Coke polar bear northern lights 2

Coca-Cola Polar Bears in "Northern Lights"

The Coca-Cola Polar Bears are the mascots of the soft drink, Coca-Cola. Polar Bears first started to appear on Coca-Cola products in 1922 in France. Since then the polar bears have appeared in many Coca-Cola advertisements. Back then however the Coca-Cola polar bear was simply a picture of a polar bear on Coke advertisements. It wasn't until the commercial "Northern Lights" was made in 1993 that the animated polar bears we all know and love were first seen. "Northern Lights" features several animated polar bears watching the Aurora Borealis and drinking some Coca-Cola. Since 1993 the bears have appeared in a variety of commercial and Coca-Cola advertisements. Later polar bear cubs were introduced as well in a holiday ad in which a family of polar bear picks out a tree for Christmas.

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