]]James W Scott is a Scott Character

James W Scott


Bio: James Washington Scott Or James W Scott Or Just Scott is a Character who 1st appeared In 1913

When he was 3 In a Half he met Joey And Some other Friends He Originally Lived in the Wyoming Countryside

His 1st And Last Name was From a Man Named James Scott and the Middle Name George Washington George W Carver and George W Johnson He was Born in a Old Timey Hospital On May 14th But his Actual Birth date was when he was Created?

Scott is a 20 Year old Dude who Likes to Do Stuff And Attends Echoville College

IQ: He Has a IQ Of 578

Trivia: His Favorite Food is Pancakes Candy Bars Sandwiches And More And Drinks Fizz Or Fizz And Bros Diet Fizz Milk And More He is a Real Dude He Wears His Trademark Cap For a Reason

His Car is the Love of his life But His True love of his life is Marie Ruthbagel

He and Her met at a Poker Night with There Family and His

His Mother is Never Shown Except for the 1970 Scott Toon Episode Go for the Jog

His Favorite place to eat is BCC Burgers Chocolate And Chicken

He Likes To Run

Quotes: JANTOS! Used when Something Unexpected Or Something Wrong Happens Scott at your Service Bonjur Monsuiers

Al Casa de Velendors Scotts way of saying Bon Bye Bye Bon voyage When he goes away Hello Insert Character Here

Who Does that will be Insert Punishment Here Like the 1955 Comdey the Scotts of wrath like StrugJooked

Join the Army Ad
Scene From Al Casa Da Velendors 1958

At the Bus Stop

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