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Sugar Bear is the mascot for the Post Cereal Golden Crisp. Sugar Bear would often appear in commercials advertising the cereal and his nemesis would usually be an old woman named Granny Goodwitch. The two would compete in contests which often included the use of magic, trickery or both in order to determine which of the two would get the delicious Golden Crisp. Sugar Bear would always win but Granny Goodwitch would never be angry at the bear. His other enemies included Blob who always ate pickles and soda for breakfast and Sugar Fox who always tried and failed to keep Sugar Bear away from the Golden Crisp. Sugar Bear made his television debut in the show Linus the Lionhearted which featured other Post Cereal mascots as well. Sugar Bear appeared to be the most durable of the group as he is the only one still around today. In the 1980s a bite of Golden Crisp (then Sugar Crisp) cereal would turn him into the muscle bound superhero Super Bear. While in his superhero form Super Bear would fight off monsters and other villains who would try to steal his Sugar Crisp Cereal. Later commercials would have Sugar Bear outsmarting various animals such as lions, rhinos and even sharks in order to get his Golden Crisp.


  • Sugar Bear has his own hot air balloon

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