PikaRap is a drama musical TV series to air in January 18, 2015.


A Pikachu (voiced by Nancy Cartwright) gets famous after rapping "Pikachu". He meets other stars who also rap. Along the way, he meets dilemmas and rap-battles.


  • PikaRap (Nancy Cartwright) is a Pikachu who ahs the ability of rapping.
  • Manny Ger is PikaRap's manager. He is silent and protects PikaRap.

Series overviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 21[1] 2016[1] TBA

Season 1Edit

Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Prod.
1 "A Pika-Star Was Born"[1] Edgar Zabaleta January 18, 2015[1] 101
A Pikachu is found out that he can rap and is sent on the music industry to eventually become famous.

Song: Pikachu (rap)

2 "Manny-Ger in Love"[2] TBA TBA January 25, 2015[2] 102
3 "It's a Rap!"[3] TBA TBA February 1, 2015 105
4 "PikaFan"[4] TBA TBA February 22, 2015 103
5 "No Rappin', No Stoppin'"[5] TBA TBA March 15, 2015 106
6 "Epic Rap Battles of Pikachury" Edgar Zabaleta March 22, 2015 104
PikaRap has a rap battle against a Raichou, Rap-chou.

Song: I'm Better Than You

7-8 "Friends to the End" Edben Zabaleta, A.H. Edben Zabaleta March 28, 2015 108
PikaRap meets up with his old friend, a Cubone, who is revealed to about to die of depression. Before he dies, PikaRap raps a song about their friendship and their childhood. Cubone later dies happily, and a shot of his gravestone is shown.

Song: My Friend Cubone

9-10 "Manny-Ger Out" Edben Zabaleta, A.H. Edgar Zabaleta March 29, 2015 107
After a fight over what song PikaRap should rap about, Manny-Ger quits and is replaced by Botty-Guard a robot bodyguard. However, PikaRap truly misses Manny-Ger, and during a rap concert held at a club, he sings (instead of rapping) about missing Manny-Ger. Manny-Ger, who happens to be in that club, sings the song along with him, and they make-up.

Song: Oh, How I Miss You!

11 "Rappers in the House, Y'all!" TBA TBA April 9, 2015[4] 109
12 "Have a Rappy Birthday" TBA TBA April 23, 2015[5] 115
13 "Hockey Pokéballs" TBA TBA May 7, 2015[6][7] 111
14 "The Importance of Being PikaRap" TBA TBA May 14, 2015[8] 114
15-16 "Old School Love" TBA TBA June 18, 2015[9] 112
After a Pokémon Rap Concert fan-signing, PikaRap stumbles upon his childhood sweetheart, a female Raichu named Raicha, and get together to make a love duet. Upon hearing this, Manny-ger disagrees with Raicha teaming up with PikaRap. PikaRap, saddened by this, decides to commit suicide by chocking on a microphone, but is stopped by Raicha's beautiful singing. They both start to sing, and Manny-ger makes them a duo, "TheRapDuo".


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