The Doodler is the character that you play as in the Ipod/Iphone/Ipad/Android app, Doodle Jump. The Doodler is often referred to as an alien and fights off monsters by shooting things out of his snout (the object differs depending on what mode you play in). The Doodler's goal in life seems to be to jump to the highest platform in the seemingly endless game of Doodle Jump and his enemies include the various monsters and UFOs in the game.

The Doodler has been known to dress up as

  • an astronaut (space version)
  • a scuba diver (under water version)
  • an explorer (jungle version)
  • Frankenstein's monster (Halloween version)
  • a ghost (other Halloween version)
  • a soccer player (football version)
  • Santa Claus (Christmas version)
  • a bunny (Easter version can be unlocked by typing "bunny" as your name)

Appedia articles about the DoodlerEdit

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