Meme is an upcoming TV show that will be broadcast by the The Teddy Channel.


  • Professor Edgarstein
  • Dr. Edben

Series OverviewEdit

Season Episodes Season premiere Season finale
1 26* TBA 2014 N/A
2 13* TBA N/A

Season 1Edit

Main article: List of Meme episodes (season 1)

No. in
Meme Original airdate
1 Nyan Cat TBA 2014
2 Slender Man TBA 2014
3 Derp TBA 2014
4 Minecraft TBA 2014
5 Creepypasta TBA 2014
6 Rage Comics TBA 2014
7 David After Dentist TBA 2014
8 LOLCat TBA 2014
9 Dumb Ways to Die TBA 2014
10 Dramatic Chipmunk TBA 2014
11 Trollface TBA 2014
12 Harlem Shake TBA 2014
13 Keyboard Cat TBA 2014

Season 2Edit

Main article: List of Meme episodes (season 2)

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