Bunny and Friends is a comedy that is fake I was watching pokemon and came up with this idea of making a fake tv series, fantasy and slice of life TV show that debuted on the Teddy Channel July 18, 2014. It is rated TV-G. The pilot was first made in a unknown date and was not released. Another episode was part of the pilot, named "Chasing Chicks", like a parody title of Chasing Mavericks. The series really premiered July 18, 2014. The main characters also appeared in RoboCop, so this series is considered a sequel of RoboCop. of course it is dumb and illogical to think that a tv series could be functional as the sequel to a movie considering that the only way this is possible is if the show was a movie.

A bunny named only "Bunny" is in the streets, with no owner, as he is a house bunny. He is found by a frog mother with 3 human girls: Diana, a stylish girl who is mischievous, gets bad grades and gets grounded; Isadora, who also has Diana's antics and Amelia, a much nicer and well-behaved girl who has good grades and is not grounded, who can be considered the main character. Then there's Scarlett, who is the frog mother of the three girls and her hobby is seeing the TV, mostly the channel called "The Channel Channel.

Series overviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
0 2 (unaired) Unknown air date
1 13 (26 segments) July 18, 2014[1] 2014

===Pilot episodes alternative

Title Original airdate Prod.
Pilot Pilot "Bunny" Unaired Pilot 1
1 1 "Chasing Chicks" Unaired Pilot 2
S1 S1 "Bunny and RoboCop and Friends" Unaired Special

Title Original airdate Prod.
1 1A "Pignite Moves In" July 18, 2014 N/A
Pignite of Pokémon fame comes from out of the Pokémon world and into the girls' house, and moves in. But Isadora and Diana want him to be their servant, and when he denies, they make a sneaky prank to get him back for no helping them. So Isadora must stop them from doing this, but it is to late to stop them. Of course this is fake considering that the makers of the show would be sued for copying a character from the pokemon franchise by Nintendo. It's needless to say this is more ludicrous than my living in a dumpster, hacking this.
2 1B "Cheetahs Can Be Cheaters" July 18, 2014 N/A
When Isadora and Diana are grounded for not getting good grades, Bunny, Pignite and Amelia go to the zoo. A cheetah gets out of the zoo and goes to the girls' house. They and the mother play Go Fish! with him, but Bunny and Pignite suspect that he is a cheater because he is winning so far, but Amelia and the mother don't believe them. Once again this use of a pokemon would be proper suing reason from the company Nintendo not to forget that the Teddy Channel doesn't exist, even though anyone can edit this, so I must be a big idiot that graduated kindergarten as of this writing.
3 2A "Scarebear" July 18, 2014 N/A
A cuddly teddy bear wants to be scary, and eventually gets help from the girls. But will their help turn him into a scary and tough bear.
4 2B "The Flamingo Dance" July 18, 2014 N/A
Amelia buys a flamingo plastic ornament for her vegetable garden, which turns to be a real flamingo who wants to dance well, as she dances awkwardly.
5 3A "Raccoon of Destruction" July 20, 2014 N/A
While having a picnic on their backyard, a cute raccoon eats the girls' food while they're in the bathroom, but they don't care. They keep him and think it's cute, but Bunny and Pignite find out that cuteness doesn't mean good, and try to warn the girls about this.
6 3B "Homeless Alone" July 20, 2014 N/A
A homeless girl named Glinda stays a night at the girls' house when they are about to see the scary movie for tonight-The Conjuring-but Pignite and Bunny are aware that Glinda's actually a ghost! Meanwhile, the girls are left alone while the mother frog gets snacks for the movies but ends up stuck in the store when they're closed.

Due to the fact this article I made is entirely fake and it has not been removed by this wiki obviously shows that the wiki administrators do not pay good attention to the articles. Considering that I've used a fake channel called the Teddy channel in this article and also used a pokemon character proves that I can make any fake article I want and nobody can stop me. Try and catch me suckers!

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