The Bart Simpson Show




Animated series

Created by

Edgar Zabaleta, Edben Zabaleta

Original running

March 2, 2014 - August TBA, 2014[citation needed

Running time

11 minutes (or less)

No. of seasons

1 (4 ordered)

No. of episodes

52 (170 episodes ordered)



Based on

The Simpsons by Matt Groening

The Bart Simpson Show is a dramedy and slice-of-life TV series that premiered March 2 at midnight on The Teddy Channel. The series' goal is to at least have 4 seasons, as announced by the creator.


Bart moves into Teddy's house after his mother Marge told him to. He has adventures at Teddy's house, sometimes dealing with his girlfriend, Little Reddie.


These are the characters that appear in the show.

  • Bart Simpson

The main character. He is a member of The Simpsons. Falls in love with Little Reddie on the pilot.

  • Little Reddie

The other main character and Bart's girlfriend. He is Teddy's daughter. Her name is a spoof of Little Debbie.

  • Lloyd

The green ninja that appears in the show. He doesn't get along with the Teddy family.

  • Tiny Death Star

The creation of Lloyd who has the same annoying antics as Lloyd.

  • Frosty

Bart's new friend in Bart Simpson + Frosty. Has a crush on BMO in Bart Simpson in Bad Timing and become a couple.

  • BMO

Frosty's girlfriend in Bart Simpson in Bad Timing. Reveals to have met Frosty in The North Pole. Is based on a character from Adventure Time.

Series OverviewEdit

This is the seasons for The Bart Simpson Show, which aired at midnight of March 2. It centers around Bart Simpson, who moves with Teddy and the family. In there, he meets Little Reddie, and falls in love with her. The plot is about him dealing with dramedy, slice-of-life and supernatural situations. Season 1 of the show contains 26 episodes, 52 segments.

Episode GuideEdit

These are all the episodes of The Bart Simpson Show. 52 episodes are produced.

Series overviewEdit

Season Episodes / Segments Originally airing
Season premiere Season finale
Pilot 1 / 1 March 2, 2014
1 26 / 52 March 2, 2014 August TBA, 2014
2 26 / 52[4] August TBA, 2014[6][4] 2015
3 TBA 2015 N/A
4 13 / 26[6] 2015[6] TBA


No. in
No. in
Title Original air date
Pilot 0 Bart Simpson Has a Girlfriend (Pilot) March 2, 2014
In the series premiere, Bart meets Teddy's daughter, Little Reddie, and falls in love with her. Chaos ensure because Teddy worries of Bart's rebelliousness. This is the official pilot.

