Heatblast 2

Heatblast is the Pyronite DNA sample in the Codon Stream. Heatblast is also the first alien Ben turns into when the Omnitrix attaches itself to him. Once turning into Heatblast Ben subsequently started a forest fire (which he put out with more fire). When Gwen first saw Heatblast she started attacking him with a fire extinguisher once she realized it was Ben though she stopped. Later Gwen and Grandpa Max roast marshmallows on Heatblast until he turns back into Ben .

In the episode Side Effects, it is revealed that when Pyronites catch colds their powers are reversed giving them the ability to freeze things and create ice as opposed to melting things and creating fire.

When ten year old Ben goes into the future and meets sixteen year old Ben in the episode Forge of Creation he uses Heatblast in order to fight seventeen year old Kevin Levin. Sixteen year old Ben tries to stop him by turning into Big Chill but instead is turned into NRG which ten year old Ben calls lame.

In the Ben 10,000 future Ben 10,000 turn into Heat Blast who now has two mini volcanoes on his shoulders and has much more powerful fire powers.


  • He is the first alien Ben ever turned into
  • He is also the first alien Gwen turns into in the episode Gwen 10
  • He is the first alien used in every original series movie (though for Secret of the Omnitrix there were two other alternate beginnings which featured either XLR8 or Eye Guy as the first alien)
  • In Forge of Creation Heatblast's eyes are not connected to his head flames and the omnitrix symbol on his chest is green as opposed to the usual gray
  • Heat Blast's tongue is made of fire

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