The Teddy & Friends Adventures Specials is a specials season of the animated TV show franchise The Adventures of Teddy & Friends.


The stuffy gang celebrate all the holidays. The episodes will NOT premiere in it's holiday's month.

Series OverviewEdit

Season Episodes Season premiere Season finale
Specials 9 November 16, 2013 May 2014

Notes: The specials episodes take 1 hour each.


No. No. 2 Title Short Summary
1 1 "Paranormal New Stuff City" Teddy and the stuffy gang experience paranormal activity while trick or treating in Stuff-O-Ween (Halloween).
2 2 "Thankstuffing Day" Back in 1620, the first Stuffy Pilgrims had their first Thankstuffing Day (Thanksgiving Day) dinner with Stuffdians (Indians).
3 3 "Merry Stuffmas" Santa and the stuffy gang help Santa Stuffy save Stuffmas (Christmas) when everybody forgets it.
4 4 "New Stuff Year Day" Teddy gets amnesia in New Stuff Year Day (New Year Day) and thinks the new year is 2099 which turns into a disaster.
5 5 "Love Is In The Stuff" Stella drinks a love potion in Valenstuffy's Day (Valentines Day) and falls and marries the stuffy boys of the gang.
6 6 "Lucky Stuffies" A mischievous alien pixy curses St. Stufftrick's Day (St. Patrick's Day) by having it bad luck.
7 7 "April Stuffies Day" The alien pixy comes again and makes horrible pranks on April Stuffies Day (April Fools Day).
8 8 "Stuffeaster of an Egg" The stuffy gang do a easter hunt on Stuffeaster (Easter).
9 9 "Stuff Summer" It's Stuff Summer (Summer) and the gang try to have fun, but guess who ruins it...the aliens. Season final.

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