The Fluffy and Solo Misadventures of Bibi




Children's television series

Created By

Edgar Zabaleta

Voices of

Edgar Zabaleta
Edben Zabaleta

Original running

December 14, 2013 - December 13, 2014

Running time

22 minutes

# of seasons


# of episodes

52 (List of episodes)

Sequel series to

The Adventures of Teddy & Friends

Also known as

The Solo Adventures of Bibi
The Fluffy Adventures of Bibi

The Fluffy and Solo Misadventures of Bibi is a sequel series of The Adventures of Teddy & Friends.


Bibi is now the main character in this sequel series to The Adventures of Teddy & Friends.


The Adventures of Teddy & Friends is where you should see


The series would be releasing July 30, 2014. 52 episodes are planned, along with 104 segments.

Guest starsEdit

Series OverviewEdit

Season Episodes Season premiere Season finale
1 13 July 30, 2014[1] 2014[2]
2 13 2014 2014
3 13 TBA 2014 TBA 2014
4 13 N/A 2014 2015
5 13 2015 2015
6 13 2015 2015
7 13 TBA of 2015 TBA of 2015

Season 1 (2014-2016)[2]Edit

This episode consist of 52 11-minute episodes.[citation need]
Bibi will be voiced by Edgar Zabaleta while Edben Zabaleta will voice Teddy.

№ in
Title Original airdate
"1" " July 2014
Close Encounters of the Stuffy Kind: The gang discover aliens who are nice and stuffy and are nice.

School Daze: When Bibi's pranks go to far, they send him to obedience school with strict teachers.

"2" Caped Avenger / Rip Van Bibi July 2014
Caped Avenger: Bibi is a hero who tries to find Kitty, who went missing.

Rip Van Bibi: Bibi sleeps in a seventy years (2084) where he is old, and so is the gang, and New Stuff City is invaded by the aliens.

"3" The Stuffy Zone / Lights! Camera! Bibi July 2014
The Stuffy Zone: Teddy buys a satellite TV, and when Bibi barfs on it, he's transported to TV shows.

Lights! Camera! Bibi! Bibi is chosen as a main role for a money.

"4" Stuffy Trek / Dippercules July 2014
Stuffy Trek: The gang are part of a galaxy crew called the Stuffy Trek.

Dippercules: Dipper is the strongest man ever in a story.

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