Minecraft Adventuers



Created by

Edgar Zabaleta

Composed by

Edgar Zabaleta

Original Running

Summer 2014-Present

Running time

22 minutes (11 minutes each episode)

# of seasons

1 (2 ordered)

# of episodes

52 (91 ordered)

Based on

Minecraft by Markus Persson

Original channel

The Teddy Channel

Minecraft Adventures is a origami TV show based on the sandbox franchise game, Minecraft. It is going to be made in Summer 2014 if possible.


Famous gaming YouTubers that play Minecraft, Like Thinknoodles or Graser10 (this TV show is origami style) having adventures. 104 episodes are planned.

Short Summary: The famous Youtubers have adventures; this focuses on parodying TV shows and movies as they have adventures and also try to stop Herobrine and his mob minions.


Note: The characters are based on famous and real YouTubers.

Endernoodles- A character who is not a real YouTuber but a made-up character. He is half Enderman, half Thinknoodles. He wishes to be a real Minecraft YouTuber someday.

Dipper the Digger- A "glasses" made-up character too and loves to mine...for diamonds and butter. He also wishes to be a real Minecraft YouTuber and loves to read books.

Thinknoodles- A fun and lovable character. Has a dog named Kopi and is friends with Graser10.

Graser10- A robot-skin character who loves cat and has his own channel too like Thinknoodles and is also his friend.

ASFJerome- A "fluffy" character. He is aka "Fluffy" by SkyDoesMinecraft..

Strauberry Jam- A good-looking hair character who likes strawberries.

Tibzi- A character who has a big smile. He looks like he's going to be gleeful in the whole series.

SkyDoesMinecraft- A guy who likes budder. (Budder is what he calls Gold in Minecraft)

Minecraft Universe- A character that has 2 pets: Jeffrey the Pig and Dillon the Bat. He is dressed as a Halo character.

Deadlox- He is a character and has as friends SkyDoesMinecraft and Minecraft Universe. Now he has a derpy face (which means he has the face of a noob).

The Diamond Minecart- A character who loves diamonds and has an adopted villager named Dr. Trayarus. He's also aka Dan TDM.

Bajan Canadian- He's a character who is first to be Canadian.He loves a Pokémon character named Spoon.

AntVenom- A friend of SkyDoesMinecraft. Has amazing survival and parkour skills.

ChimneySwift11- A Youtuber who owns The Minecraft Files and a pig named Pilot Pig

Orepros -

Notch- The guy who invented Minecraft.


Herobrine- The phenomenon in Minecraft who will do anything to take over it.

Ghasty- The ghast servant of Herobrine (ghast is a Minecraft banshee).

Creep - The creeper servant of Herobrine.

Wither Skelly - The wither servant of Herobrine

Series overviewEdit

Season No. of
Season premiere Season finale
1 78* May 31, 2014 September 6, 2014


Episodes take 11 minutes.

Season 1 (2014)Edit

52 episodes; now it is 66 episodes; then it is 79 episodes.

