Season 3Edit

The next season is BMO Shorts (season 4)

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date
53 1 "BMOternet" 2014
Finn teaches BMO about the Internet, so BMO makes his own Internet website, the BMOternet.

Note: Many viral videos are parodied in this episode.

54 2 "Mall BMO" 2014
BMO and Lumpy Space Princess go to Ooo Mall to buy dresses for LSP.
55 3 "BMO Arcade" 2014
BMO wants to beat Finn in a game at the Ooo Arcade.
56 4 "BMO Diggers" 2014
Jake, Finn and BMO find a gold mine on what is seemingly seems to be Finn and Jake's backyard.
57 5 "Elevator BMO" 2014
BMO must save LSP from an un-operating elevator at Ooo Mall.
58 6 "BMO Restaurant" 2014
BMO starts his own restaurant but all he serves is unhealthy food. Finn teaches BMO about a real restaurant.
59 7 "BMOmelet" 2014
BMO watches how Lorene lays eggs because she claims to have chick babies.
60 8 "BMOtel" 2014
Jake, Finn and BMO stay in the Ooo Motel due to a "knife storm" and BMO causes a scene.
61 9 "BMOpera" 2014
BMO meets a BMO Pavarotti who encourages him to do opera when BMO has to do an opera play.
62 10 "BMO TV" 2014
This episode is divided into sections. This episode will look in TV way, due to the episode's title.
63 11 "BMO Circus" 2014
BMO joins Ooo Circus, much to the chagrin of Finn and Jake.
64 12 "Laptop BMO" 2014
BMO enjoys a laptop.
65 13 "BMO Picnic" 2014
BMO and LSP (Lumpy Space Princess) have a romantic picnic at the field of Ooo, but Ice King tries to ruin their romance picnic by shooting at them with "Sandwiches Slingshots" and "Juice Juicers".
66 14 "BMOmbo" 2014
BMO makes a MO to make him get party decorations after he breaks his leg, but the build-up BMO proves to be dumb and does brings party decorations...but from another party that was happening just across the road!
67 15 "BMO Castle" 2014
BMO finds an abandoned castle and wants to play on it, so does the gang. But not if Ice King reaches it first!
68 16 "BMO Undies" 2014
BMO and Lumpy Space Princess fight over who gets to buy undies at the "UnderOoos Store".
69 17 "Rubik Cube BMO" 2014
BMO tries to do a Rubik Cube,
70 18 "Get In Line, BMO!" 2014
BMO and LSP (Lumpy Space Princess) have to be in line for a hobby store opening.
71 19 "BMOverage" 2014
BMO starts to be addicted to drinking beverage, so he/she makes a new beverage - Orange Vanilla.
72 20 "BMOon Race" 2015
BMO tries to earn the right to blast off to space, so does Lumpy Space Princess.
73 21 "BMO Park" 2015
BMO and LSP (Lumpy Space Princess) play in a park, while Jake and Marceline help Finn to ask out Princess Bubblegum on a romantic date.
74 22 "BMOnet" 2015
BMO is turned into a artist by Jake and Finn, who believe his "hidden talent" was painting.
75 23 "Mad Scientist BMO" 2015
BMO has to be a mad scientist for a science fair, but he takes it too far...
76 24 "Camping BMO" 2015
BMO and the gang go camping, but they have to rough it off as they get lost in the woods.
77 25 "Claw Machine BMO" 2015
BMO wants to win a camera and "cool" sunglasses in a claw machine and the Ooo Arcade, but he only has 13 coins! Finn helps him by giving him a dollar so he can get 10 dimes. But what if he wastes them all and he loses it...?
78 26 "Happy Birthday, BMO!" 2015
It's BMO's birthday party! The gang try to help him, and Lumpy Space Princess tries to give him a "kiss" on this event. And of course, Ice King will try to ruin it!

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