Series OverviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 26 [1](inc. pilot) April 11, 2014? (Preview)
August 2014 (Premiere)

Season 1 (2014-2015)Edit

No. Title Original airdate
Series Season
0 0 "Robot Buddies" April 11, 2014
The Robot Buddies are a famous robot trio who make movies. It consists of: Darth Vader, Optimus Prime and Skelly. Superman, is jealous when everyone likes Robot Buddies' new movie more than his new movie, so he threatens to kill them with scissors!, along with his sidekick, a big robot.

Special guest appearance: Teddy as Himself

1 1 "New Movie"[2] January TBA, 2015
Robot Buddies prepare for their newest movie Flames of Destruction, while Superman has a bad time with his crew as Superman also makes his new movie.
2 2 "Molly Loves Optimus Prime"[2] January 2015
Skelly and Darth Vader set up a big fan of Robot Buddies, Molly, with Optimus on a date after finding out Molly is smitten with Optimus. Meanwhile, Superman tries to win the affections of Molly.
3 3 "I, Robot Buddy"[3] 2015
Superman turns into a Robot Buddy. He joins the Robot Buddies, thinking of this as an advantage to finally kill the Robot Buddies.
4 4 "Robotarazzi" 2015
The Robot Buddies have to deal when paparazzi of them appear in the fan magazines.
5 5 "Pool Fool" 2015
While on the pool, the Robot Buddies encounter Superman.
6 6 "The Great Comic Book Caper" 2015
Superman steals Optimus Prime's beloved comics and the gang try to find out who stole his comics.
7 7 "Hack Attack" 2015
Superman hacks Robot Buddies' system to control them and everyone wonders why Robot Buddies are acting weird.
8 8 "The Critic According to Robot Buddies" 2015
9 9 "Lights, Camera, Reaction!" 2015
10 10 "VICE" 2015
11 11 "Buddyguards" TBA 2015
12 12 "Robot Buddies' Day Off" TBA
13 13 "Marryoke" TBA
14 14 "From Sups to Riches" TBA
15 15 "Superman Merchandise Me" TBA
16 16 "Teddy" (Part 1) TBA
17 17 "Teddy" (Part 2) TBA

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