The Adventures of Teddy & Friends




Animated series

Created By

Edben & Edgar Zabaleta dgar Zabaleta

Voices of

Edgar Zabaleta
Edben Zabaleta

Original running

July 23, 2013 - April 15, 2014

Running time

Less than 22 minutes

# of seasons


# of episodes




Related shows

Toapy, Comedy Shots Files, Charlotte's Ghostbusters Adventures, Izzy, Origami Star Wars

The Adventures of Teddy & Friends is an American animated comedy television series that premiered on The Teddy Channel. The Teddy Channel got its name because of this series, first series to ever be give on The Teddy Channel. At least 10 seasons would be broadcasting, according to the creator.

But on June 5, 2014, the creator announced that only 4 seasons will be produced, due to the creator working on other projects. Season 5 was eventually cancelled.

The series wan announced to have ended, and this is true. Only 4 seasons were actually planned for this series. A "telenovela" spin-off Freshmen (TV series), premiered June 16, 2014. A possible other spin-off was announced, but the project was eventually shelved.


The plot is in New Stuff City (parody of New York City), where there is a teddy bear that talks, Teddy, that, with his friends and brother, Bibi, have cool misadventures. In the first episode, it is revealed that Teddy and his friends used to live in Stuffampton (parody of Southampton). Bibi does appear in the Season 1, 10th Episode. The series parodies many films, movies, TV series, and more.

On 2014, Toapy was cancelled, The New Webisodes of Spiderman got in hiatus, and Fight!Cartoons! was in hiatus, leaving Teddy and Friends the only series.

The series ended in April of 2013.

A reboot was announced to air in mid-2015, but it was cancelled due to budget problems on Early 2015. However, the characters still appear in The Bart Simpson Show (with the exception of Kitty, starting in Season 2), which would air six seasons in 6 consecutive years (2014-2020).

Future filmEdit

On December 2013, Edgar Zabaleta announced a possible movie called The Teddy Movie. It is going to be made sometime in May 31, 2014, and will premiere in 2016

Title of the Movie Filmed By Original airing
The Teddy Movie Edgar Zabaleta 2016[citation needed]


Teddy Zabaleta, a 10-year old yellow stuffy bear that lives in New Stuff City with his friends. He is the main character.

Bibi Zabaleta, a 9-year old gray stuffy bear. He appears in "Alien Invasion Around the Galaxy" and is Teddy's best brother forever (BBF).

Om Nom, a 5-year old green alien. Is cute, childish and loves candy. He is based on Cut the Rope's Om Nom.

Tin Woodman, a also 10-year old tin woodman who is Teddy's best friend. He does appear on Seasons 3,4 and is based on The Wizard of Oz's Tin Woodman.

Turbo, a snail who is fast by turbo and first appeared in "Further Adventures of Sherteddy Holmes" as being guest star. He is based on the movie that hit theaters July 17, 2013. He is now with the gang.

Charlie Brown, a comic strip character that is based on the comics Peanuts characters. Appears in Season 3.

Mr. Snuggles, a minion who turns good when he joins the stuffy gang. He doesn't appear on Season 2 and 3. He is based on the movie sequel that hit theaters July 3.

John Crazy, is Teddy's maniac friend. First appeared on Season 1's episode "The Gangarell Universe" and is rumored to appeared on a future Season 3 episode, since he doesn't appear on Season 2. It turns out John Crazy was dead in Season 1 and will not be in Season 3 like it was rumored. But he appears unexpectedly and is not really dead.

John's Robot, is John's robot creation. He is maniac like his inventor.

Stella, is a pink bird an is in love with all the stuffy boys in the stuffy gang (mostly Teddy). She is based on one of the Angry Birds. She kissed Teddy in "New Year's Kiss, Part 2". But Teddy doesn't love her. Her last appearance is Poistelladon 2: Return of Blue and appears again in "Teddy + Stella" as a guest star.