No. Title Parody of Original airdate
1 "Minecraftanic" Titanic 2014
2 "Diamond Castle" None 2014
3 "The Crafting Games" The Hunger Games 2014
4 "The Legend of Crafty Hollow" The Legend of Sleepy Hollow 2014
5 "A Very Creep-ery Night" A Very Scary Night 2014
6 "Thanksmining Day" Thanksgiving Day 2014
7 "Minecraft Olympics" Olympics 2014
8 "Think Has a Bad Case of the Herobrine-itis" None 2014
9 "Prank You, Herobrine" Thank You 2014
10 "Mine-O-Ween" Halloween 2014
11 "The Spy Who Mined Me" The Spy Who Watched Me 2014
12 "Herobrinezilla" Godzilla 2014
13 "Lord of the Diamonds" Lord of the Rings 2014
14 "Minediana Jones and the Temple of Diamonds" Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 2014
15 "Merry Crafttmas" Merry Christmas 2014
16 "Frosty the Snow Golem" Frosty the Snowman 2014
17 "A Minecraft Carol" A Christmas Carol 2014
18 "The Fast and the Mineous" The Fast and the Furious 2014
19 "Ardamacraft" Armageddon 2014
20 "Shermine Holmes" Sherlock Holmes 2014
21 "Minearama" Futurama 2014
22 "Notchbrine" None 2014
23 "The Nether, Part 1" None 2014
24 "The Nether, Part 2" None 2014
25 "The Nether, Part 3" None 2014
26 "Minedependence Day" Independence Day 2014
27 "Sir Mine-A-Lot" Sir Lancelot 2014
28 "Trans.Mine.Bots" Transformers 2014
29 "Captain Minebeard" Captain Blackbeard 2014
30 "Freddy Miner" Freddy Krueger 2014
31 "Everybody Loves Miney the Minecrafter" Everybody Loves Raymond 2014
32 "The Minecraft West" The Wild West 2014
33 "Mine of the Titans" Clash of the Titans 2014
34 "Herobrine Is Good, Notch Is Bad" None 2014
35 "Minecraftlantis" Atlantis 2014
36 "Founding Minecrafters"' Founding Fathers 2014
37 "Mining Star" Pop Star 2014
38 "Mine Wars" Star Wars 2014
39 "Little Miss Miney" None 2014
40 "Mine Killer" Serial Killer 2014
41 "Meet the Mines" Meet the Parents 2014
42 "Mine Wedding" Wedding 2014
43 "Mine-Glee Club" Glee 2014
44 "When Minecrafters Ruled The Earth" When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth 2014
45 "Genghis Mine" Genghis Khan 2014
46 "Little Village of Terrors" Little House of Horrors 2014
47 "Mineocchio" Pinocchio 2014
48 "Jurassic Minecraft" Jurassic Park 2014
49 "Minecraft 2020" None 2014
50 "Lose, Win or Mine" Lose, Win or Try 2014
51 "The Wizard of Minecraft" The Wizard of Oz 2014
52 "The Day Minecraft Stood Still" The Day Earth Stood Still 2014
53 "The Phantom of the Mine Opera" The Phantom of the Opera 2014
54 "Thinknoodles Say Knock You Out" None 2014
55 "Mine-loose" Footloose 2014
56 "Chief Executive Orepros" Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 2014
57 "Frankenmine" Frankenstein 2014
58 "Minecraftnival" Carnival 2014
59 "Mine Plane" Plane 2014
60 "Minecraft Idol" American Idol 2014
Notch makes a reality show OF singing.
61 "Minedo" Cluedo 2014
On a rainy night, the gang of Minecrafters stop to shelter on a creepy house. Then, weird things start to happen when, one by one, the gang starts to disappear.
62 "Mineballs" Meatballs 2014
At a summer camp, the Minecrafters must beat the Evil Mob Minions and Herobrine from the other camp on the Summer Games to win a Mining Relay Trophy.
63 "Shakesmine" Shakespeare 2014
Kricken inspires William Shakesmine to write a romantic masterpiece, but the gang try to scrap it, as they think it's too "mushy". But when Shakesmine has a heart attack just before a play based on his masterpiece, the miners must act it, even if it means kissing.
64 "Gold Fever" None 2014
SkydoesMinecraft claims to have found gold on the very depths of the ground (that the diamonds!) and the gang go on a "gold fever".
65 "Defending Minecraft, Part 1" None 2014
Introduction. When Herobrine and his mob minions finally take over Minecraft, only Notch can save his beloved land. But how will he?
66 "Defending Minecraft, Part 2" None 2014
Conclusion. When Herobrine and his mob minions finally take over Minecraft, only Notch can save his beloved land. But how will he?
67 "Mineopoly" Monopoly 2014
The gang gets trapped in a board game made by Notch and they must win before they get stuck in the game...forever.
68 "A Minecrafter and His Wolf-Dog" A Boy and His Dog 2014
Notch befriends and grows fond of a wolf, who is good to Notch, but devious to the others. The Minecrafters try to tell Notch that the dog is evil.
69 "Two and a Half Minecrafters" Two and a Half Men 2014
Thiknoodles and Graser10 must take care of a nice and sad slime for Notch, but the slime goes missing.
70 "Thinknoodles and the Mining Ore Factory" Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 2014
On this homage to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Thinknoodles stars as a poor Minecrafter who wins a gold 'n diamond ticket to Notch's famous mining ore factory.
71 "Driver's Mine" Driver's Ed 2014
Notch's driving license expires, and must re-take his driving test.
72 "I Dream of Herobrine" I Dream of Jeannie 2014
The Minecrafters end up being stuck on Herobrine's dreams during a lunar eclipse and must get out.
73 "Mob Busters" Ghostbusters 2014
The gang tries to get rid of the evil mobs after having enough of their surprise attacks.
74 "The Notch Identity" The Bourne Identity 2014
Notch tries to prove to the gang that his life is an action movie.
75 "Miners on a Train" Strangers on a Train 2015
The gang of Minecrafters wind up on a train to Candy Land, but chaos ensues.
76 "Minewood" Hollywood 2015
The Minecrafters want to star in a movie.
77 "Minescouts" Boys Scouts and Girl Scouts 2015
The gang join the Minescouts, but are annoyed and freaked out by the activities.
78 "Mine Magic" Magic 2015
Thinknoodles is amazed by Minnie Houdini's Super-Duper Incredible Amazing Awesome Magic Trick and tries to do one, much to Notch's dismay, who says that doing tricks will summon a Devil Bunny. Of course, he doesn't listen but then sees this is true after a bunny with red eyes pops out of his magician hat and threatens to eat his wand and cards. Notch then tries to help Think get rid of the Devil Bunny. In an instance, Think says sorry to Notch for not listening to him, and Notch says it is okay.
79 "Krick-Man" Man 2015
Kricken turns into a man after having a fight with Graser10, but uses this to understand boys better.
80 "House of a Noob" House of Anubis 2015
81 "Kickin' It Up a Notch" Phrase of the same name 2015
82 "School of Notch" School of Rock 2015
83 "A Tale of Two Herobrines A Tale of Two Cities 2015
Herobrine must find out who has been impersonating him while he was gone from the Nether.
84 "Crafty Tales Scary Tales 2015
The guys tell scary stories around a campsite:

Sword in the Bone: Thinknoodles finds a sword in a dead dog's skeleton, which has the soul of the dog in it.
A Nightmare on Realm Street: Graser10 unleashes and old legend about Teddy Crusher.
Puppet Disaster: Bajan and MudKipper find out the puppets they own are actually alive and make a disaster.

85 "Jake of All Trades" Jack of All Trades 2015
A strange guy named Jake Loggins comes to Minecraft and trades with the gang. They soon find out he is a swindler.
86 "The Bajan That Got Away" The Man That Got Away 2015

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