Tales of the Strange is a supernatural/fantasy book series by Edgar Zabaleta by the year 2033.


No. No. 2 Title Villain Release
1 1 "Mothman" Mothman 2033
A boy named Jason finds himself facing the Point Pleasant's Mothman.
2 2 "Best Friends Forever" Blob friend 2033
A girl named Helga has a new "blob" friend.
3 3 "Dude, Where's My Karma?" Karma 2033
A boy named Luke does horrible jokes. Karma gets revenge.
4 4 "My Monster" Monster 2033
A girl named Eleanor has a pet monster.
5 5 "Hyde and Go Shriek" Ghost 2034
A boy named Herman tries to hide from a menacing ghost.
6 6 "The Evil Spell" Witch 2034
A girl named Lucy is under a spell by a witch.
7 7 "Beautiful Bella" Bella the Doll 2034
A girl named Leah buys a doll named Bella that is actually alive.
8 8 "Locked In a Cemetery" The Undead 2034
A boy named Eric is trapped in a graveyard with the undead doing their "returning from the dead".
9 9 "Night of the Creepers" Creepers 2035
A girl named Isadora finds out creepers are real (and not just in Minecraft) when they invade her.
10 10 "Later, Hater" Hater the Hating God 2035
A boy named Wander summons the fiction god of hateness, Hater.
11 11 "Fire In My Mind" Weird Symptoms 2035
A girl named Sally experiences weird symptoms (such as fire-breathing) after getting scrapped in a bike ride.
12 12 "Friday the 13th" Bad luck 2035
A boy named Jason finds out 'Friday the 13th' is real and superstitious.
13 13 "Polterscream" Screaming Poltergeist 2036
A girl named Alicia is haunted by a poltergeist who screams.
14 14 "The Boy Who Screamed "Werewolf!" Werewolf 2036
A boy named Simon claims he turns into a werewolf.
15 15 "Sleepwalking" Sleepwalker 2036
A girl named Minnie wonders why is she sleepwalking.
16 16 "Angel Guardians" Demons 2037
Tim is an ordinary kid who gets angel guardians who protect him from demons of Hell.
17 17 "He's Slender, Man" Slender-Man 2037
A Boy Scout Troop camp near Slender-Man, and they must escape from him.
18 18 "Time Loop de Loop" None 2037
A girl named Emily finds out that she has been stuck in a time loop ever since she was 10, and must find a way to break the loop.
19 19 "Hoodoo Voodoo" None 2038
Jeb's aunt reveals to be a witch who does voodoo to create hoodoo's, however her powers start to spiral out of control.
20 20 "Home Sweet Home" Meaghan's Family 2039
A girl named Meaghan finds out about a dark family secret.
21 21 "ATM" Evil ATM 2039
When a new ATM is placed in Henry's family's gas station, all of the costumers mysteriously disappear.
22 22 "Bloody Mary" Bloody Mary 2039
Sierra Pallen and her friends play the "Bloody Mary" game, thinking it's a joke, but it turns out to be true.
23 23 "Coma Life" None 2040
An old man who lives a happy life finds out his life was all a lie and he was in a coma ever since he was just a newborn.
24 24 "Illuminati Marty" Illuminati 2040
Marty joins the Illuminati secret society, not knowing that they try to take over the world, and he tries to get kicked out, but all his efforts fail. In the end, the Illuminati finally dominate the world and since Marty tried to escape the Illuminati, they make him a slave like all the other humans.
25 25 "A Series of Fortune Events" Lottery 2040
When Elsa wins the lottery, her day of events start to get weirder, and she finds out that her fortune changes her life. Title pun to A Series of Unfortunate Events.
26 26 "The Devil Game" Devil 2040
A bunch of devious kids summon the Devil jokingly, but he really comes and teaches the kids a lesson of playing around by sending the kids and torturing them in a never-ending Hell forever.

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