Kitty, is a kitten with a gold bracelet and loves Kitty, but Stella does, too, much to Kitty's dismay. Her other name is Elizabeth and is Queen Elizabeth's cat (because that's when she got the name Elizabeth. Teddy loves her, too, as they also kissed in "New Year's Kiss, Part 2". In the upcoming episode Baby Teddy, she will get pregnant and give birth to Angry Birds.

Pac-man, is a yellow orb with a great taste for food. He was thought to have a crush on Matilda. He is based on the arcade game character.

Bart, is a character of The Simpsons but appears in the series.

Frank Cap the Rap Moose, is an anthropomorphic moose who likes rap and is a new character. He appeared in last night's new episode, Murder Mystery, as he sang "Move Like Jagger".

Wookie, is a fortune Wookie, of that of Star Wars. He also appeared in Murder Mystery.

Larry, Teddy's annoying cousin that will appear in The Cousin. He is a coffee barista. Unlike Teddy, he's a Lego guy. He appears in the series due to The Lego Movie (because he appears in the movie).

The KidsEdit

On the episode Baby Teddy, Kitty incredibly gave birth to Angry Bird. The Angry Birds kids are listed here below:

Hal, one of the kids and is based on the Angry Birds' Green Bird.

Bubbles, another one of the kids. He has a similarity like of candy like Om Nom.



The series is rating TV-PG for some inappropriate words, such as hot and sexy. It is also rated this because it is an animated sitcom. The series also uses mild action.

Songs featuredEdit


  • When it says "Episode" only on it, it means the episode the song was sung in.
Teddy and Friends songs
Name Performer (s) Running time Episode Original singer
Moves Like Jagger Frank Cap the Rap Moose 1 minute "Murder Mystery" Maroon 5
Timber Teddy ft. Kitty 3:24 "Fundraiser Stuffies" Ke$ha
Team Kitty 3:13 "Fundraiser Stuffies" Lorde
Counting Stars Green Ninja 4:17 "Fundraiser Stuffies" OneRepublic
Ring the Bell Creators[5] Less than 1 min.[6] "Pomp and Stuffcumstances" Jeremy Fisher

Guest starsEdit

Finn the Human
Jake the Dog
Ice King

Aliens (villain)Edit

The aliens are the stuffy gang's smart enemies. They will do anything to take over Stuffearth. They live somewhere in the galaxy.

King Alien, the king of all aliens and has power, since he is the king. Duh!

The "Milk" Alien, is the funniest alien of all aliens. He is good at cannoning and only says "Milk". He goes with the stuffy gang.

Queen Alien, is King Alien's wife.

Alien Son, is going to be a future alien character and will be The King and Queen Alien's son. He is to appear in Season 4.

Alien Daughter, is also a future alien character and will be The King and Queen Alien's daughter. She is to appear in Season 4 too.

Alien Minions, are King Alien's minions and their mission is to destroy Stuffkind.

International broadcastEdit

Country Airdate
USA July 23, 2013
Canada August 27, 2014

Series OverviewEdit


  • A pilot for the series was never aired. However, it could air on Season 4 or 5 or 6 in the future. Bit the series ended with 4 seasons.
  • 21 episodes were for Season 3;however, some episodes didn't aired and only 17 episodes aired for this season.
  • This series will end in Late 2014, with 7 seasons. However, the series ended with 4 seasons.
The Adventures of Teddy & Friends seasons
Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
Pilot June 1, 2013 (Unaired)
1 26 July 23, 2013 August 30, 2013
2 17 August 31, 2013 September 29, 2013
3 26 October 19, 2013 January 31, 2014
4 26 January 20, 2014 April 15, 2014
Minisode September 12, 2013
Film 2016 or 2017

Episode listEdit

Pilot (2013)Edit

No. No. 2 Title Short Summary
0 0 "The Stuffy Pilot" Three stuffies named Teddy, Mr. Snuggles and Om Nom have the dream of going to Stuffmerica.

