Baby Wario is the baby version of Wario. He is one of the five playable baby characters in Yoshi's Island DS. The
other four being Baby Mario , Baby Peach, Baby Donkey Kong and Baby Bowser. Baby Wario's only appearance so far was in Yoshi's Island DS where keeping to Wario's usual greed he has a giant magnet that he uses to gather coins throughout the game. His magnet can also move metal platforms and boxes.

When Baby Wario was originally kidnapped the Toadies found his tantrums very annoying and abandoned him. Eventually Yoshi who was washed away by a giant wave and has become separated from the stork and the other babies finds him. Baby Wario helps Yoshi through the rest of World 3. But he left Yoshi when he joined up with a group of bandits in hope of gaining even more money. Yoshi and the rest of the babies meet up with Baby Wario one last time in Bowsers castle where he has an argument with Baby Bowser. Baby Wario helps defeat Bowser while riding on Purple Yoshi after the castle is destroyed Baby Wario lands on a treasure chest filled with Baby Bowser's treasures Baby Bowser however lands next to it and the two start an argument over it.


  • Baby Wario, Baby Yoshi and Baby Bowser were the only babies not to appear in Mario Super Sluggers

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