Manbearpig's first appearance on South Park is in the episode of the same name. Al Gore claims that Manbearpig walks the world alone and no matter who you are or what you did he wants to get you. Knowing that Al Gore made up Manbearpig Stan feels bad for him and convinces his friends to help Al find Manbearpig. Al ends up accidentally cause a cave in when they are in a cave and claims that it was Manbearpig and flees the cave leaving the boys behind. Al Gore attempts to flood the cave in order to destroy Manbearpig the boys end up being freed right before the flood and Al believes he has killed Manbearpig.

Manbearpig later appears in the Imaginationland Trilogy. When the portal to Imaginationland opens Manbearpig escapes and destroys a government lab and kills many people until he is eventually sent back through the portal with Stan. Al Gore hears of this and demands that the government nukes Imaginationland in order to destroy Manbearpig the government agrees but only because Imaginationland has terrorist connections. Manbearpig is later seen during the climax of the trilogy during the battle between the good and the evil imaginations. He was presumably killed by the nuke and brought back to life and sealed behind the wall by Butters but this is never confirmed.

Manbearpig also appears in the video game South Park: Lets Go Tower Defense Play! as a boss. If the player kills him without towers on insane mode he/she will gain the achievement MANBEARPIG the hardest achievement to get.


  • Manbearpig appears in the game Scribblenauts but looks exactly like a Minotaur
  • Al Gore said that Manbearpig works alone but he appears with the other evil character in the Imaginationland trilogy