Season 2Edit

The next season is BMO Shorts (season 3)

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date
27 1 "R.C. BMO" 2014
BMO has fun with a remote-control car.
28 2 "BMOseum" 2014
BMO enjoys the art at the Ooo Museum Gallery and causes a scene.
29 3 "BMOseunt Park" 2014
BMO goes to an amusement park and tries to ride a scary rollercoaster.
30 4 "Flight of the BMO" 2014
BMO is ready to got on a plane, even if he is afraid of the heights.
31 5 "Surprise BMO" 2014
BMO hides in a box to surprise Finn.
32 6 "BMOllusk" 2014
BMO plays with a starfish and a enchanting octopus, and finds out the enchanting octopuses are endangered.
33 7 "BMOsic" 2014
BMO is entertained with music while at the Ooo Music Center.
34 8 "Secret Agent BMO" 2014
Finn, Jake and BMO are send to be secret agents because Ice King kidnapped Princess Bubblegum.
35 9 "Sticky BMO" 2014
BMO learns about stickers and how they're sticky, but he gets in a "sticky situation".
36 10 "The BMO Who Fell to Ooo" 2014
Ice King mistakes BMO for an machine alien form and tries to get rid of him...for good.
37 11 "Radio BMO" 2014
BMO enjoys the chances of changing radio stations, which the radio is called Ooo Radio.
38 12 "BMO Boogie" 2014
BMO learns to dance a dance called the "Boogie".
39 13 "Schnoz BMO" 2014
BMO wears a fake nose disguise and tricks Finn into being someone named "Mr. Nosey", but when Jake and Finn think BMO left, they go away, and BMO must prove it was just him in disguise.
40 14 "BMO Singing Cards" 2014
At a Hallmark-themed card store, BMO tries to find a love card to give to Lumpy Space Princess, when he discovers "singing" cards, and tries to find one that is of love to give to You-Know-Who.
41 15 "BMO Book" 2014
BMO enjoys a good book at the Ooo Media Center Library.
42 16 "BMOo" 2014
BMO has fun with a "cow in a box" that says "Moo".
43 17 "Keypad BMO" 2014
BMO has to save Lumpy Space Princess from an apartment complex she got stuck on, and only a keypad could save her.
44 18 "Never Freeze BMO" 2014
When it is extremely hot on Ooo, BMO tries to get popsicles or ice cream from a freezer in Ooomart.
45 19 "BMO's Dreams" 2014
Princess Bubblegum studies BMO's dreams because he claims to have nightmares that come with dire consequences.
46 20 "BMO Ball" 2014
BMO plays with blue rubber balls that he found along with Lumpy Space Princess.
47 21 "Kite BMO" 2014
BMO plays with his kite along with Finn and Jake, but then he has a fly-away chase.
48 22 "BMO Talent" 2014
BMO enters the Ooo Talent Show and Finn and Jake must find a talent for him.
49 23 "BMO Mart" 2014
BMO goes to Ooomart to find batteries because he's going to die without new batteries.
50 24 "BMO Ice Cream" 2014
BMO orders an ice cream and starts to have an "icy addiction", which is much to Finn and Jake's dismay.
51 25 "BMOnopoly" 2014
BMO has to play Ooopoly with Ice King or else he will get frozen by him.
52 26 "The BMO Wheel" 2014
Ice King interferes on BMO and Lumpy Space Princess's love date.

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