Dough boy

Poppin' Fresh, better known as the PIllsbury Dough Boy, is an advertising icon for the Pillsbury company. He was created by Rudy Perz, an advertising agent, when he was trying to create an advertising campaign for Pillsbury. He imagined a living dough boy popping out of a Pillsbury Crescent Rolls can, and to distinguish him from the rolls he gave him a scarf, a chef hat, eyes, and a soft chuckle when poked in the stomach. He appeared in many Pillsbury commercials from 1965 to 2004, then he reappears in commercials in 2009. He has appeared in over 600 commercials, and he also appeared in a MasterCard commercial as one of ten merchandising icons. He was originally animated by stop motion clay animation, but he is now animated by computer-generated imagery.

The Pillsbury Dough Boy does not only appear in commercials, though, there is also a whole family of clay Doughboy dolls. This includes Poppin' Fresh, his wife Poppie fresh (a.k.a Pillsbury Dough Girl), his grandparents Grandpoper and Granmommer, his son, Popper, his baby daughter, Bun-Bun, his uncle, Rollie, a cat named Biscuit, and a dog named Flapjack.

Poppin' Fresh was originally voiced by Paul Frees, then when he died Jeff Bergman, and the high pitched giggles are done by JoBe Cerny.

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