Me and Alejandra is a romantic-thriller comic series by comic writer and TV show creator, Edgar Zabaleta. It will be published possibly in February 14, 2015, Valentine's Day.

A 2nd volume to air with 21 chapters will air Summer 2015.[2]


The first chapter is based on Edgar's life and his crush. All of it is pure fiction.

The plot centers around Edgar and his love for Alejandra, while going through challenges to prove their love for each other. 23 chapters have been planned for Volume 1.


  • Edgar Zabaleta
    Based on this comic-series writer, he is smitten with Alejandra.
  • Edben Zabaleta
    Based on Edgar's brother, he helps them runaway from Cool Guy.
  • Alejandra Hernandez
    Based on Edgar's crush, she likes Edgar as a friend, and may even love him.
  • Cool Guy
    A made-up character, he is Ale's abusing husband. and eventually ex-husband, and he despises her, Edgar and the brother, and reveals to be gay.
  • Johnny
    Also a made-up character, he is Cool Guy's lover and spy.
  • Female Spy
    Also a made-up character, she is also a spy to Cool Guy. She wooed Edgar to kidnap him, and loves Cool Guy, until he reveals to be gay.
  • Bob the Hobo
    A hobo who will appear in The Hobo Loved Ale, he is smitten with Ale.


Color Issue Comic stories Name Original publishing
1 23[1] Me and Alejandra Valentine's Day, 2015[1]
2 21[2] The Lovey-Dovey Sequel[10] Summer 2015[2]

Me and AlejandraEdit

Chapter No. Title Original publishing date Plot / Summary
1 "Confess" February 14, 2015 At lunchtime, Edgar tries to tell Alejandra his feelings for her by confessing, but a cool guy comes and gets Alejandra and woos her. Edgar depressingly goes to eat his lunch.
2 "High School Prom" February 14, 2015 5 years later, Edgar is seen in prom drinking punch, when he sees Alejandra and the cool guy dancing, he asks her to dance with him and does the tango, but the cool guy punches and bleeds Edgar for dancing with Alejandra without his consent. Alejandra sees him one time while crying. At the hospital, Edgar wonders why Alejandra didn't help him.
3 "The Hard Times" February 14, 2015 5 MORE years later, Edgar just graduated and gets a ticket from driving fast. Alejandra is abused by her husband, the cool guy, by whipping her because she complained of taxes. Meanwhile, Edgar gets a flat tire.
4 "An Unexpected Phone Call" February 14, 2015 While at the car-repair shop, Edgar gets a phone call from Alejandra, who needs his help escaping from her abusing husband's house. After his car is repaired, Edgar goes to Alejandra's.
5 "Escape" February 14, 2015 At night, Edgar comes into the cool guy's house and wakes up Alejandra. They escape, but not before the husband finds out and goes to report the police.
6 "Runaway" February 14, 2015 At Edgar's house the next morning, Alejandra is wrapped in a blanket and Edgar tells her if she needs anything, and she says no. Suddenly a news reporter on TV announces that Alejandra is missing, and they call her a "abusing wife". Alejandra is angry and curses, so she insists to Edgar that they must runaway. They go to the train station that arrives to Austin, TX, and enter a train.
7 "Edben" February 14, 2015 At the train, Edgar and Alejandra unexpectedly find Edben in the train station, who admits using a Follow app to search for them. Edben almost blurts out the secret that Edgar likes Alejandra, but he stops him. Then he sees a lovely woman winking at him, and he falls head over heels for her.
8 "Babes in the Train" February 14, 2015 Edgar goes to the lovely lady and kisses her hand and woos and kisses her, and admits that he won't help Alejandra escape from Cool Guy anymore, much to Edben and Alejandra's dismay. However, the lovely lady turns out to be a spy sent by Cool Guy to kidnap Edgar, and duct-tapes his mouth and draws a smiley-face so no one gets suspicious. The train finally stops in Austin and Alejandra and Edben go away, while the spy carries a kidnapped Edgar.
9 "Kidnapping"[1] February 14, 2015 Still in the train station of Austin, the spy calls another of Cool Guy's spies, a guy, to sent a helicopter and carry the kidnapped Edgar to the secret lair. Edben and Alejandra witness everything and decide to save a kidnapped Edgar, and while doing their promise to save him, Alejandra manages to hint her love secret.
10 "Da Lair"[1] February 14, 2015 Arriving at the lair, the spies go in the lair and tell Cool Guy that they got Edgar and throw him to the floor. Cool Guy reveals to be gay as he kisses the male spy, who reveals to be named Johnny. The female spy is heartbroken at this, but is whipped and is told to tie-up Edgar in a chair at a dark room. Meanwhile, Alejandra and Edben find the secret lair thanks to the Follow app Edben uses. They manage to get in undiscovered, and find the room where Edgar is kidnapped in and try to untie him up, but get caught by Cool Guy.
11 "The Kidnapped Three"[1] February 14, 2015 The three of them are tied up, but Edgar manages to untie himself using solar heat from the window in the room. He then unties the other two, opens the window and tells them that they are going to escape using the opened window.
12 "Break Free"[1] February 14, 2015 Outside the window, Cool Guy's dogs are sleeping, so they must use another escape. Edben suggests the way where he and Alejandra used to help Edgar, and still manage to get undiscovered. They manage to escape the lair, but Cool Guy witnesses everything, and plans to get them another way.
13 "Songs of the Grove"[1] February 14, 2015
14 "The Hobo Who Loved Ale"[1] February 14, 2015
15 "Parrot's Trap"[1] February 14, 2015
16 "Jailed"[1] February 14, 2015
17 "Admit"[1] February 14, 2015
18 "When the Doves Cry"[1] February 14, 2015
19 "Return of Alejandra"[1] February 14, 2015
20 "I...I Love You Too" February 14, 2015
21 "Marry"[1] February 14, 2015
22 '"Baby"[1] February 14, 2015
23 "One Last Adventure"[1] February 14, 2015
24 "Future"[1] February 14, 2015

The Lovey-Dovey SequelEdit

A sequel with 21 chapters is planned to publish in Summer of 2015. It will be after Edgar and Ale's marriage, Edben's infatuation with a new character and Cool Guy coming back for revenge.[2]

Title Original publishing date Plot / Summary
1 "Edben in Love" Summer 2015 After the previous events from the previous volume, Edgar is an author and married to Alejandra. Edben is a video-game creator and finds himself falling in love with his classmate from the past.
2 "Cool Guy's Revenge" Summer 2015
3 "I <3 Ale" Summer 2015

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