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I am a hamster not a gerbil

Hamsterviel was Jumba's partner in creating the 626 experiments from Lilo and Stitch he used experiment 001 Shrink to shrink Jumba so that he could sit on him this was only the first of several deeds that would lead to Jumba firing him Hamsterviel became a criminal wanted by the authorities he recruited former captain Gantu to assist him in stealing the experiments which he did and unleashed experiment 625 which is the laziest experiment Hamsterviel was later captured and Gantu was sent to obtain the experiments for him Hamsterviel late escapes and becomes Myrtle's pet he is later captured by Gantu because Gantu needs the money Gantu later breaks Hamsterviel out of prison and they go attack Jumba and force him to create a new experiment for him, Leroy Hamsteviel then clones Leroy a bunch of times and sends him to capture all of the experiments which he does leading to Hamsterviel firing Gantu Hamsterviel is later defeated when all of the Leroys blow up