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I Don't Want To Be Late For The Circus!

The Circus, Oh No Caillou That's Not Today, The Circus Isn't Till Tomorrow!

No, No It's Today, Waaaaaaahhhh I Got All Dressed, Waaaaaahhhhh It's Today!

Come On Caillou, Come DownStairs And Help Me Make Breakfast!

No, No I Don't Want To,

Silly Old Car, Silly Silly Silly!


Caillou Is In A Very Bad Mood Because He Wasn't Going To The Circus!

Caillou, Stop All This Braket, You Woke Up Rosie, I Want You To Come DownStairs Right Now!

Even Caillou's Daddy Was Starting To Get Angry!

Why Can I Go To The Circus, I Want To Go To The Circus!

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