Season 1 (2013)Edit

No. No.
Title Short Summary
1 1 "Teddytanic"" Teddy and the others go to the most famous ship, Teddytanic, in 2013, but the cruise trip goes horribly wrong when the cruise hits an iceberg (glacier) and they must survive before it goes down the ocean. Reference to "Titanic".
2 2 "Cloudy With A Chance of Meteors" Meteors fall and wreck New Stuff City, so Teddy and his stuffy friends must stop them. Reference to "Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs".
3 3 "The First Day of High School With Invasion" Teddy and the others go to school, where they face many "stuffy school situations", but it gets worser when the aliens invade Teddy & the gang's high school. Reference to "The First Day of High School". 
4 4 "The Wizard of Teddy" A tornado makes the gang appear in The Land of Boz. Reference to "The Wizard of Oz"..
5 5 "Poistelladon" Stella's boyfriend Blue Bird also from the Angry Birds invites her and the others to his cruise ship, Poistelladon , but then the cruise gets flipped by a wave and they must survive...again. Reference to "Poisedon".
6 6 "Teddypendence Day" Teddy and the others celebrate Independence Day, but the aliens invade again during this. Reference to "Independence Day".
7 7 "Around the Teddymind in 80 Teddyminutes" Teddy gets possessed by a demon, and the others must shrink themselves and go to Teddy's stuffy brain in order to get that demon back to Demon World! Reference to "Around the World in 80 Days". 
8 8 "The Gangvengers" A meteor makes the Gang turn into superheroes such as Om Hulk, Iron Teddy, and other heroes. They fight evil. Reference to "The Avengers".
9 9 "To Be In Our Bodies Or Not To Be In Our Bodies" The stuffy gang exchange bodies and it turns into a disaster.
10 10 "Alien Invasion Around The Galaxy" The gang visit their planets during another alien invasion. First episode Bibi appears.
11 11 "Two Birds And A Movie Theater Must-Go" It's Valenstuffy's Day (Valentine's Day), and Chuck gives Matilda a Valenstuffy's card, but it's anonymous, and Maltida think it's Pac-man and a heartbroken Chuck goes to the movie theater.
12 12 "Mr. Snuggles Is Possessed!" Now Mr. Snuggles is possessed by another demon, and now Teddy and the gang must do the same thing like in Episode 7.
13 13 "Matilda In Love!" The Aliens shoot a love Matilda, making her fall in mad love with Red Bird. Things couldn't get worser until Matilda asks Red to marry her!
14 14 "To The Gang from San Anteddio" The Gang gets kidnapped by some alien and go to San Anteddio, TX and Om Nom is the only one who could save them.
15 15 "Undercover Gang" The Gang are spies when robbers are on the loose to steal stores in New Stuff City.
16 16 "Gang On the Run" The Gang go to Stuffwood, but the trip there goes wrong.
17 17 "Gang Meets Dragonvale" The Gang find themselves in the famous dragon game, Dragonvale.
18 18 "Little Bitty Peoplestuff" The Aliens shrink the stuffy Gang and the gang find out what's it to be little.
19 19 "The Stuff-Olympics" The Gang go to the Stuff-Olympics 2013, but guess what? The aliens ruined it...again.
20 20 "Teddy Cops" Teddy and Bibi are cops.
21 21 "The Gangarell Universe" John Crazy makes a pararell universe portal, and Teddy accidentally goes in it.
22 22 "Comic Book Gang" The Gang publish a comic book.
23 23 "The Tragic Magic of the Gang" It's The Talent Show, and Tin Woodman does his talent of magic, his assistant being Teddy, but when Tin Woodmani does his disappearing talent, Teddy finds himself in a world with a stuffy man. Meanwhile, Tin Woodmani tries to find him.
24 24 "Om Nomzilla" A private potion of John Crazy that he accidentally drink turns Om Nom into Godzilla.
25 25 "Movie GangTooned" The Gang gets transported into a movie they are seeing.
26 26 "We'll Always Have Bibi" Bibi goes missing and the gang must find him. Season finale.

