Blades is a member of the Autobot subgroup the Protectobots he forms the left arm of the Autobot powerhous Defensor who is made out of his fellow Protectobots. Blades first appears along with his fellow Protectobots in The Revenge Of Bruticus when the Insecticons attack an inhabited city. Optimus Prime calls on them to evacuate the civilians so they don't get caught in the crossfire. Later when the Earth's orbit was diverted towards the sun by the Combaticons, Blades helped save people who were trapped in burning building while Red Alert and Infenro fought the flames. Soon after he was seeing spraying the fires with his special coolant but worried that he was running out and that he wouldn't have enough for the whole planet. After the Autobots saved the planet Defensor defeated Bruticus in a fight in a different city, causing Bruticus to explode in B.O.T.. He was then seen with the Protectobots as they saved some windowwashers from a burning building. Blades ended up accidentally knocking them off of their windowashing platform but luckily Streetwise was able to save them from the fire. They were then called upon to help protect Autobot Headquarters from Megatron and his new weapon. Once there Defensor activated his almost useless forcefield which the Decepticons soon breached and then blasted Defensor back into his component parts. The Protectobots were next seen in 2006 when the Dutch called upon the Autobots to help deal with some French rebels. After dealing with the rebels Blades was shot down by Galvatron and taken to Metroplex for repairs by First Aid. While Blades was recovering the Decepticon Swindle managed to break into Metroplex and steal his transformation cog, First Aid who was unable to stop the theft due to being a pacifist then left the Autobots thinking he was a failure. Unfortunately soon after First Aid left the Autobots were called upon to stop a rampaging Trypticon. Hot Spot had the remaining Protectobots merge to form Defensor and even without First Aid (who forms Defensor's right arm) they still managed to save a train full of civilians. Once First Aid returned Blades escorted him back to Metroplex where he inserted a new transformation cog allowing Metroplex to defeat Trypticon. Later Blades was on of the first three (along with Slingshot and Wheelie) to be drained of their energey by Tornedron the rest of Cybertron was then sucked of its energy as well but all were restored once Grimlock saved the day. Later in 2006 the Protectobots arrived at the aftermath of a fight between the Technobots and the Terrorcons and found the injured Jessica Morgan. They brought Morgan to a hospital and watched over her as the doctors restored her ability to walk. This eneraged the robot hating Mark Morgan causing him to unleash the hateplague on the Transformers.

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