Planey is an upcoming TV show that will premiere TBA 2014.


The plot revolves around a worldwide traveler plane, Planey, who, along with his pilots, Dewey, Louie and Huey, visit the world.


  • Planey
  • Dewey
  • Huey
  • Louie

Series OverviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired (USA dates)
Season premiere Season finale
1 26 September 2014 2015
2 26 2015 2015

Season 1 (2014)Edit

No. Title Location Original airdate Prod.
1 "Atlantis Archeologistsness" Atlantis Sep. 2014 1.01
Planey and the gang go to Atlantis to find old vases and furniture but meet a ghost; Goliath plans to put Atlantis into rise again.
2 "Himalaya Hassle" Himalayas 2014 1.02
Planey gets stucked in a Himalayan mountain and meets the Yeti; Goliath tries to capture Yeti.
3 "Secret of the Sphinx" Cairo, Egypt 2014 1.03
Planey visits the Sphinx, who surprisingly talks and has a secret; Goliath tries to kidnap the Sphinx.
4 "Pisa Pizzazz" Pisa, Italy 2014 1.04
Planey visits the Leaning Tower of Pisa after believing it has pizza; Goliath wants to lean the tower.
5 "Tokyo Trouble" Tokyo, Japan 2014 1.05
Planey visits Tokyo, but hates its wasabi (it looks like squished peas) and tofu (thinking its "toe food"), but faces a bigger problem when Goliath purchases a Godzilla-size armor to scare Tokyo, like the original King Kong.
6 "Caribbean Craze" Caribbean Islands 2014 1.06
Planey has a vacation at the Caribbean Islands beach; it is ruined when Goliath gets a shark armor to scare the people at the beach.
7 "Mexico Madness" Mexico 2014 1.07
Planey meets mariachi people while at a Mexican restaurant at that same country; Goliath wants to taste Mexican food but is banned from doing so.
8 "Timbuktu Trek" Timbuktu 2014 1.08
Planey has a sight of Timbuktu and meets the infamous "Snake King"; Goliath tries to kill the "Snake King" so he can become the new king.
9 "Hollywood Hoot" Hollywood, California 2014 1.09
Planey stars in a new movie in Hollywood; Goliath tries to harm Planey so he can take over his role.
10 "Titanic Tour" Titanic (on time) 2014 1.10
"Time Travel" special. Planey winds up on the Titanic and must survive when it crashes; Goliath ends up there, too, and tries to find a way so the colossus ship sinks faster.
11 "Nutcase on Niagara Falls" Niagara Falls, New York 2014 1.11
Planey visits Niagara Falls, but falls down the falls, but is saved by a barrel; Goliath wants to eliminate barrels in case more people fall down the falls.
12 "Wackiness In the White House" White House 2014 1.12
Planey visits Barack Obama in the white house; Goliath plans to kidnap Barack Obama so he can be the newest president.
13 "Bermuda Triangle Bonanza" Bermuda Triangle 2014 1.13
Planey ends up in the Bermuda Triangle and gets lost in the fog; Goliath plans to disappear Planey in there forever!
14 "Spain Silliness" Spain 2014 1.14
Planey ends up in Spain and learns Spanish; Goliath wants to get revenge on the language Spanish, as he can't speak it right.
15 "Antarctica Attack" Antarctica 2014 1.15
Planey goes to the Antarctica and learns about it; Goliath plans to freeze Planey, but ends up freezing himself.
16 "France Frenzy" France 2014 1.16
Planey goes to France and tastes its food and learns it beloved Eifel Tower; Goliath plans to take over the Eifel Tower.
17 "Safari Suspense" Africa 2014 1.17
Planey goes to the Safari in Africa, where he meets lions and the wilderness; Goliath plans to keep one of the lions by kidnapping it.
18 "Hawaii Haywire" Hawaii 2014 1.18
Planey has another vacation in Hawaii, and learns surfing and the hula dance; Goliath falls in love with a woman, who turns to be his opposite: good.
19 "Canadian Catastrophe" Canada 2014 1.19
When Planey arrives in British Columbia, Canada, he learns that humans snowboard in Canada, and Goliath is bound to win the prize by cheating!
20 "Mount Rushmore Rumble" Mount Rushmore, South Dakota 2014 1.20