Season 2 (2013)Edit

No. No. 2 Title Short Summary
27 1 "GangSpaced to the Moon" Teddy and the stuffy gang go to the moon, where they see stuffy planets, see how they float, and how they meet the aliens again. Season premiere.
28 2 "Journey to the Center of Stufflandia" The Gang go to the center of Stufflandia. Reference to "Journey to the Center of Earth".
29 3 "Om Nom the Man" Om Nom gets turned to a man, and starts to eat vegetables, go to work, drink coffee, and worse of all...he shaves!
30 4 "Land Before Om Noms" Om Nom gets kidnapped by aliens for being left out outside, and our stuffy friends must save him. Reference to "Land Before Time".
31 5 "Double Pet Teddy Trouble" The stuffy gang's pet stumble in a clone machine and he accidentally makes clones of him which wrecks havoc in the house.
32 6 "Teddyman" While in the woods, the stuffy gang try to find the phenomenon, Teddyman. Reference to "Slenderman".
33 7 "A Stella Carol" Stella is kissing stuffy boys on Stuffmas (Christmas), so some stuffy ghosts teach her a lesson. Reference to "A Christmas Carol".
34 8 "Hey, Teddy Krueger!" Teddy and the stuffy gang accidentally face-to-face with Teddy Krueger when they thought his house was theirs. Reference to "Freddy Krueger".
35 9 "The Fast & The Stuffious" While in Stuffwaii (Hawaii), the stuffy gang enter in a surf-boarding competition. Reference to "The Fast & The Furious".
36 10 "The Statue of Liberteddy" New Stuff City's beloved Statue of Liberteddy gets captured by the aliens and the stuffy gang must get him back. Reference to "The Statue of Liberty".
37 11 "Wrath of the Aliens" The aliens invade again...with a wrath.
38 12 "Further Adventures of Sherteddy Holmes" Teddy and Bibi get help from a detective to find them something. Reference to Sherlock Holmes. Guest star Turbo.
39 13 "Legend of the Axe Teddyman" While camping, Teddy tells the gang a creepy legend.
40 14 "TV Gang" The gang make their own TV show.
41 15 "Liberteddy Controlled!" Liberteddy gets controlled by the aliens. Will the stuffy gang stop their plans up to their sleeves?
42 16 "Stuffarama" Teddy gets trapped in a freezer, and thaws in a unexpected future. Reference to "Futurama".
43 17 "Everybody Loves Rellik the Stuffie" When Om Nom's teeth are pulled from his mouth, he has to find a way to tell everyone that their beloved friend Rellik is actually a stuffie killer and wants to kill them next! Reference to "Everybody Loves Raymond".