Season 1: 2014Edit

  • The series was originally rated TV-Y7, it's now rated TV-PG, starting with episode 9, though some episodes have still the TV-Y7 rating, or some will have TV-Y7-FV.
  • The series is currently on hiatus and will come back August for 4 new episodes.
  • On August 3, 2014, the Teddy Channel added more episodes.
  • The "Bad Stuffies" episode is replaced with the "Klopman diamond" episode for unknown reasons.
  • 1st season may end in August, probably. It was also rumored to end late 2014, too.
No. in
No. in
Title Original air date
1 1a Bart Simpson's Relationship With Red March 2, 2014
Bart worries that a fat Red will steal his girlfriend, Little Reddie.
2 1b Bart Simpson and Little Reddie in the Demon Bed March 2, 2014
Bart and Little Reddie get a new bed, not knowing that a demon woman is there, and thinks Little Reddie is her boyfriend, Red.
3 2a Bart Simpson Saves Stuffybahn March 2, 2014
Bart and Little Reddie must save Stuffybahn, where Kitty works, from county pigs bent on closing Stuffybahn.
4 2b Bart Simpson in Family Game Night March 3, 2014
Bart joins Little Reddie and the family on a "Family Game Night", with one of the players being the Green Ninja, who cares about winning and if he loses on the game, he puts a curse on those.
5 3a Bart Simpson's Reading Club March 3, 2014
Bart and Little Reddie join Kitty for a reading club part of a charity for those who have no books, but when all of the charity money owned disappears, all fingers point at Bart.
6 3b Bart Simpson Meets His Match March 3, 2014
BMO from Adventure Time visits and starts to woo Little Reddie, much to Bart's dismay.
7 4a Bart Simpson and the Date With Little Reddie March 3, 2014
Kitty interferes on Bart and Little Reddie's "1 day" anniversary, all because Bart hired mariachis to play songs for them.
8 4b Bart Simpson and the Chinese Job March 4, 2014
Bart is hired to work on a Chinese restaurant so he can earn job for some shoes, but quickly gets fired.
9 5a Bart Simpson at the Beach March 4, 2014
Bart and the Teddy family go to the beach, but are eaten by the legendary shark Stuffy Jaws (parody of Jaws).
10 5b Bart Simpson Ate My Homework! March 4, 2014
Bart accidentally eats Little Reddie's homework (thinking it was a cookie) and makes it up to her by disguising himself as a Pharaoh for class, but Little Reddie's classmates find out that the "Pharaoh" is actually Bart.
11 6a Bart Simpson: The Christmas Snoopy That Make Him Feel Jealous March 5, 2014
Snoopy comes to Teddy's house for the winter, which makes Bart feel jealous, because Snoopy starts to steal Little Reddie from Bart
12 6b Bart Simpson and the Movie Madness March 7, 2014
Bart and the gang go to the movies, but the tickets are stolen by Yoda, Bart's boss, due to Lloyd calling him a "old man".
13 7a Bart Simpson in Adventure Time March 7, 2014
Bart gets sucked into Ooo and accidentally goes on a adventure with Finn and Jake.
14 7b Bart Simpson In Love March 8, 2014
Bart falls in love with Little Reddie's sister, Stella Jr., much to Little Reddie's dismay and chagrin.
15 8a Bart Simpson and Little Reddie Take Care of the Kids March 8, 2014
Bart and Little Reddie take care of a baby at home for a school assignment, but realize Parenthood tears them apart.
16 8b Bart Simpson's Friday the 13th March 9, 2014
Bart finds out the Teddy family is cursed by an "Evil Leprechaun" who does this every Friday the 13th.
17 9a Bart Simpson and the Legend of Le Stuffy Monster March 9, 2014
A legend about a French "stuffy monster" could be real and haunt the Teddy family when they're camping at Galveston.
18 9b Bart Simpson in Titanic March 9, 2014
Bart (and Kitty and Lloyd) accidentally are sucked into one of Charlie Brown's portals to the "Titanic".
19 10a Bart Simpson, M.D. March 9, 2014
Bart Simpson (after graduating from medical school) takes care of Little Reddie, who is sick, but jealousy may ruin his chances of becoming a "medical dude".

Note: M.D. (in this episode) = Medical Dude

20 10b Bart Simpson's PayPal March 10, 2014
Bart has too earn money so he can pay all the $30 bucks he owns to Lloyd.
21 11a Bart Simpson and his Night in the Karaoke Club March 10, 2014
A night in a karaoke club turns unplanned for Bart and the Teddy family when Yoda claims he is somewhere instead of doing his job of today.

Song (s): "Happy" by Pharrell Williams, performed by Little Reddie.

