Slice of Life



Created By

Edgar Zabaleta

Composed By

Edgar Zabaleta

Original Running

January 1, 2014 - 2014

Running time

22 minutes

# of seasons

2 (1 planned)

# of episodes

52 (26 planned)

Original Channel

The Teddy Channel

Other programs by the Teddy Channel

The Adventures of Teddy & Friends, Toapy, Comedy Shots Files, Charlotte's Ghostbusters, Minecraft Adventures, Origami Star Wars, Hot Wheels Presents

Izzy is an upcoming TV series on The Teddy Channel. A pilot aired January 2, 2014, and the rest of the series is planned to premiere Fall 2014.


Izzy is an American football that, along with his friend Pac-man, they have "slice of life" adventures.


  • Izzy (voiced by Edgar Zabaleta) - Is a football and loves to have fun. He is optimistic about always helping.
  • Pac-Man (voiced by Edben Zabaleta) - Based on a video-game character of the 80's, he is Izzy's "1" friend.
  • Grumpy Kid (voiced by Edgar Zabaleta) - Based on Charlie Brown, he used to be grumpy until Izzy helps him. He is Izzy's "1A" friend.
  • Stella (voiced by Edgar Zabaleta) - Based on an Angry Bird, Stella has a crush on Izzy, but instead, Pac-Man loves her.

Series OverviewEdit

Seasons of Izzy
Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
Pilot 1 January 2, 2014
1 26[1] 2014[citation needed] 2015
2[2] 26[2] 2015 2016

Pilot (2014)Edit

No. Title Original airdate Prod.
0 "What a Laugh, Pac!" January 2, 2014 100
Izzy tries to make Pac-Man laugh by reading a joke book after Pac-Man reveals he has no sense of humor.

Season 1 (2014-2015) Edit

  • This episode is going to have 26 episodes.
  • Episodes are been announced.
No. Title Original airdate Prod.
1 "The Grumpy Kid" 2014 101
Izzy tries to befriend a grumpy kid by playing with him at recess. The kid eventually befriends Izzy, making Pac-man, Izzy's best friend, very jealous.
2 "Stellaline Dion" 2014 102
Stella has a crush for Izzy, but he's panning on going out with another girl on the school dance, so Stella disguises as a pretty girl in order to win over Izzy's affections and they could dance.
3 "Pac-Man's Secret" 2014 103
Pac-man reveals to Izzy that he can't jump; Izzy promises not to tell anyone, but he accidentally blurts it out, so to make it up to Pac-man, Izzy teaches Pac-man how to jump.
4 "Sleepover at Izzy's" 2014 104
Izzy does a sleepover at his house, but discovers that Pac is not so much fun, so he and Grumpy Kid try to make crazy antics in order to make this sleepover fun and memorable for him.
5 "Stuffy Bully" 2014 105
A bully wants to give up bullying after getting in trouble at school, so Izzy fits in to help. But will it be easy? Especialy because he's a bully.
6 "Ah, Stuffiness!" 2014 106
In order to prove themselves adventurers, the gang go on a wildlife adventure, but learn to not brag when they get trapped in the wilderness.
7 "Market Misadventure" 2014 107
Izzy and the gang get lost in the local market and find adventure.
8 "Izzy and the Great Monster Hunt" 2014 108
Izzy and his buddies try to find a monster, the legendary "Pillow Pest".
9 "Case of the Missing Fries" 2014 109
When the fries that Pac-Man orders disappear when he goes to the bathroom at a fast food restaurant, Izzy and Grumpy Kid are on the case.
10 "The School Fun-draiser" 2014 110
The gang is in charge of the fundraiser, and attempt to make the events less nerdy, but no to avail.
11 "Play Place Showdown" 2014 111
The gang try to have fun at the play place when their families have picnics together, while Stella tries to be with Izzy, with Pac-Man ruining it all.
12 "Bonding With Stella" 2014 112
Izzy bonds with Stella with a trip around town on bicycle, while Stella tries to kiss Izzy.
13 "Pretty Day Out For a Lemonade Stand" 2014 113
After seeing their favorite game that costs too much, the gang gets optimistic about doing a lemonade stand so they can get it.
14 "Tree House Be Ours" 2014 114
The gang try to win back their new tree house by a gang of versions of themselves, but richer.
15 "Principal Izzy" 2014 115
Izzy is principal of the week after being in attendance for 4 months, which in return turns the school upside down.
16 "Our Dear Friend Taco" 2014 116
The gang have to befriend a shy student so they can go to a movie theater with him, so they do crazy activities in order to have him as a friend. Will they success in this?
17 "Pinecone War" 2014 117
The gang find themselves in the middle of a "pinecone war" and join in.
18 "Izzy's Awesome Birthday Party" 2015 118
19 "Arcade Fever" 2015 119
20 "Grad Brad Is On!" (season finale) 2015 120
It's graduation time!, and Stella is ready to tell her feelings on Izzy, but Izzy cuts her, saying that he loves someone else, much to her dismay. She asks advice to be attracted by her, but they don't work. So she just tells Izzy to feel the woo..."The Big Woo". However, it doesn't work, making Stella cry. When Izzy is in the middle of his speech at graduation time, he feels "The Big Woo", by remembering memories when they were together, and he admits his love for Stella, he reveals to feel the same for Stella, and everybody is shocked by this. Stella gets happy to hear the words she always wanted to hear. Everybody parties, get their diplomas, and enjoy this happy day of their lives. Izzy, Taco, Pac-Man and Grumpy Kid (now renamed Glee Boy or Glee Guy) take pictures with Stella. The end is when Izzy and Stella share a loving kiss, in the sunset.

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