Heat phanphan is an elephant like enemy from the Kirby game Kirby Air Ride. They might be related to Phan
270px-Kar heatphanphan
Phans do to their similar name and elephant like bodies. Swallowing Heat Phanphan give you the fire ability


Heat Phanphan has straight ears, Kirby like feet, they have flame patterns on their ears and unlike Phan Phans

they have small tusks by their straight trunks, their trunks also have flame patterns, they have bright gree

n eyes and marshmallow like bodies, their ears give them the ability to fly and they attack by shooting fire balls from their trunk


  • Heat Phanphan has been shown as a helper in a trailer for the unreleased game Kirby Wii. This version was green and could carry up to three passengers on it's back

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