Pokémon Shorts is a short series based on the anime franchise of the same name. 8 episodes are planned for Season 1, and 5 already aired.

On May 30, 2014, the series got cancelled. Reasons are that a new series Pokémon 2014, a spin-off to this series, is going to replace it. Another reason is that this series got low ratings. So 5 episodes aired, with the 6th one (the last episode) taped and ready to premiered on Fall 2014.[2]

Series overviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 6[1] May 3, 2014[1] Fall 2014[1]


Season 1 (2014)Edit

No. in
Title Written and directed by Original airdate Production
1 Mewtwo's Power Edgar and Edben Zabaleta May 3, 2014[1] 0.1
Mewtwo and Mew have a fight, with Mew winning, much to Mewtwo's dismay.
2 Zeckrom's First Death Edgar and Edben Zabaleta May 3, 2014[1] 0.2
Zeckrom has never experienced dying or been defeated, or at least until now, when he's defeated by Mew during a battle.
3 Riachu Got That Power! Edgar and Edben Zabaleta May 3, 2014[1] 0.3
Riachu defeats the undefeatable Mew.
4 Jigglypuff's Voice Edgar and Edben Zabaleta May 3, 2014[1] 0.4
Jigglypuff is angry because Pokémon fall asleep when she sings, so Mew and Mewtwo promise to listen at her.
5 Cofagrigus Crazy! Edgar and Edben Zabaleta May 3, 2014[1] 0.5
Cofagrigus wins against Mewtwo using his kookiness and craziness.
6 Wobbuffet vs. Fennekin Edgar and Edben Zabaleta Fall 2014[2] 0.6
Fennekin and Wobbuffet have a Pokémon showdown after Wobbuffet taunts Fennekin for saying she is a girl Pokémon and girls are "useless".

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