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Nyan Cat is a TV series upcoming on The Teddy Channel. It is based on the Internet meme of a GIF cat that resembles with a Pop-Tart body who leaves a trail of rainbows while singing the endless but catchy tune of "Nya, Nya, Nya, Nya, Nya, Nya!" The TV series will introduce Nyan Cat, hero of the town named after him, Nyansville, and he, along with her friend Grace, Donut Pusheen and her minions Nyanicorn, Sprinkles Nyan and Rainbow Nyan, she will have to sometimes defeat Tac Nayn (also known as T-9) who also has her own minions to help: Pancake Nayn (P-9), Pepper Nayn (P-9 II) and Glitter Nayn (G-9). The series contains element of adventure, romance, fantasy and comedy-drama, as well some little bit of horror.

Main charactersEdit

Nyan Cat
The main character and is a cat with a Pop-Tart body. She is friends with Grace and has 3 minions.

Nyan Cat's friend who's also a cat with a Pop-Tart body, Helps Nyan Cat defeat Tac Nayn.

Donut Pusheen (Donut)
Helps Nyan Cat and may be her brother, as he helps her. Also helps Nyan Cat defeat Tac Nayn.

Nyan Cat's minion who is a unicorn, has a colorful horn. It's white. Can shoot rainbows out of its horns.

Sprinkles Nyan
Nyan Cat's 2nd minion who resembles Pop-Tart sprinkles. Can throws sprinkles.

Rainbow Nyan
Nyan Cat's last minion who is colored rainbow Pop-Tart. Can leave a trail of rainbow that harms enemies.

Tac Nayn (T-9)
Nyan Cat's nemesis who is a black cat with a Belgium waffle body. Also has her own minions, too. Is sadistic.

Pancake Nayn
Tac Nayn's minion who has a pancake body, much resembling like Donut Pusheen. Can throw sticky syrup.

Pepper Nayn
Tac Nayn's 2nd minion who has pepper body. Has the ability to let opponents lick her, which makes them faint.

Glitter Nayn
Tac Nayn's last minion who has a glitter body. Can throw glitter at its opponent's eyes to distract them.

Minor charactersEdit

Based on a Pokémon, Pikachu. He is seen with Nyash, his trainer. He will help the main characters.

Based on the main characters in Pokémon anime. Is seen with Pikanyan. Will help Nyan Cat sometimes.



More characters will be announced.

Series overviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 Nyan Cat and The Beginning 38 August 2014 October TBA
2 Nyan Cat and The Power of Good 26 October 2014 2014
3 Nyan Cat and The Secrets of Nyansville 19 2014 2015

Season 1Edit

# Title Written and storyboarded by Original airdate Prod.
Edgar Zabaleta
July 2014
1 (100)
Nyan Cat must get back Grace and Donut Pusheen from Tac Nayn. Nyan Cat and T-9's minions don't appear.
"The Power of the Rainbow!"
July TBA, 2014
1 (101)
Nyan Cat is not powerful anymore after the events of the previous episode, so Grace and Donut must take Nyan to the rainbow, but apparently it's not raining season.
"A Battle of Sweet Victory!"
July TBA, 2014
1 (102)
Nyan Cat and T-9 have a battle.
"Donut Pusheen and the Kingdom of Kandy!"
July TBA, 2014
1 (103)
Donut Pusheen discovers a private kingdom of candy and eventually tells everyone.
"Chocolate Bar Wars!"
August 2014
1 (104)
"Sugar Rush!"
August 2014
1 (105)
"Nyan Cat's Birthday"
August 2014
1 (106)

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