The City Cartoons Movie (1998) Special Edition Full MovieEdit

Uploaded By themrjohnnyboy1998Edit

Here Is The Opening & Closing To The City Cartoons Movie:Special Edition 2014 VHS And Here Are The Order:Edit
1. ADChoice PromoEdit
2. Video Piracy PromoEdit
3. Video It's What You Wanna Watch PromoEdit
4. Visualock Studios PromoEdit
5. Coming Soon To Own On Video & DVD ScreenEdit
6. The Land Before Time Invasion Of The Tinysaurues TrailerEdit
7. The Adventures Of Timmy The Tooth TrailerEdit
8. Coming Soon To Theatres ScreenEdit
9. The City Cartoons Movie 2 TrailerEdit
10. Trailer Notice ScreenEdit
11. Join Us After The Feature ScreenEdit
12. Feature Presentation ScreenEdit
14. FBI-Anti Piracy Warning ScreenEdit
15. MPAA Rating ScreenEdit
16. Aspect Ratio Screen Edit
17. Closed Captioned ScreenEdit
1:47:31 Closing:Edit
1. Closing Credits To The MovieEdit
2. This Film Has Been Dedicated To Steven BlattnerEdit
3. Scrat Gone Nutty Pixar ShortEdit
4. Geo Guy Makes A Movie ShortEdit
5. Universal Orlando Resort PromoEdit
6. How The Grinch Stole Christmas PreviewEdit
7. FBI Warning ScreensEdit
10. Warning Center Victimless Crime ScreenEdit
11. Also Available From Visualock Studios PromoEdit
That's All!Edit
(C)1998 Universal StudiosEdit
(C)1998 GeosWorld259 EntertainmentEdit
(C)2014 Visualock Studios Inc.Edit


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