22 11b Bart Simpson + Frosty the Snowman March 10, 2014
Bart befriends the snowman Frosty and spends to much time with him instead of Little Reddie. So she goes and hits Frosty with a remote control!
23 12a Bart Simpson and the Birthday Bash March 10, 2014
Bart is trying to find a gift for Frosty's birthday. Unfortunately, he's out of luck to find a gift. Luckily, he finds BMO.
24 12b Bart Simpson and Little Reddie Breakup March 11, 2014
Bart and Little Reddie break-up after Little Reddie reads a note (that is claimed to be Bart Simpson, for her) that says that Bart doesn't love her.
25 13a Bart Simpson and Little Reddie Get Back Together March 11, 2014
Little Reddie finds out the break-up note isn't from Bart and they get together again.
26 13b Bart Simpson in Bad Timing March 11, 2014
In this parody to Bad Timing, Frosty goes on a search for a true love, and encounters re-encounters, BMO, whom he meet in the North Pole, and he falls in love with BMO. He visits her home and she says she need to go on a meeting with Charlie Brown. After, Frosty thinks, BMO is being wooed by Charlie Brown and he gets jealous and grabs Charlie Brown's time traveling device (which is actually of Sherman and Peabody's) and tries to go back time so he can have a "second chance" with BMO. Unfortunately, he traps BMO back in Ooo.
27 14a Bart Simpson, I <3 You! March 11, 2014
Bart gets famous after a viral video, but Stella and Matilda start to be obsessed with Bart.
28 14b Bart Simpson's Murder Mystery March 12, 2014
Bart and Little Reddie do a "Sherlock Holmes" themed masquerade ball (for their 1 week love anniversary) but then it turns into a murder mystery when stuffies start to get murdered.
29 15a Bart Simpson and their Kid from Tatooine March 12, 2014
Bart and Little Reddie get a yellow, ticking egg from Lloyd, and in it hatches a kid from Tatooine. After, the gang meets its real, crazed dad.
30 15b Bart Simpson: The Movie Club March 12, 2014
Bart and Little Reddie do videos for their movie club and get in a fight of the movies' genre: Bart (action), Reddie (drama).
31 16a Bart Simpson, You're Fired! March 12, 2014
Bart gets fired by Yoda because of arriving late again and goes to work with Charlie Brown.
32 16b Bart Simpson's Son Likes Lloyd March 12, 2014
Jay (the kid from Tatooine) starts to like Lloyd, much to the chagrin of Bart, Little Reddie and the others.
33 17a Bart Simpson Meets Frank Cap the Rap Moose March 12, 2014
Bart meets his singing idol, Frank Cap the Rap Moose at the mall, but the idol is irritated and annoyed by Lloyd.
34 17b Bart Simpson Turns Lloyd Into A Very Nice Lego Guy March 13, 2014
Bart turns Lloyd a nice guy by accident by Lloyd's Good Lego Guy-inator, but everyone soon like the new Lloyd.
35 18a Bart Simpson: Frosty and BMO's Relationship March 13, 2014
In this continuation of Episode 27, Segment 13b, Charlie Brown is possessed by a stuffy Cupid and goes after BMO, whom he is possessedly in mad love with.
36 18b Bart Simpson Fights the Aliens March 13, 2014
Bart, Little Reddie and Bubbles learn of the aliens when they come and invade the Teddy family once more again, with a possessed Stella as the Alien Queen.
37 19a Bart Simpson and The Meaning of Death March 13, 2014
Bart worries that he will die soon and builds Frankenelmo, who will "replace him" when he dies, but the "replacement" turns back on Bart.
38 19b Bart Simpson and the Many Historical Little Reddies March 14, 2014
Bart and Lloyd mess up with a Little Reddie "summoner" that summons any historical Little Reddie and now they can't find the real Little Reddie! To get the real her back, Bart and Lloyd must go to a historical dimension to save Bart's girlfriend.

Note: Historical figures are parodied in this episode.

39 20a Bart Simpson Gets Possessed By a Maleficent Force March 15, 2014
Bart gets possessed by a maleficent force after reading the summoning in a collection of scary stories. The force kidnaps the girls (Kitty, Little Reddie, BMO) and tries to seduce them.
40 20b Bart Simpson and the Haunted Jack-o-Lantern March 15, 2014
While cleaning the garage with Bart, Teddy finds a childhood toy which becomes wickedly haunted and forces Teddy to be his buddy.
41 21a Bart Simpson and the T.G.I. Saturday Day (Part 1) March 15, 2014
The gang go to a restaurant named T.G.I. Saturday where BMO won't tell the gang that the place is actually the Nightosphere. Luckily Finn and Jake come to the rescue.

Note: Lloyd is replaced by a Nice Lloyd.

