Kermit the Frog was apprently a wierd frog even before he ate a butterfly and became intellegent. Kermit was just sitting near a bench that some guy dressed in ripped clothes was sitting on when he accidentally ate a butterfly. once he ate the butterfly he became taller, smarter and gained the ability to talk (and apparently grew a collar). He moved to a swamp where he learned to play the banjo in an hour and wrote an awesome song about rainbows. He then went to some sort of CD selling store and learned that he wasn't first he then questioned the fact that there were so many songs about rainbows. Kermit then went to a nightclub where he met the future love of his life, Miss Piggy who had also accidentally eaten a fly. After Kermit told her that he had learned to play the banjo in under an hour she told him that she had learned karate he then karate chopped him through a wall and into some sort of comedy bar. It was there that he met Fozzie Bear a failing comedian who had gained the ability to talk by swallowing a butterfly (possibly a moth). Kermit then realized that they probably weren't going to have these amazing abilities forever so he decided to leave his mark by auditioning for American Idol in Fozzie's apartment. Kermit's performance of "If You Liked it then You Should've Put Some Green on It" was rejected by American Idol presumably because the judges were about "J-Lo". He decided to retalliate by gathering all of the other animals who had eaten butterflies and creating the Muppet Show. The first episode was a success with the first guest star being Bradley Cooper during the show he takes out a bag of butterflies and eats them. Some time later he and Miss Piggy broke up and he was invited to Zack and Cody's birthday party where he yelled at a waiter for serving bacon during his time of grief. Freddy Benson who was video taping the party had also recorded over his old American Idol audition tape saddening him even more. The party was interrupted by Clifford the Big Red Dog attacking the city and then attacking Sesame Street. Freddy Benson was one of the few survivors and it was implied that Kermit was killed (or possibly with another group of survivors). As Freddy was recording his testimony of the attack his final words were replaced by Kermit's "If You Liked it then You Should've Put Some Green on It" video.

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