Season 3 (2013-2014)Edit

No. No. 2 Title Short Summary
44 1 "Armastuffiegon" The stuffy gang are quite in a stuffy situation...a meteor (again) is headed to Stuffearth with chances of bringing Armastuffiegon into New Stuff City, so they must go to Stuffspace to destroy the alieny meteor into pieces. Reference to "Armageddon". Season premiere.
45 2 "Stuffie Killer" When a stuffie gets killed, cops Teddy and Bibi go to solve the murder and find the stuffspect (suspect).But what happens when all clues point to cop Teddy? Reference to "Serial Killer".
46 3 "Stuffdiana 500" Turbo signs up to be on Stuffdiana 500. Reference to "Indiana 500". This was a scene in the movie of Turbo.
47 4 "Teddymeo & Kittyliet" Teddymeo and Kittyliet are in love with each other, but their parents are different and don't want them together. Reference to "Romeo and Juliet".
48 5 "Scary Stuffie Stories" The gang tell horror stuffie stories while camping.
49 6 "The Stuffing" While taking care of Charlie Brown's dad's creepy hotel, strange phenomenon happens, such as walls talking. The gang claims the creepy hotel is haunted, and must try to escape. Reference to "The Shining". Halloween episode.
50 7 "The Legend of Stuffie Hollow" While in Stuffie Hollow for the annual Stuffberry festival, they hear the legend of The Stufflesss Horsestuffie. Reference to "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow".
51 8 "Teddy-alien" Teddy feels bad when nobody will invite him to parties, so he aids the help of the aliens, but then turns in a alien.
52 9 "Bloody Teddy" When Tedy and his stuffy friends say "Bloody Teddy" 3 times she gets out of the mirror and tries to get them. Reference to "Bloody Mary". 
53 10 "Attack of the 50 Foot Teddy" Teddy gets big with John Crazy's Growinator and wrecks havoc in New Stuff City. Reference to "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman".
54 11 "Diary of a Wimpy Stuffy" Teddy and the stuffy gang gets transported while reading Diary of a Wimpy Stuffy, where Teddy is Greg Stuffley, Bibi is Rowley Stufferson, Elizabeth is Holly Kitty, Om Nom Is Fregley and Turbo is Rodrick Stuffley. Reference to "Diary of a Wimpy Kid".
55 12 "Stuff-love Potion No. 9" Redly (Angry Birds' Red Bird's girlfriend) and Stella want to kiss the stuffy boys, and they get a love potion from a Gypsy that will make the boys fall in love with them. Reference to "Love Potion No. 9".
56 13 "Stufftsy the Snowstuffie" Everybody enjoys the gleefulness and happiness of Stufftsy! Except Teddy. He hates him and tries to melt him! Reference to "Frosty the Snowman".
57 14 "Santa Stuffy" Santa Stuffy will need their help of the gang when he crashes in the backyard and his sleigh is wrecked. Note: This episode was too short. Reference to "Santa Claus".
58 15 "The End of Teddy?" When Teddy's doctor is told to him that he will be extinct by the 24, hours, he changes his ways and makes amends.
59 16 "The Flood" A flood causes the stuffy gang to stay in their stuffy high school.
60 17 "Star Teddy Wars" C3-PTeddy, R2-DMatilda, Bibi Solo, Om Nombacca, Kitty Padme, Anakin Tin Woodman, Obi Wan Kesnuggles, Princess Stella Yoda and Luke Skywalker have to battle Darth John Crazy and one of his Grandpatroopers. Reference to "Star Wars".
61 18 "Meet the Teddies" Teddy and Bibi's parents come for a visit and accept Stella to marry Teddy.
62 19 "New Stuffy Year!, Part 1 (aka 2099)" Part 1 of 2. Mr. Snuggles plays with Stella's "year controlling machine" and everyone go to 2099!
63 20 "New Year's Kiss, Part 2" Part 2 of 2. After arriving home from 2099, both Stella and Elizabeth want to kiss Teddy.
64 21 "God Took Om Nom to Stuff-heaven" God takes Om Nom to Stuff-heaven because he's a good alien and now eats candy 1 time in a day (according to this episode).
65 22 "Drama Teddy" Teddy joins the drama club at the stuffy high school.
66 23 "Supernatural Stuffies #1: Teddyman" Teddy and the gang go in search of Teddyman, but encounter him with dire consequences. Sequel to the original "Teddyman". Still a parody of "Slenderman".
67 24 "Supernatural Stuffies #2: Teddyfoot" Teddy and the gang meet an enamored Teddyfoot who is in love with Teddy. Parody of "Bigfoot".
68 25 "Stuffy Glee-Club" Teddy makes a glee club but the aliens ruined it. Parody of the comedy-drama TV series "Glee".
69 26 "Aliens Rise" The aliens come to New Stuff City and take power of it, and the gang has no idea how to stop them. Season finale.

Season 4 (2014)Edit

On 2014, a season 4 was renewed by The Teddy Channel, which makes this series the first series to go over 2 seasons. The season premiered January 2014. It was to end March 2014, but it pushed forward to April 2014. This was the last season.

The serieson finale will be April 15, 2014.