42 21b Bart Simpson and Kitty Try To Find Love For Lloyd and Tiny Death Star (Part 2) March 15, 2014
After getting out of the Nightosphere, the gang try to find love for New Lloyd and Tiny Death Star, but will it work?
43 22a Bart Simpson : Frosty and BMO's Relationship Is Put to the Test March 16, 2014
Frosty and BMO's relationship is put to the test when a "boy flirter" flirts Frosty and makes him her boyfriend. The gang find out she's the criminal Camilla McStuffy who flirts boys after all.
44 22b Bart Simpson and the Prom-Coming Dance (Part 1) March 22, 2014
Kitty wants to have a dance with New Lloyd on the Annual New Stuff City promcoming dance.
45 23a Bart Simpson (Part 1) March 28, 2014
Bored out to of his mind, Bart goes on the greatest adventure of all his ninja life.[2]
46 23b Bart Simpson (Part 2) March 28, 2014
Bart teams up with Finn and Jake, but has to save the stuffy gang from the aliens.[2]
47 24a Bart Simpson's Stepmother Breakups With His Stepfather May 27, 2014
Teddy break-ups with Kitty after Kitty reveals her true feelings for New Lloyd, so Bart and Little Reddie must get them back together.[2]
48 24b Bart Simpson and The Klopman Diamond August 7, 2014
Bart and the gang must solve the mystery of the famous Klopman diamond when it's in display at the museum and it disappears. It eventually leads up to Bibi, Teddy, Little Reddie and Bart probably being the suspects, but the gang find clues in the secret safe where the Klopman Diamond is kept. It is then revealed to be Matilda, the host of the tour, because she was hired as a tour host to successfully get the diamond.
49 25a Bart Simpson's Mother Wants Him Back August 7, 2014
Marge (while chatting with Bart on e-mail) said that she thinks Bart is acting not rebellious, so she wants him back, but the gang had befriend him during the whole season of The Bart Simpson Show, and possibly its sequel, triquel and its fourquel seasons, so they go to drastic measures to prove Marge that he is still rebellious by making Bart do horrible (and inappropriate things), such as messing the living room and Bart throwing crayons at one of the main character's face, which are both ruined by Chuck, playing football inside the house, which goes wrong because Bibi does it instead of Bart, so the gang have 1 devious plan in mind: making Bart be nude in front of his mother. Will he ever succeed, or will learn that being good is actually good and he should just tell his mom the truth?[2]

Special guest star: Marge from The Simpsons
Note: The gang break the fourth wall when they say they want Bart for "Season 2".

50 25b Bart Simpson Graduates From the 4th Grade August 7, 2014
Bart is graduating from the 4th grade, but when his diploma gets lost, will he ever graduate? Also, BMO is possessed by a phantom principal and terrorizes the school by hurting them and almost killing them. Rated TV-PG-V.
51 26a Bart Simpson's Vacay Gone Cray Cray August 7, 2014
In this season finale, the gang go on a vacation for Summer, but Camilla McStuffy comes back, and this time, he seduces all the stuffy boys. The stuffy girls hatch a plan to get their boyfriends back. Rated TV-PG-SV.
52 26b Bart Simpson's Stuffy Wedding August TBA, 2014
Teddy and Kitty are marrying, but since old loves, "jealousies", a bouquet of flowers and a chandelier ruin the wedding, Bart must stop all of this and make the wedding successful, and he fails when the bouquet of flowers has a thorny flower that hurts Teddy in the eye and glass pieces of the chandelier hurt Kitty, so Bart tries to help, but makes Teddy's eyes more "cold" and when taking the glass off of Kitty, it hurts a lot! So they are taken to the wedding, and it goes well this time! After that, Kitty and Teddy are thinking of where they are going as their honeymoon, and Teddy suggests Tahiti.[3]

Note: Teddy and Kitty are a couple from now on.
Note 2: The brand "3M", is mentioned.
Note 3: Teddy and Kitty would go to Tahiti in "Bart Simpson Goes to Teddy and Kitty's Tahitian Honeymoon.

Season 2 (2014-2015)Edit

  • This season will conclude with a special called "Bart and Gang Are Stalked By a Secret Enemy", which will introduce a unknown character, who, has been stalking the gang and will separate them
  • 2nd season will have guest stars.
  • Frank Cap dies, so Bart searches for answers of why.
  • Characters' secrets will be revealed, like Teddy's 2st girlfriend was someone else.
  • Bart will start working at Stuffybaun, along with Kitty.
No. in
No. in
Title Original air date
53 27a Bart Simpson Goes to the Waterpark August 7, 2014[2]
The gang go to the waterpark, and are involved in a fight for the closing of the waterpark.

