Season 4Edit

This is the last season; no more new seasons.

No. in
No. in
Title Original airdate
79 1 "Junk Food BMO" 2015
BMO starts to be addicted to eating junk food, much to the chagrin of Finn and Jake, who think he will be fat.
80 2 "Why Did BMO Cross the Road?" 2015
BMO must cross the road in order to play on a construction site, but can't cross the road easily.
81 3 "BMO 2.0" 2015
BMO from the future (which is the year 2600) arrives in present time.
82 4 "BMO Snob" 2015
BMO tries to teach manners to Bebe, who is not that civilized.
83 5 "Finding BMO" 2015
BMO sees a butterfly and starts to chase it down. He/she accidentally gets lost and Finn and Jake must find him!

Note: This episode title is a parody of Finding Nemo.

84 6 "BMO Parasol" 2015
On a rainy day, BMO uses a umbrella to fly.
85 7 "Plunger BMO" 2015
BMO tries to use a plunger to get Lumpy Space Princess out of there, and after that, he's admired by them.
86 8 "TBA" 2015
87 9 "TBA" 2015
88 10 "TBA" 2015

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