Hot Wheels Presents... is a TV series premiering 2014.


The Hot Wheels car franchise parody fairy tales, movies and stories in this Hot Wheels twist. This series is similar to Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater, but for a male audience.

Series OverviewEdit

Season Episodes Season premiere Season finale
1 20 TBA 2014 2014

Season 1Edit

No. Title Spoofs
Original airdate
1 "Excalicar / The Wizard of Wheels" Excalibur, The Wizard of Oz 2014
2 "Car Wars / Carvengers" Star Wars, Avengers 2014
3 "Cartanic / Carlock Holmes" Titanic, Sherlock Holmes 2014
4 "Carlie and the Oil Factory" Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 2014
5 "Robin Car / A Carmas Carol" Robin Hood, A Christmas Carol 2014
6 "Caws / C.T." Jaws, E.T. 2014
7 "Phantom of the Car Opera" Phantom of the Opera 2014
8 "Frankencar / Carula" Frankenstein, Dracula 2014
9 "Car Kong / Carnocchio" King Kong, Pinocchio 2014
10 "Carzan / Peter Car" Tarzan, Peter Pan 2014
11 "Carlice In Wonderland" Alice In Wonderland 2014
12 "Carry Potter / Cary Poppins" Harry Potter, Mary Poppins 2014
13 "Carmeo and Carliet / Cardiana Jones" Romeo and Juliet, Indiana Jones 2014
14 "Rip Van Winkcar / Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Car" Rip Van Winkle, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 2014
15 "Hucklecar Finn / King Cardas" Huckleberry Finn, King Midas 2014
16 "James Carbond / The Gingerbread Car" James Bond, The Gingerbread Man 2014
17 "Doctor Docarlittle" Doctor Dolittle 2014
18 "Car of the Worlds" War of the Worlds 2014
19 "The Legend of Sleepy Car" The Legend of Sleepy Hollow 2014
20 "The Fast and the Carious" The Fast and the Furious 2014

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