Note: Tony's wife may be Stella

54 27b Bart Simpson Moves Away August 14, 2014
When he overhears Teddy and Kitty, thinking that all of them will move, Bart tells the gang (excluding Teddy and Kitty), and the gang try to do most of it before they move.
55 28a Bart Simpson and the Pokémon Match August 14, 2014
Bart has a Pokémon match against New Lloyd-too bad he also has a eager-to-win alter ego.
56 28b Bart Simpson and Gang Are In a Reality Show August 2014
57 29a Hallywho! Bart Simpson and Faux Alike! August 2014
Bart Simpson finds there's an impostor all over town impersonating him, and is on the search to see who is it.
58 29b Bart Simpson Meets the Bad Stuffies October 2014
Bart meets bad stuffies, and then he is wanted by the SFBI, along with the others, Teddy and the gang must rescue him-before he ends up in the big hoise.
59-60 30 Bart Simpson's Birthday Special!! October 2014
61 31a Bart Simpson Paparazzi October 2014
62 31b Bart Simpson in Frosty and BMO's Date November 2014
63 32a Bart Simpson Camps November 2014
64 32b Bart Simpson's Stuffy Ancestor (Part 1)[2] 2014[2]
Bart claims that he has a stuffy ancestor in Times Square, and the gang help him find it.
65 33a Bart Simpson Helps Frosty For a Date 2014[2]
Bart offers to help Frosty prepare a romantic dinner with BMO, but a series of mishaps will let Frosty instead fall in love with Little Reddie.
66 33b Bart Simpson and the Meaning of Death II 2014[2]
Bart finds out his "replacement when he dies", Izzy, is not what he seems.
67 34a Bart Simpson Finds Frank Cap the Rap Moose's Bucket List 2015[2]
When Frank Cap dies, Bart finds his bucket list in his studio and does it, as part for his beloved idol who died.
68 34b Bart Simpson Meets Tiger Tony 2015[2]
Bart Simpson meets Tiger TonyTM-a Tony head, who is annoying, making him sad.
69 35a Bart Simpson and the Grudge Match 2015[1]
After Bart and his enemy (Conner "Connqueror" Connerson) get in trouble, they do a grudge match, and the winner gets to get out of detention.
70 35b B@RT $!MP$0N 2015[1]
Bart Simpson gets addicted to texting, causing him to turn into a glitch via texting.
71 36a Bart Simpson Finds Teddy's Diary 2015[1]
Bart finds Teddy's diary and finds out he had another girlfriend before Kitty came into his life, and Bart suspects it was his own mother. In the end, it turns out to have been Camilla McStuffy.
72 36b Bart Simpson Goes Hollywood 2015[1]
Bart stars in a movie, but he's being used as a joke.
73 37a Bart Simpson in Angry Birds 2015[1]
74 37b Bart Simpson Into Frank Cap's Bunker 2015[1]
75 38a Bart Simpson and Bloody Mary 2015[1]
Bart and the gang do the "Bloody Mary" chant as a joke. Unfortunately, it's not a joke anymore.
76 38b Bart Simpson Goes To Teddy and Kitty's Tahitian Honeymoon 2015[1]
77 39a Bart Simpson Works at Stuffybauhn 2015[1]
78 39b Bart Simpson's Trip to Teddy's Home Planet 2015[1]
79 40a Bart Simpson Finally, Finally, Finally Finds His Stuffy Ancestor (Part 2) 2015[1]
80 40b Bart Simpson and The Secret of Bunnyman 2015[1]
81 41a Bart Simpson's Dream Boat 2015[1]
82 41b Bart Simpson's Facebook 2015[1]


A season 3 is possibly in production, but right now, it is unknown.[5] A film is possibly going to air, but it is also unknown. According to the creator, if season 2 goes well, the season 3rd will premiere May 2015 with 40 episodes. A 4th season is to premiere Summer 2015.


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