Rio Tales is a comedy-short series that will air on The Teddy Channel. It is about Blu and Luiz having adventures all by themselves. 36 episodes were announced.[1]

Series OverviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 36[1] July 15, 2014[2] 2015

Season 1: 2014-2015Edit

No. in
Title Written by Original airdate Prod.
1 "Ball in One" Edgar and Edben Zabaleta July 15, 2014[2] 001
Blu and Luiz play with a ball that ends up on a hole.
2 "Roar!" Edgar and Edben Zabaleta July 15, 2014[2] 002
The duo find a tiger who is annoying and only wants to play with them.
3 "Heat Wave 101" TBA July 2014 003
With a heat wave on the beach, the duo try to find cooling ways.
4 "Luau Love" TBA July 2014 004
While on a luau party, the duo both fall in love with a Hawaiian woman named Oki.
5 "Surf's Up!" TBA July 2014 005
The duo try to learn how to surf.
6 "Freaky Tiki" TBA July 2014 006
The duo are both involved in a sacrifice play by some Tiki tribe, and must escape.
7 "I Know What You Did This Summer" TBA August 2014 007
Blu is being pestered by a pesky kid from the past that knows something horrible he did: Blu had killed someone but was still a hero because people thought he found the body.
8 "Beach Blanket Blu" TBA August 2014 008
Blu finds a blanket and tries to be comfy with it.
9 "The Old Blu and the Sea" TBA August 2014 009
Blu and Luiz tell a story about how they got the famous fish ever: The Smelly Kipper.
10 "King of the Sandcastle" TBA August 2014 010
The duo both compete in a sandcastle competition, and they will do anything to make it bigger, making their friendship be threaten.
11 "Picnic Panic" TBA Fall 2014 TBD
The duo and Tiger make a picnic for the anniversary of meeting Tiger (that tiger from the Roar! episode), but it's not as planned when something horrible happens...
12 "Dead for Lifeguard" TBA 2014 TBD
13 "Paws off Jaws!" TBA 2014 TBD
14 "Loco for Coconuts" TBA 2014 TBD

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