Pokémon is a 2014 TV series based on anime and franchise series of the same name. A 2nd season was renewed.


The Pokémon have adventures.[1]


250px-Ash Pikachu
One character is Pikachu.

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Series overviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired date
Season premiere Season finale
1 26 (52 segments)[1] June 15, 2014[1] TBD 2015
2 26 (52 segments) TBA 2015 2015

Season 1 (2014-2015)Edit

The series' genre are comedy, action, drama and parody, as many episodes' titles are parody from songs, movie, TV and phrases. Some episodes may not be parodied.

No. in
No. in
Title Original airdate
1 1 "Jigglypuff the Singer" June 15, 2014
Jigglypuff gets stressed out that she makes people fall asleep when she sings, so Mewtwo goes in search of a potion that can cure Jigglypuff. Of course that plan might not work when Meowth is sent to kidnap Jigglypuff!
2 2 "Mewtwo's First Death" June 16, 2014
Mewtwo gets defeated after a battle with Mew and feels bad about it, but Mew shows him that is just not that of a big deal.
3 3 "Where's Riachu?" June 16, 2014
Riachu goes missing after failing in a battle against Squirtle, and the gang of Pokémon try to find him; Jigglypuff must deal of whenever she must be a singer or a detective to find Riachu.

Title Reference: Where's Waldo?

4 4 "The Time Traveler's Pokémon" June 17, 2014
A time traveler threatens to capture a Pokémon, Mewtwo, but Mew tries to prevent that.

Title Reference: The Time Traveler's Wife

5 5 "The Pokémons Who Would Be Kings" June 18, 2014
Mewtwo holds a contest to see who is worthy of having his powers after his immortality ends. However, everyone is worthy.

Title Reference: The Man Who Would Be King

6 6 "Psyduck Dynasty" June 19, 2014
Psyduck starts to go nuts after never calming his headache, so soon he spreads the headache virus. In order to avoid the virus, Mewtwo must distract Pysduck.

Title Reference: Duck Dynasty

7 7 "Hokey Pokey-mon" June 29, 2014
The gang of Pokémon do a dance party; Jigglypuff is convinced to not sing, which makes her sad.

Title Reference: Hokey Pokey

8 8 "Do You Want a Pik-achu of Me?" June 29, 2014
When Pikachu thinks he is more better than anyone else, Mewtwo tries to teach him a lesson by battling against him in an upcoming battle.

Title Reference: Do you want a piece of me?

9 9 "Birthday Crashed" July 13, 2014
Mewtwo's B-day is to-day! The gang of Pokémon just have one problem: who old is Mewtwo?, since he is immortal.

Title Reference: Birthday Bash

10 10 "I Don't Pika-Know Who Am I" July 13, 2014
Pikachu gets amnesia and is convinced he is Mewtwo. The gang try to get his mind to work so he can remember who he really is, but it is hard to do so.

Title Reference: I don't know who am I

11 11 "Let It Ghost" July 27, 2014
Golduck can't resist telling everybody he's dying, until he lets go off his fears and secret.

Title Reference: Let It Go

12 12 "Poke Ball of Doom" July 27, 2014
A Poke Ball gets evil and tries to get Pokémon to get sucked by they can die!
13 13 "The Pokémon Affair" August 17, 2014
Invited for dinner along with Ash, Pikachu is mistaken for the menu dinner.
14 14 "Eye of The Tiger Tony" August 17, 2014
The Pokémon battle...a gigantic TonyTM head (mascot of Frosted Flakes), who, by the way, won't stop showing off in the gang of Pokémon's house unless they eat his cereal.

Title Reference: Eye of the Tiger

15 15 "Pokémon Love" September 8, 2014
Jigglypuff falls in love with someone. Who is it? It's not Kirby...
16 16 "Pokémon Of the Month" September 8, 2014
Mewtwo puts the Pokémon of the Month award, and everybody wants to be it.

Title Reference: Employee of the Month

17 17 "Poké-r" September 22, 2014
The Pokémon play a game of Poker, which Mewtwo doesn't get at all, and wants to destroy whoever created the game. However, the one who created it is already dead.

Title Reference: Poker

18 18 "Can You Diglett?" September 22, 2014
Diglett visits unexpectedly and plays "hide-and-seek" on the gang

Title Reference: Can You Dig It?