Planey admires Mount Rushmore, and eventually camps in top of it. Goliath wants his face on Mount Rushmore, but accidentally rumbles Mount Rushmore!
21 "Australia Amazement of Awe" Australia 2014 1.21
Planey visits Australia and competes on a boomerang competition. Goliath has no friends, until he befriends a kangaroo.
22 "Jamaica Jeepers" Jamaica 2014 1.22
Planey becomes a "Bob Marley"-esque guy in Jamaica. Goliath also becomes like Toapy, but can't seem to touch rhythm with the drums.
23 "Wild West War" Wild West 2014 1.23
Planey becomes a cowboy sheriff who must stop a outlaw, Goliath in the Wild West after arriving there.
24 "Statue of Liberty Lurking" New York City, New York, U.S.A. 2014 1.24
Planey learns an evil conspiracy by Goliath of lurking around the Statue of Liberty and stealing it.
25 "Irish Intimidation" Ireland 2014 1.25
Goliath must learn his Irish skills when Goliath gets his hands on a "Golden Bagpipe".
26 "Big Ben Bizarrement" London, England 2014 1.26
When Planey notices Goliath's odd behavior at London, he finds out Goliath reunited with his long-lost brother, Kroger, so they can get the Big Ben. How will Planey stop their evil plan? Planey then befriends English pilots: Dewey, Huey and Louie, who, with the help of them, Planey can destroy their evil plot. At the end, Goliath vows revenge of Planey and his now-new pilot friends: Dewey, Huey and Louie. It is then revealed Goliath was Planey's pilot when little but eventually became attracted to evil, and left Planey, with no memory.
27 "Shangri-La Showdown" Shangri-La 2014 2.01
Planey learns Goliath has summon the fiction valley of Shangri-La, and wants a showdown with Planey. In the end, Planey learns that Goliath is his pilot.
28 "California Chaos" California, U.S.A. 2014 2.02
Goliath escapes from Planey and arrives in California, where he creates chaos in a cable car by letting it go fast.
29 "India Irritating" India 2014 2.03
Goliath arrives in India while escaping and learns its tradition.
30 "Camelot Conspiracy" Camelot 2014 2.04
Planey desperately wants answers from Goliath while they land in Camelot. Goliath reveals that he left Planey because he was getting eviler and eviler. He will also destroy Camelot as part of the conspiracy. Planey is angry at Goliath for not him telling the truth, and sets out to get help from legendary King Arthur and Morgan Le Fay, and with the help of them, get to stop Goliath's evil conspiracy in destroying Camelot. Then Planey and the 3 pilots go back to the real world, where Planey is sad because of Goliath, and goes back to Camelot to get Goliath back with the help of King Arthur and Morgan Le Fay again. Goliath then is saved and apologizes to Planey for almost taking the whole world and the fiction places from the previous episodes. Goliath then says he wants to go to another place and disappears.
31 "Greece Gladness" Greece Probably 2015 2.05
Planey, sad after Goliath disappears, is bound to find him, and eventually ends in Greece. In the end, it's revealed Goliath is somewhere in the USA.
32 "Alaska Aurora Borealis" Alaska 2015 2.06
Planey goes to Alaska to still find Goliath after finding out he's somewhere in the USA. He admires aurora borealis and fishing in ice. Goliath is later seen arriving in South America.
33 "Brazil Baloney" South America 2015 2.07
Planey arrives in Brazil, and learns football. He later finds out Goliath has left to go back in time.
34 "Hindenburg Haste" Hindenburg (on time) 2015 2.09
Planey uses the time machine and goes back to 1937, the disaster time of the Hindenburg. He's trapped in it, and he's a human, like Goliath! He must hurry up to get out, and successfully does. Goliath then arrives in Russia.
35 "Russia Ruckus" Russia 2015 2.10
Planey arrives in Russia and learns its traditions. He then encounters Goliath.

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