No. No. 2 Title Short Summary
70 1 "Slumberstuffy Party" The gang have a fight while doing their own slumber parties, pitting in Teddy and Kitty against each other.
71 2 "We Are Legos" The gang must help Legos win a war.
72 3 "Teddy Time" This episode is a parody of "Adventure Time".
73 4 "Poistelladon #2: The Return of Blue" This episode marks the return of Stella's old boyfriend, Blue, from the season 1 episode Poistelladon. It is possible they would be together again.Note: This is the last appearance of Stella, as she will move with Blue Bird. Teddy kisses her, which means he loves her.
74 5 "My Stuffy Valentine" Valentine's day arrives in New Stuff City in this episode!: Teddy gets a card from someone named "Teddy's Lover", who turns to be Matilda. Kitty gets angry and bruises Matilda. Turns out, Matilda sent Teddy a friendship card, not a love card.
75 6 "Teddy + Stella" Stella comes to New Stuff City again and Teddy thinks of marrying her, much to Kitty's dismay.
76 7 "Murder Mystery" The gang is invited to a masquerade ball hosted by a "killer".
77 8 "Superstuffy!" Teddy's dad reveals to be a hero known as Superstuffy.
78 9 "Baby Teddy" Kitty reveals to be pregnant and gives birth to Angry Birds.
79 10 "Stuffi: Dawn of the Hawaiian Zombie" A Hawaiian Zombie goes after Teddy and the family while they're in Hawaii for a nice, stuff-relaxing vacation.
80 11 "Frankenelmo" Teddy & Kitty find a Frankenelmo in The Tunnel of Love and keep him.
81 12 "McStuffieDonalds" Teddy and the gang start to work in a stuffy fast food restaurant.
82 13 "Going Viral" Teddy and the gang do a viral video for a viral video contest.
83 14 "We Are Legos 2: The Legos Return!" After the Evil Legos take over the Nice Legos' village, the Nice Legos seek help again from the stuffy gang.
84 15 "Fundraiser Stuffies" The gang are in charge of their stuffy high school's fundraiser.
85 16 "Who Let The Stuffies Out?" When Kitty works in Stuffybahn (a pun to Schlitterbahn) and wants Teddy and the gang to take care of the kids, it turns to a disaster when they escape.
86 17 "Dolly the Talking Stuffy" A girl stuffy claims to be a doll, but the gang teach her that she is not a doll. It turns out she is.
87 18 "Camp Stuff-A-Wanga" The gang goes to a summer camp with disastrous chaos.
88 19 "New Stuff City, We Have a Problem" Teddy and other people from the gang are send into space, where they meet the aliens...again.
89 20 "Stuffy From Another Planet" A Pillow Pet befriends Teddy and Bibi, when he's really an alien disguised that kidnapped Lloyd.
90 21 "Stuffeaster Bunny" Bubbles meets the Easter Bunny, who wants Bubbles to join him, but separated from the family.
91 22 "New Stuff City Cotton Massacre" Cotton starts to invade New Stuff City after an artifact made them alive on a cotton factory, where Taco and King Pig previously.Note: From this episode now, Teddy is the mayor of New Stuff City after the old one, Mayor Couch Potato, was turned into French fries by the cotton's knife. Rated TV-PG-V.
92 23 "Pomp and Stuffcumstances" It's graduation time at New Stuff City High School! This also means a good time for Taco to reveal his feelings for Dolly. Dolly may also feel the same, but when she asks Lloyd for advice, he tells her they are not a perfect couple. Taco says the same thing to Teddy, who says their relationship will be broken if this is ever done. At graduation time, Taco reveals his feelings to Dolly, who cuts him off, saying that she doesn't feel the same for him, making him very sad. So, he tells her to feel "The Big Woo", but she does not feel it. In the middle of her speech, she remembers memories: when Taco and her dance, when they hugged, and when Taco lied on her shoulder (which are not real moments of the series) and reveals her love for Taco--the words Taco ever wanted to hear. After throwing their hats in the air, they taco a "grad pic", while the theme song of "Fish Hooks" is played. The episode ends with Taco and Dolly sharing a loving kiss in the sunset. Series finale.

Note: This was supposed to be a season finale, but due to it have actually ended, it ended. However, a "telenovela" spin-off Freshmen, premiere June 16, 2014. Om Nom in fact was absent, but appears in Freshmen (Episode 2).

Possible film on the seriesEdit

On 2013, a film about the series was announced. The date has not been announced, but it will be in fall 2016.


A short episode called The Bottle aired September 12, 2013.[1]

Cancelled rebootEdit

A reboot was announced in December 2014, but due to budget problems, the show was cancelled, eventually shelving its 52 planned episodes.

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