Devcon was an Autobot who left Cybertron millions of years ago during the Great War. He seemed like a nice guy, he was dedicated to his job though he was lonely.

In the Earth year 1985 Devcon, now a bounty hunter in pursuit of Decepticons Dirge, Ramjet and Astrotrain, traveled to the gambling astroid Monacus. When the three Decepticons (accidentally) evaded him he headed into a bar and stopped a couple of thugs from beating up an alien named Slizardo the henchman of a local mob boss. Devcon then met up with the Autobot Smokescreen and an alien gambler, Bosch who were trying to save a couple of Autobots from Slizardo's former boss, Lord Gyconi. Devcon was happy to have another Autobot around ad shared a drink with Smokescreen and Bosch. He began to tell them his life story but was interrupted by Slizardo who was trying to pledge eternal loyalty to him. Devcon said he didn't want Slizardo as his slave. After helping Smokescreen and Bosch save the other Autobots and declining Optimus Prime's offer to join the Autobot's on Earth Devcon invited Slizardo to join him as his sidekick. Slizardo happily joined him.

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