Stuffy Freshman, also going to be known as Sadistic, is an upcoming fantasy TV series. The series is now called University of the Unknown.


Tin and Snuggles, who also graduated in The Adventures of Teddy & Friends episode "Pomp and Stuffcumstances" (but it was not seen), leave New Stuff City instead of staying in it so they can go to a college in San Anteddio. But in that college, supernatural things happen. They meet creature teachers, strange students, and supernatural entities. They must cope with the college and have adventures for it.


Main charactersEdit

  • Mr. Snuggles, a minion of the Despicable Me franchise. Is very funny and still has his funny minion voice.
  • Tin Woodman, the tin woodman of The Wizard of Oz franchise. Is smart and stressed by Snuggles' antics.

Minor charactersEdit

  • Teachers, the teachers at the college.
  • Students, the ones who study at the college.
  • Principal Winkle, the principal at the college.
  • Maria, a good witch who does mistakes that make people think she's a bad witch. Is in love with Snuggles.

Series OverviewEdit

Season Episodes Original air date (U.S.A. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
1 30[1][2] July 1, 2014 February 14, 2015[1]

Season 1: 2014-2015Edit

No. in
Title Original air date
1 "Creature Teacher" July 1, 2014[1]
Tin and Snuggles' new teacher is acting strange. Could the new teacher be a creature?
2 "Poe-session" July 1, 2014[2]
When Snuggles doesn't read an Edgar Allan Poe poem he's told to read, Allan Poe's phantom possesses him.
3 "Room 13" TBA
Tin tells the gang a scary story about a forgotten room that's presuming to be haunted by a freshman who died.
4 "What's Cooking?" TBA
There's a new lunch lady in campus, but after her arriving, students begin to strangely disappear.
5 "Flooding the Séance" TBA
When there's a flood and they're forced to be inside, Tin, Snuggles and the others do a séance in the school.
6 "The New Girl" TBA
The new girl at Stuffy I.S.D. is wooing boys because she's actually Cupid in girl disguise.
7 "Smarter and Smarter" TBA
Teachers at Stuffy I.S.D. are fed up with Snuggles' grades so they create a machine that makes him smarter.
8 "Stage Fright" TBA
A student witch curses Tin in having a case of stage fright just before a play.
9 "Venus Flytrap" TBA
Tin plants an unknown plant for a science project...the plant is actually a carnivorous Venus Flytrap.
10 "Boo Team Boo" TBA
Stuffy I.S.D.'s team turns evil by the witch student from Stage Fright (whose name reveals to be Maria).
11 "Library of Doom" TBA
Tin and Snuggles get stuck in the library.
12 "Let's Anger the Teacher to Death!" TBA
Snuggles tries to anger the teacher, but the teacher has a potential rage...
13 "Class Field Trip to the Haunted House" TBA
Tin and Snuggles' classroom goes on a field trip to a haunted house.
14 "Bloody Maria" TBA
Maria starts to bleed and gets trapped in a mirror, so Snuggles and Tin must help.
15 "Frankenstudent" TBA
The stuffy boys find out a student may be Frankenstein.
16 "Dawn of the Zombie Teachers" TBA
The teachers drink coffee that has a virus and turns them into zombies! The gang must turn them normal.
17 "Dances With Werewolves" TBA
In the annual prom, Snuggles turns into a werewolf by Maria, who just wanted to tell Snuggles her true feelings.
18 "Romeo and Witchette" TBA
Maria wants Snuggles to be Romeo in the school play, Romeo and Juliet, but it's someone who's the real Romeo.
19 "Detention, 1960" TBA
The gang go back in time to a 1960's detention.
20 "The Locker Locked Me" TBA
Maria and Tin try to find Snuggles, who's locked in his new but evil locker and needs help to get out.
21 "Just My Real Type" TBA
Tin finds and antique computer that whatever people type in it, is becomes real.
22 "Booking It Up" TBA
A book Snuggles finds turns to be magical...and sadly predicts Snuggles´ doom.
23 "The Murder Mystery" TBA
A student is found dead in their room, and everyone tries to find out ¨whodunnit¨, resulting in all of them blaming each other.
24 "Cheers for Fears" TBA
25 "Final Exam" TBA
26 "My Dog-Devil Ate My Homework" TBA
27 "The Dead Roommate" TBA
28 "Secret Admirer" TBA
29 "Principal from Another Planet" TBA
30 "Wrath-duation" TBA

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