This is when Gumball Watterson back in 2007 when he meet his distance cousin Spongebob Square pants. He was just 3 years old when meet Spongebob Square pants.

Gumball Watterson

Gumball Watterson

Who is Gumball Watterson? just a normal little nuggams NO! if you look below there is some things Gumballs friends said about him. he is a blue cat boy that has to deal with Ghosts , Robots and other things.

This is a picture of Gumball Watterson's older sister Ruby from Max And Ruby. She moved out of the house in 2011.


This is Gumball Watterson's older sister Ruby's kid Max from Max and Ruby Max lives with Ruby. Max was born in 2004

Gumball Watterson born on June 4 2004.


One of Gumball Watterson's distance cousins is Spongebob Square pants. This is a picture of Spongebob Square pants in 2007 when meet his cousin Gumball Watterson. This is Spongebob Square pants back in 2007 when he was just 21 years old.


Gumball Watterson's Chinese Cousin Miracle Star

  • GUMBALL! (miss. simian)Go to Miss. Simian
  • is the most (carrie) (ghost)Go to Carrie
  • AMAZING! (Anais gumball and darwin's little sister)Go to Anais Watterson
  • dude! (darwin gumball's best friend and little brother.)Go to Darwin Watterson
  • Cool Dude Gumball Watterson's distance Cousin Spongebob Square pants.
  • Nai Hao Gumball Watterson Chinese Cousin Miracle Star.
  • Curious Gumball Watterson's younger brother Max.
  • Beautiful Gumball Watterson's older sister Ruby.

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