 15, 2014
Frank Cap, who is a moose known for his rap abilities is taunted by Teddy Bear Ogre.
14 14 "Oh Vampire!" March 22, 2014

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