Season 1Edit

No. Title Original air date Production
1 Taco, M.D. June 11, 2014[1] 101
Taco takes care of Kelly when she gets sick. However, that means he also has to take care of Tiger Tony, his other best buddy.
2 Taco and the Field Trip June 16, 2014[1] 102
Taco and the guys go on a wild adventure in a field trip at a forest.
3 Supersize Taco Me 2014[1] 103
Taco wants to be big and powerful when he fails gym at school, but finds out he is good how he is.
4 Weekend at Taco's 2014[1] 104
The gang spend time at Taco's house, but Frankenelmo falls in love with Taco's sister Dolly.
5 Indiana Taco and the Temple of Tacos TBA 105
The gang try to find buried tacos in a chest, but they're booby traps where they are and Taco needs help from his friends to pass them.
6 Happy Birthday Taco TBA 106
Kelly tries to find the perfect gift for her beloved Taco's birthday; Taco want to discover his gifts before the big birthday celebration.
7 The Further Adventures of SherTaco Holmes TBA 107
When Kelly's toy disappears, Taco and Frankenelmo are on the case.
8 Kelly's Lovey-Dovey Potion TBA 108
Kelly gets a love potion that will make Taco fall in love with her, but it goes along with dire consequences.
9 A Munchie in Need TBA 109
When Frankenelmo befriends a new rich, spoiled stuffy at school, Taco gets jealous and wants a new friend. Kelly thinks of filling in for him.
10 Taco's Job TBA 110
Taco works on a taco restaurant to get a year supply of tacos at that taco restaurant.
11 PlayPal TBA 111
Kelly feels left alone when her play pals move away, so Taco bonds with her so they can be new friends, which makes her tell everyone that he is her boyfriend. Now, Taco doesn't know this, but he finds it out, and the friendship gets broken. Kelly must make this right again.
12 Queen Kelly-zabeth TBA 112
Kelly wants to be the queen of the dance at the school, but gets nervous when her parents come and Taco may not be the king of the dance.
13 Taco's Cabin Fever TBA 113
Kelly's family and Taco's family share a cabin, which Taco gets tired of, with no TV and no Internet; Kelly tries to kiss Taco on the lips.
14 The Scavenger Hunt TBA 114
Taco and his friends get in a battle-of-the-sexes, they do a scavenger hunt to see what gender is better.
15 Taco Party TBA 115
The gang have a taco party and Taco and the friends try to have fun.
16 Kelly and the New Brother TBA 116
Kelly must struggle being a big sister when her parents announce they will have a baby.
17 The Little Stuffy Book TBA 117
Kelly's diary gets lost.
18 Who Am I? TBA 118
19 Lost in Tacoville TBA 119
20 I Don't Want To Taco 'Bout It TBA 120
21 Taco Love (Part 1) TBA 121
22 Taco Love (Part 2) TBA 122

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