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Johnny Multi-arms is a TV series that premiered March 11-12.


After his heroic parents die, a original kid named Johnny is the next hero, and his mentor (the neighbor Mr. Heinz) gives him a crew so he can fight all those who his parents fight (creatures) and must protect the city from evil (which the city is the fictional city of Hayak, China).

Johnny discovers that with a sword he turns into a "multi-arm" hero known as Johnny Multi-arms.


Johnny Multi-arms

Mr. Heinz



Tim Tim



Series OverviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S.A dates)
Season premiere Season finale
Pilot March 11, 2014
1 26 March 29, 2014 TBA


No. in
Title Original airdate
0 "Johnny Multi-arms: The Pilot" March 11, 2014

Season 1 (2014-2015)Edit

No. in
Title Original airdate
1 "Fangypre" June 29, 2014[1]
2 "The Cheeseburger Monster" June 29, 2014[1]
3 "Dr. Evil" July 5, 2014[1]

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