Blinky Bill is a gray koala who is the main protagonist of three 26-episode seasons of his series of TV shows, The Adventures of Blinky Bill, Blinky Bill's Extraordinary Excursions, and Blinky Bill's Around the World Adventures, all following his 1992 animated debut film Blinky Bill: The Mischievous Koala, by Yoram Gross Films.


Blinky Bill is a clever and mischievous little koala who likes to seek adventure no matter what the predicament is. He lives in Greenpatch town with his mother, a group of citizens, and his friends Nutsy (a female koala), Splodge the Kangaroo, Flap the Platypus, and Marcia the Marsupial Mouse. He seeks adventure with his friends wherever he goes and isn't afraid of anything.


He is a gray koala who wears red knickerbocker dungarees and a yellow button.

Bio in the Television seriesEdit


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