Daisy Duck is an animated duck who is one of the Walt Disney cartoon characters. She was created to be Donald Duck's girlfriend, and she replaced Donald's old short-term girlfriend Donna Duck, who first appeared in "Don Donald" and was not supposed to be a recurring character. Daisy shares some similar qualities with Donald, for example, his temper, but she is also more sophisticated and can control her temper a little bit better than him. Daisy first appeared in a short called "Mr. Duck Steps Out," where Donald visits her house for their first date, but his nephews, who have followed him, interrupt to try to get attention from Daisy. Daisy is at first shy with Donald but the short ends with Daisy showering Donald with kisses. Daisy also appears in many otter shorts including " The Nifty Nineties," "A Good Time for a Dime," and "Donald's Crime." She also has three triplet-nieces- April, May, and June- who are Donald's nephew's- Huey, Dewey, and Louie's- counterparts.