19 19 "The Onixplained" October 5, 2014
Onix unexplainably starts to act weird, so the gang try to find out what's behind his ruse.

Title Reference: The Unexplained

20 20 "The Annoying Chatot" October 5, 2014
Chatot starts to annoy everyone with his singing, but what will they do when Team Rocket kidnaps him for singing for the boss, will they step up to help him.

Title Reference: The Annoying Orange

21 21 "Burmy's Gourmy Burgy Wormy Germy Poké-Dinner Place" October 26, 2014
Burmy opens a gourmet "wormburger" restaurant for Pokémon, which goes out of business very fast when he puts in food for $1!
22 22 "Pokémoney" October 26, 2014
The Pokémon earn money for a new Poke Ball for Mewtwo and a Bianca Card.

Title Reference: Money

23 23 "Hi Hi Jigglypuff" November 9, 2014
Jigglypuff and Swirlix make a Japanese girly Pokémon band, making a Spritzee jealous of their talents.

Title Reference: Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

24 24 "This Means Wartortle" November 30, 2014
Wartortle is angry when no one asks advice to him anymore, so he attacks the Pokémon.

Title Reference: This means war.

25 25 "Solosis' Great Pokémon Adventure" December 14, 2014
Solosis is tired that everyone makes fun of him for being the "little one", so he goes to the greatest adventure of his cell life.
26 26 "It's On In the Battle of Pokémon!" December 28, 2014
A daring Solosis fights off against Metwo. The other Pokémon recommend Solosis not to fight against Mewtwo, but Solosis just believes in himself. Will he win?
27 27 "Mr. Mime's Got Rhyme" January 2015
Mr. Mime rhymes a lot, making him a poet and traveling all around the Poké Country, making him forget about his friends.
28 28 "Xerneas the Xtra Cool Pokémon" January 2015
Xerneas wins the attention of everyone, making a Mewtwo jealous.
29 29 "My Big Fat Meowth" January 2015
Meowth tells a secret to Team Rocket. What's the secret? You'll see on January of next year...

Title Reference: My big fat mouth

30 30 "Life Of Mime" January 2015
Mr. Mime survives a Poké Cruise Ship Sinking and ends up on a boat with Tiger Tony.

Title Reference: Life of Pi

31 31 "The Evolution Revolution" February 2015
The Pokémon (Pikachu, Spritzee, Sandile, Jigglypuff, Porygon, Swirlix and Karrablast) fight over who should evolve first.
32 32 "All You Can Eat Wobbuffet" February 2015
Wobbuffet eats a lot of food and starts to mutate bigger, better, stronger...POWER!

Title Reference: All-you-can-eat buffet

33 33 "Eau de Spritzee" February 2015
Spritzee's perfume smell enchants everyone to follow her orders! And only Mewtwo and Mew can save the day!

Title Reference: Eau de Cologne

34 34 "Phantump of the Auditorium" February 2015
A Phantump inspires to become a opera singer, but instead it haunts people in a Poké Auditorium.

Title Reference: Phantom of the Auditorium

35 35 "The Dark Side of the Mewtwo" March 2015
Sequel to "Xerneas the Xtra Cool Pokémon. Mewtwo leaves Pokémon to join the dark side with Yveltal.

Title Reference: The Dark side of the Moon

36 36 "Boom Goes the Tynamo" March 2015
Tynamo is not good at basketball, until he makes the greatest shot ever at Poké Basketball.

Title Reference: Boom goes the dynamite

37 37 "Do the Headbutt" April 2015
Mewtwo wonders what is the movie Headbutt, so Piplup, Snubbull, Scraggy and Aron teach him how to do that move.

Title Reference: Do the Hustle (song), Do the Bart Simpson (Michael Jackson song), Do the Robot (Theme song of Whatever Happened to Robot Jones?)

38 38 "Prince of Persian" April 2015
Giovanni and Persian find a sword from Butch and Cassidy which travels them both in time of the Egyptians, where Persian is the king of them and Giovanni is his prince.

Title Reference: Prince of Persia

39 39 "If Your Happiny and You Know It, Clap Your Hands" May 2015
40 40 "Gourgeist" May 2015

Season 2Edit

On May 30, 2014, The Teddy Channel renewed this series for a second season. It will consist of more new Pokémon.


1. ^ "Pokémon 2014 SEASON 1". Retrieved May 28, 2014

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