Genre: Crime, Thriller, Dramedy
Format: Comic
Created by: Edgar Zabaleta
No. of comic issues: 3, with 25 chapters in each[1]
Original publishing date: February 21, 2015


The plot follows Fenton Willows, a nerd and clumsy kid. One day, while he gets in a fight, he meets the Dark Side of the Moon, a group of crime-commiting gangsters who make Fenton join their group. Now as a gangster. Fenton falls in love with a beautiful girl named Emma, and tries to win her love.


  • Fenton Willows, a nerd and clumsy kid who joins Dark Side of the Moon.
  • Emma, a beautiful girl and Fenton's love interest.

Dark Side of the Moon

  • Jeff, an emo kid who makes Fenton joined Dark Side of the Moon. He is depressed and a troublemaker due to his parents' death and lives with foster parents.
  • Georgie, a fat kid who joined Dark Side of the Moon because of his constant teasing. He loves to eat.
  • Kirby, a kid with a dark hoodie who is Jeff's sidekick. Rarely speaks at all.

Comic IssuesEdit

Color Issue Comic chapters Volume Original publishing
1 25[1] Blame It On The Night February 21, 2015[1]
2 25[2] Changes and Chances April TBA, 2015[2]
3 25[3] The End Summer 2015[3]
No. 2
Title Original publishing date
1 1 The Night Narch 21, 2015
2 2 In Love With That Girl March 21, 2015
3 3 Dead Body March 21, 2015
4 4 Cocaine in the Dumpster March 21, 2015
5 5 Operation Graffiti March 21, 2015
6 6 Love Her, Stalk Her March 21, 2015
7 7 A Little Bit Curfew March 21, 2015
8 8 On the Lam March 21, 2015

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