The New Webisodes of Spiderman is a LEGO TV show that debuted December 26, 2013.


Spiderman tracks Venom and tries to get him in many ways. Along with Nick Fury, also.


  • Spiderman
  • Nick Fury
  • Venom


A 2nd season was announced January 20, 2014. It is premiering June 17, 2014


As sometimes you might know, Spiderman is comical. This series is rated TV-PG-Y7. Is of comedy, action. and animation.

Series OverviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired (United States)
Season premiere Season finale
1 52[1] December 26, 2013 October 31, 2014

Season 1 (2013-2014)Edit

26 episodes. It increased to 40 episodes[1]

No. in series
Title Original airdate
1 "Inside the Venom" December 26, 2013
Spiderman gets possessed by Venom and Nick Fury must save him.
2 "Back In Time" December 26, 2013
Spiderman and Nick Fury must track Venom in time.
3 "The Piranha Pit" December 26, 2013
Spiderman and Nick Fury suspect a "Piranha Pit" that could have done something to Venom.
4 "The Superman-inator" January 1, 2014
A Superman of 2052 with robot armor gets out of a mirror and tells Spiderman he can help beat Venom.
5 "Magical Ride" January 22, 2014
When Nick Fury is kidnapped by Venom, Spiderman has to trust his magical car in order to find him.
6 "Shapeshifter Venom" February 20, 2014*
Spiderman is blamed for stealing a statue's head, only for it to be Venom shapeshifting as Spiderman.
7 "Major Liberty Takeover" TBA
When inside the Statue of Liberty, Spiderman and Nick Fury find out Venom has plans to steal the statue.
8 "He Has My Spider, Man" TBA
Venom steals Spiderman's power of arachnid-ness and Spiderman turns normal, while Venom takes his place.
9 "Don't Venom Me, I'll Venom You" TBA
Venom possesses someone that used to be like Spiderman so Spiderman won't find him.
10 "Heroes United" TBA
Spiderman teams up again with 2052 Superman and a Lego Batman to stop Venom.
11 "It's a Mud, Mud, Mud, Mud World" TBA
Spiderman and Nick Fury must go all terrain to find Venom.
12 "Spiderman in Charge" TBA
When Nick Fury is in charge of capturing Venom, Spiderman fills in for him meanwhile.
13 "Hypno Venom" TBA
Venom is hypnotized into a good guy, while Nick Fury is hypnotized into a bad guy.
14 "Avenger Time" TBA
Superman 2052, and Batman come to warn Spiderman about Venom saying he will kill him. Finn the Human and Jake the Dog from Adventure Time tries to protect him. Meanwhile, Nick Fury is send to 2052 by Superman 2052 and is stuck eventually in there. One hour special.

Special Guest Appearance: BMO and Ice King from Adventure Time.

15 "So U Think U Can Be a Sidekick" TBA
Nick Fury wants to be Spiderman's sidekick instead of boss. Spiderman does not agree with this.
16 "Ninjas" TBA
Venom uses Ninjas to kidnap Spiderman. But these "Ninjas" befriend Spiderman instead.
17 "Nightmare on 3D" TBA
Venom invades a theater's comedy movie that Spiderman and Nick Fury are seeing to a horror movie.
18 "Precious Memories" TBA
Nick Fury teaches Venom who he really was. It turns out Venom was swarmed with venom and turn into the villain. It is also revealed that Nick Fury was Venom's father.
19 "Spiderman's Killed!?" (Part 1) TBA
Part 1 of 2.Spiderman disappears eventually and then is found murdered. Venom gets in jail know that everyone thinks he was the one who murdered Spiderman.
20 "General Spider Hospital" (Part 2) TBA
Part 2 of 2.Everybody's crossing fingers when Spiderman's sent to the hospital and to see whenever he's alive or dead. Meanwhile, Venom gets the jail blues.

Note: This episode was a parody of the longest-running soap opera, General Hospital

21 "Legonapped" TBA
Venom kidnaps some Legos and Spiderman--and Nick Fury--must save them or else.
22 "Nicky Fury" TBA
Nick Fury's unbearable cousin comes over for the Summer. He reveals that he was a villain.
23 "Venom's Reign of Terror" TBA
Venom takes over S.H.I.E.L.D. while Spiderman's on a mission and Nick Fury's sleeping.
24 "Spider Nick" TBA
Nick Fury and Spiderman combine as on hero to beat Venom.
25 "See No Venom, Hear No Venom" TBA
Venom turns himself invisible so he can do mischief all around New York City.
26 "Over Yonder Venom" TBA
Venom invades Old McDonald's Farm and Spiderman and Nick Fury must stop him before he kidnaps Old McDonald's precious sheep.
27 "Spiderman, You're Fired!" TBA
Nick Fury fires Spiderman after being too comical. Spiderman then works for Venom, which makes a rivalry between Spiderman and Nick Fury.
28 "Island of the Cute Mutants" TBA
Spiderman and Nick Fury arrive in a island of cute creatures called the "Cuties" that they believe that Venom turned them into mutants.
29 "Pow!" TBA
Venom gets TNT so he can kill Spiderman, but every time he tries it, he ends up exploding himself.
30 "Teddy Bear Ogre" TBA
Venom sends Teddy Bear Ogre from The Power of F.A.N.T.A.S.Y to get Spiderman.

Special Guest Appearance: Teddy Bear Ogre from The Power of F.A.N.T.A.S.Y

31 "One-of-a-Kind" TBA
Spiderman feels not "one-of-a-kind" when a superhero named Punch 'O Klobber arrives in town. It turns out to be Venom in disguise.
32 "Pillowtanic" TBA
When Spiderman and Nick Fury take a trip to the Pillowtanic, Venom takes over New York City.
33 "Frosty vs. Venom" TBA
34 "XOXO Spiderman" TBA
35 "The Legend of Mutant Venom" TBA
36 "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner for Thanksgiving" TBA
37 "Skelly, My Second Banana" TBA
A skeleton promises to help Spiderman beat Venom, but is the skeleton really actually evil?
38 "The Truth Hurts" TBA
Spiderman tells Venom he's Peter Parker, and Nick Fury gets in danger.
39 "Johnny Multi-arms" TBA
A multi arms villain is creates by Venom to strangle Spiderman.
40 "Runaway Venom" TBA
41 "Havoc in Hayak Mountains" TBA
42 "The Lion Golem Saved Me" TBA
52 "The Secret: Earth Under Peril" TBA
Venom goes over-powered on the world, and they must stop him. Meanwhile, Nick Fury reveals a secret that Spiderman never knew long time ago: Venom was Spiderman's father. Venom overhears this and kidnaps Spiderman. Nick Fury has NO idea how to get Spiderman back and calls Superman 2052, Lego Batman, Finn, Jake and BMO to help him get back Spiderman. Series finale and season finale, too.

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