Larry is an upcoming comedy-drama TV series for The Teddy Channel.


Larry is a coffee barista that has many adventures.


Note: All characters voiced by Edgar Zabaleta

  • Larry is a coffee barista. He likes to work hard. He is nicknamed Nerdy Larry by Jeremy. Has a crush on Sherry.
  • Drake is Larry's best friend at the coffee shop. He was in love with Miriam Thessa, but she was obsessed with Larry. Drake then dates Renee before Miriam can even tell him her true feelings for him.
  • Sherry is a woman who works at the coffee shop, too. Larry has a crush on her, but she doesn't like him. But she falls for him after he saves her, and date.
  • Jeremy is a worker at the coffee shop and is Larry's rival. Sherry has a crush on him, but starts to fall for Larry. Jeremy and Larry then become friends throughout the series finale.
  • Miriam Thessa is another worker and has an obsession love for Larry. In the episode Sherry <3 Larry she loses interest in Larry and starts to date Jeremy.
  • Ferdinand is the boss. He doesn't like Jeremy but also dislikes Larry, although Larry works hard.
  • Renee is a employee who is seen throughout the series. She and Larry use to date, but starts to date Drake.
  • Customer Gunther is a customer who likes the coffee barista. Is a construction worker and once mentioned he used to work at the Coffee Barista.

Series OverviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
Pilot June 30, 2014
1 26 July 2, 2014 N/A


No. in
No. in
Title Original airdate
0 0 "Larry!" June 30, 2014
Larry is blamed for the "almost-closing" of the coffee barista and must prove his innocence.

Season 1 (2014-2015)Edit

  • All episodes began with Larry! In:...
  • All episodes were announced by the creator, along with their summaries.
  • Some episodes are parody of long-running soap operas.
No. in
No. in
Title Original airdate
1 1 "Larry! In: Night Shift" Summer 2014[2]
2 2 "Larry! In: Love, Love" Summer 2014[3]
3 3 "Larry! In: Fighting Restaurants" Summer 2014[4]
4 4 "Larry! In: Food Critic" Summer 2014[5]
5 5 "Larry! In: Miriam Thessa's Boyfriend" Summer 2014[6]
6 6 "Larry! In: Ferdinand Be Gone" Summer 2014[7]
7 7 "Larry! In: The Bold and the Brew-iful" Summer 2014[8]
8 8 "Larry! In: Taste Buds" Summer 2014[9]
Larry's taste buds weirdly have the ability to eat everything, even humans!
9 9 "Larry! In: A Little Bit of Pizza!" Summer 2014[10]
Larry and the gang all do love pizza, like everyone else, but they are challenged by Ferdinand to not eat pizza for 84 hours, but they can't resist a little bit of pizza!
10 10 "Larry! In: Larry, You're Fired!" Summer 2014[11]
Larry is fired from his job after being believed that he stole Ferdinand's money, when it was really Jeremy. Now Jeremy must find another job, but will it be that easy?
11 11 "Larry! In: As the Gourd Turns" Summer 2014[12]
Larry must make a gourd turn so a worker can enjoy it.
12 12 "Larry! In: World's #1 Best Boss" Summer 2014[13]
Larry wants to do something to Ferdinand so he can show Ferdinand that he is the best boss ever.
13 13 "Larry! In: General Host-pital" Summer 2014[14]
14 14 "Larry! In: Guiding Bite" 2015
A bite guides Customer Loomer to become fat.
15 15 "Larry! In: Food Poisoning" 2015
Ferdinand gets food poisoning.
16 16 "Larry! In: Fast and the Furious Food" 2015
Jeremy and Larry hold a racing car race so the winner can get a free supply of food.
17 17 "Larry! In: War and Piece of Cake" 2015
When there's no cake at the coffee barista, the costumers start to "freak out" and start a war. Larry must deliver cakes from a store to the coffee barista, but they're distractions.
18 18 "Larry! In: Coffee Shop Prom" 2015
The coffee barista hold a prom after all the workers work hard, so Larry wants to go out with Sherry; Miriam Thessa tries to go out with Larry; Jeremy goes out with Sherry. At the end, Sherry and Larry kiss.
19 19 "Larry! In: How-to-Cook Video" 2015
The gang make a video on how to cook something (ex: Homemade Pizza, Broth, Chili) but is goes awry every time.
20 20 "Larry! In: The Hungry Games" 2015
The coffee barista hold a The Hunger Games-esque style games with food to eliminate contesters. And the "contesters" are the employees!
21 21 "Larry! In: Sherry <3 Larry" 2015
Larry and Sherry start to date, but a jealous Jeremy threatens to ruin their date. In the end, Jeremy falls in love with Miriam Thessa and they start to date.
22 22 "Larry! In: Doughdown Showdown" 2015
Larry challenges the rival from the other coffee barista to a showdown of making the perfect pizza ever.
23 23 "Larry! In: New Worker" 2015
The new worker at the coffee barista wants to kill Ferdinand so he can be the new boss.
24 24 "Larry! In: Food Contest" 2015
The coffee barista holds it annual food contest and the employee with the greatest food wins. The employees fight with each other to make the greatest food.
25 25 "Larry! In: The Young and the Taste-less" 2015
Larry has to help a kid who can't seem to taste food because he has no taste buds.
26 26 "Larry! In: Coffee Shop's 100th Anniversary!!!" 2015
The employees celebrate the 100100 anniversary of the coffee barista (now named Ferdinand's), but a construction worker threatens to destroy the coffee barista with a wrecking ball! And only Larrry and the others can save it, as Ferdinand has a heart attack and can't be there to save it. But how will they save it? And what will it cost?

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